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Thank you... for your reply, many of you recommended Nless, sorry that is new for me and it sounds like a jailbreak to me, would it harm my handheld?
and regarding to lua I have done a web research and find it a little bit hard to me yet. I was used to TI-Basic, but anyway I will give a try!

Quote from: Rhombicuboctahedron
It available with ndless and c++, and you can always program in lua, but as for basic, I think the best you can do is request or requestStr, and have the user type in either the whole choice, or just 1,2,3.. or a,b,c…
And welcome to omnimag

"Request" command just let me input one item a the time, and if I need to input 5 items, then I would have to use "Request" 5 times in 5 different input windows. that is kind of annoying though.

Quote from: DJ
Heya and welcome here.

Sadly Texas Instruments removed most of the Input commands from the Nspire probably to eliminate games from calculators or due to a rushed release 4 years ago. Finally they decided to add Lua on newer OSes which is what people mostly use nowadays.

Do you mean Lua is integrated in the new handheld? can I program Lua directly on my device?

Quote from: art
Heya, welcome here. If you are expecting BASIC on the Nspire to be like what you are used to with the Voyage 200, then you are going to be very disappointed. nSpire BASIC is severely limited. If you want a similar experience that can be programmed on calc, I'd recommend looking into LUA.

You are right! it is a rough start to me. after all  I have only developed a couple of simple programs on the V200. I thought I could do something similar on the Nspire, but Ohhh!!! big dissapointing on that one.


Hi Everyone, my name is Dante, I am from Mexico. I´ve had the voyage 200 a couple of years ago. I used to do BASIC programs, and now I finally got the Nspire CX CAS, and I do not see a lot of the old programming commands... like the PopUp command, I am trying to make a new program that starts with a Popup menu with several choices in it, and I can not a find a command that can actually do that, I went thru all the built in commands in the new TI OS 3.2, and came up with nothing. can anyone help me on how to make this kind of menus on the new Nspire CX? I would Appreciate it so much!!!

Thank you all!!!

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