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News / Gameboy Emulators for the Casio Prizm and TI-84+ CE
« on: May 14, 2017, 10:34:14 pm »
Hello! It's been a while since this news editor has written anything, and it's time to change that! Without further ado, let's jump right in to it!

First up, for the Casio Prizm, we'll be discussing Prizoop, a Gameboy/Gameboy color emulator. Developed by community newcomer tswilliamson, it claims to run approximately 95% of Gameboy games at 60 frames per second, with "safe" software overclocking enabled. Sound support, ROM compression, and auto frameskip are new additions in the latest update. The project is open source and the code is available on GitHub for anyone who wants to contribute or just view the code. Planned features include savestates, as well as performance and file footprint improvements.

Second, the long awaited CE port of the ever popular TI-83+ series gameboy emulator, TI-Boy, has been announced, although no downloads or source code are available at this time. TI-Boy CE, by long time community member calc84maniac, appears to be coming along nicely, with a 60 fps video showing off a working version of the program. Planned features include automatic colorization of supported Gameboy games, real time clock emulation, and a configuation saving feature.

As always on Omnimaga, we do not recommend nor condone the usage of pirated ROMs. That said, if anyone has any Gameboy or Gameboy Color homebrew that they have written or would like to share, feel free to link it below, so long as the site hosting the homebrew does not host any sort of pirated material.

If you wrote some homebrew for the Gameboy or Gameboy Color, feel free to message me a screenshot or gif of it running on one of the featured emulators, or any emulator running on a calculator. You might be featured on a follow up article!

Thanks for reading! See you in the next article!

Download Prizoop
More information regarding Prizoop
Prizoop on GitHub

More information regarding TI-Boy CE

Cloudflare has been compromised. It appears that someone has been exploiting a bug in Cloudflare to retrieve data in a manner similar to the heartbleed bug. Odds are, most of these sites have been affected, including forums such as Omnimaga, so:


(Incomplete) list of sites using Cloudflare:


It was an unfinished project that was going to be Reuben Quest on the Nspire. It never got past the screentest, sadly.

EDIT: This is what it looks like if you were to compile it right now:

It's literally just a screentest. I doubt you'd want it.

She's dead jim

Music Showcase / Re: Pimath's WIP Music Topic
« on: December 27, 2016, 06:54:29 pm »
I got Ableton Live for Chirstmas. Now I'm messing around with it. Here's a thing:

Music Showcase / Re: Pimath's WIP Music Topic
« on: December 20, 2016, 08:54:28 pm »

Music Showcase / Re: Pimath's WIP Music Topic
« on: November 07, 2016, 02:52:18 pm »
Ohh nice, got any projects you could post about? :3

That really was meant to say that I'm not really programming for fun right now, so no, sorry :/

Some words come to mind: "May I join the conversation? I'm rather sloppy at times until I'm allowed to become part of the ensemble. Then I like just awake up and the interaction improves with clear beneficts for both sides."
To me, it's still pretty foggy with regards to the images (scenes) crossing your mind. I'd say, let the music carry you away for a longer period without bothering about the musical technicalities.
Yeah, it happens rather often that the interesting part is further down the road, and then it can be quite sweet. The orchestration part, imho, is a bit accessory and can always wait a bit longer (oh, and programming btw).

The big thing right now is I'm going to apply to some conservatory colleges for music composition, so the orchestration is necessary, especially because the way the parts are written, it's literally impossible to play with one person on a piano :P

Anyways a little update to the piece before I start orchestrating:

Music Showcase / Re: Pimath's WIP Music Topic
« on: November 03, 2016, 12:12:40 pm »
New music!
(It's an outline for a classical piece, yet to be orchestrated).

All feedback is welcome!

You been some what absent from omnimaga as of late???
I've been busy with life andstuff, plus I've been doing more music than programming lately, so there's that bit :/

Music Showcase / Re: Pimath's WIP Music Topic
« on: October 17, 2016, 12:37:19 pm »
Thanks for the compliments @SpiroH ! I really appreciate them!

Music Showcase / Re: Pimath's WIP Music Topic
« on: October 07, 2016, 02:03:30 pm »
So here's a playlist with the completed version of the song (which will eventually be the 4th track) and an opening track (that gets a reprise in the new track)

Music Showcase / Re: Pimath's WIP Music Topic
« on: October 05, 2016, 10:31:48 pm »
Instrumental rock thing (also not done)

Music Showcase / Re: Pimath's WIP Music Topic
« on: August 08, 2016, 01:05:47 pm »

Doing a classical thing, and it's not even close to done, hence it not being a public track.

News / Calculator Community Music News/Showcase #1
« on: May 28, 2016, 03:12:07 pm »
Hello everyone! Now that school is out, I once again have time to devote to news articles, and today, I present onto you a new occasional news series: the Calculator Community Music News/Showcase. I figured that it's about time the many talented musicians, composers, and producers in the community get recognized. This first article will cover the musicians themselves, and less so the individual tracks. In the future, individual tracks released between now and the next article will be showcased. So without further blabbing, let's get to the features!

GTemples27 has started composing his own music very recently. Here is his first piece. He has some potential to make some really great music in the future, and I wish him the best of luck doing so.

Our friend unknownloner is a cool dude. He also began producing some pretty cool DnB music around February. While he hasn't posted much of it on the forums recently, it is worth mentioning that his Soundcloud has been pretty active. His stuff is worth the listen.

Guitar player and CodeWalrus admin aeTIos has been experimenting in the last few months with a cover of "Sweet Child of Mine" and a Funk-style track. Check out his Soundcloud to hear what he has put together.

Velocity Games
The guys at Velocity Games have been working on the game "Valhalla" for a while. Recently, they composed a theme song for Valhalla that is worth listening to.

Matref has always been a metal man. And dang, he slays at guitar. Just check out his Soundcloud to hear what I'm talking about. He recently got someone else to help with mixing to increase production quality, and I certainly believe this decision is paying out.

JWinslow is a great singer. He also is a great mathematician. Just check out his latest track about how tau is superior to pi.

This guy just loves making music on everything, especially calculators. His tracks are on his Soundcloud, and they're pretty awesome.

DJ Omnimaga
If I didn't mention DJ, I might as well have not written this article. This CodeWalrus admin has been producing music using MTV Music Generator/Music Generator 2000 for a long time. His BandCamp certainly proves it.

Shameless Self Plug Time!
If you didn't know already, I compose a lot of music myself. My Soundcloud showcases some of my best stuff, as well as some of my older, not-so-best stuff. In some exciting news, one of the pieces I wrote, "Shattered Glass," is currently being considered for publication. Whether or not it will actually be published is yet to be seen, but it is a huge step for me, and I couldn't have gotten as far as I have without the community's support and feedback!

That wraps it up for now! See you in the next (calculator/programming related) article!

Axe / Re: Axe Application transfering
« on: February 24, 2016, 01:41:56 pm »
You need to transfer the app to a computer first if you haven't done so, then use rabbitsign on it. It should work then.

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