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Introduce Yourself! / meep
« on: July 26, 2010, 02:02:51 pm »
Well, I'm not very good at introductions, but let me introduce myself.

I'll be going by Absol here, the name of my favorite Pokémon, but you probably know me either as "Amos" or "Amos Defamos" on other forums/IRC networks.

I'm a 20 year old man living in San Antonio, Texas.

I got interested in TI-Calculators when I messed around with one of my school's calculators. Don't remember exactly what kind of calculator it was, but I think it was a TI-86. I messed around with TI Basic a bit and got the hang of it. Made a pretty simple Text-RPG type game (maybe more of an Interactive Fiction/Adventure type game) and impressed my friends with it. It was basically about a guy stuck in a chimera wildlife reserve getting chased by a chimera, and I think I must have been on something when I made it, but everyone I showed it to loved it.

Once I got a calculator of my own, a TI-84+ Silver Edition, I tried making a more complex game, with a battle system, animations, and other things. Took up almost the entire RAM of the calculator, although most of it was the text. I called it something like "Amos Defamos' Quest for the Seven Sacred Forks", which was based on a short story I made in a Creative Writing class. I think I must have been on something when I made it too. I kind of wish I still had the programs to show off, the Chimera one is long gone, as the teacher erased evertything off of the school's calculators at the beginning of the school year. I still have the "Seven Sacred Forks" one on a hard drive from one of my old laptops, but I have no way to access it.

...And that is it for my introduction. Like I said, I'm bad at introducing myself, and never quite know how to end an introduction either.

I've never been to a calculator forum before, but I'm pretty impressed by some of the projects here.

I'd like to learn more things about TI Calculator programming and maybe release something for other people to play.

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