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Introduce Yourself! / Re: Greetings from Hellsing
« on: March 08, 2018, 09:25:25 pm »
My programming career are making good progresses: Two wxWidgets programs dedicated for analytical methods.
It even contains a built-in calculator and a Xlsx basic library to read and write simple Excel 2007 files!  >:D

And my fandoms are also going so far. Once I adhere the My Hero Academia fandom I create some stories based on Izuku Midoriya and apply some cross-overs on it.  :devil:

A villain Izuku with Yu-Gi-Oh Arc-V cross-over, where Izuku's quirk is a monster card like Zarc: Supreme Demon King Dragon Deku, capable to treat several quirks as Fusion/Synchro/Xyz Monsters and negate their effects.  :devil:

One long story where Izuku is a mixture of Geralt of Rivia (Witcher), Dark Schneider (Bastard!!), Guts (Berserk), Alucard (Hellsing) and Shiba Tatsuya (Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei), but it mainly the first two.
In reality is a vampire with magic, also called vryko-warlock  >:D, and quirkless (since vampiric telekinesis had different natures)  XD

To resume the story so far:

Izuku is a natural born vampire, and he got first his vampiric telekinesis at age 10 (too early for a vampire!), and magic at 13. His mother Inko hire a private vampire magic teacher to learn his Black Magic and learn another ones once he got some Grimoires.
From his training, Izuku use the Witcher Signs at a first line of defense, before cast more advanced magic from Dark Schneider's Grimoire.

1. The slime incident ends with the villain killed, once Izuku casts the Venom spell:
Sasado! Sasado! Schrono! Chronos! Yoku-Sukou!
Burning from the depths of Hell! Unleash the Black Mist of Hellfire! May the Underworld Fire become my sword and punish the Enemy!
However another villains appears and also ended killed... Katsuki, who already knew that Izuku was a vampire, and only witness the weak telekinesis so far, never expected that he could be a mage!

2. The Entrance Exam was a piece of cake. Magic Spears simply destroy all robots, even Izuku was 100 meters from them. Witcher Signs also makes some points.
The 0-Point Robot was taken down by Dark Schneider's Megadeath:  O.O
Deep Doomsday!
Spirits from the Air and Earth, I summon you to honour the ancient pact!
May the Earth and Sky explode to fulfil your duty on me!

3. It also contains some character from One Punch Man, specially the Sound's Speed Sonic who appears when the mass media (like on anime) tried to rush inside, but on the story Sonic kills the journalists, and tried to kill several Yuuei students on the cafeteria. Many students form 1-A class also helps Izuku to contain the freak ninja.
Izuku here use (my original) spells inspired on Elemental Magic (like on Negima or Mahouka) to fight Sonic, but switch to Dark Schneider's since the threat was higher:
Enemy foolishness! Release the Revenge of Underworld! IMPELLITERI!
Seek! Spirits of Lightning! Destroy! The Blood Fire of Death!... VOIVOD!
Great Ancient King of Northern Ices, I pledge your forged Pact! May your enemies be annihilated by the Realm of Ice and Snow!... Extreme Zero Intense Froze Wave! BISCAYA!
I summon the Fiery Power Blast from the Fallen Heroes! DAMNED!
Oh... My Ancient Demon Servants, Guardians of Burning Marshes!... I honour your blood pact... Lend your Powers, and Reduce my Enemy to Nothingness! NAPALM DEATH!
However Sonic flees before Napalm Death could killed him.
Either way, many colleges from Yuuei ended frightened when Izuku display that magic spells, thinking that he has a monster with several quirks, where in reality don't have any, but already knew that he's a vampire.

4. Aizawa is also a vampire, and due to mixtures he got a human quirk, the same on canon, along vampiric magic. Aizawa don't like when Izuku casts Black Magic, specially the magic derived from Dark Schneider, and he still trying to Izuku use more the Geralt's Witcher Signs.

5. Instead the League of Villains, the Millennium Army from Hellsing cannon and the Twelve Wise Men of Europa from Bastard!! cannon are the main enemies.  ;D >:D
Some years before the main plot, the Millennium Army invade the North Korea a plant a puppet government in order to increase the Nazi vampires soldiers, and create an army of super-natural soldiers, along quirk soldiers under direct command of Anthrax (Bastard!!) and Major Montana Max (Hellsing).  >:D

6. Like on canon, they make a first attack on USJ, but with a NKA (at first they don't notice, since the NKA/MA military unit insignias was under an undercover mission) battalion, along some Lestze Batailon vampire soldiers. Izuku, under extreme pressure, cast an Halloween spell to blast either the enemy or the USJ site. Since it was an highly destructive spell, Izuku endures a slow recovery of his magic powers that takes an entire month!
Kayzard! Halsard! Kiske! Kay! Hansen! Grosskopf! Sielck!
Cast all wise men of Hades and Gather the Seven Circle's Keys of Hell!
Open the Gates of Tartarus and Unleash total destruction!

7. The Yuuei's Sport's Festival was somehow easy for Izuku. Katsuki and Todoroki gives him some challenges, but ended defeated by the Gilbert and Tesla magic spells that combines Lightning Elemental and Black Magic materials. The match against Shinso ended with thier Brainwashed quirk blocked by the Witcher Sign Yrden (a magic trap), and reversed by Axii (also brainwashing magic), just to be blasted away by the Damned spell.
Sonic and Metal Knight (One Punch Man), who are mercenaries here, also appears to create havoc, while the Japanese Army  O.O also watches Izuku's trials to convince him to assign the First Hero Internship on the SDF.
Since the SDF incited Izuku to kill Sonic and Metal Knight, first Izuku casts a quirk/magic cursing spell, to serve as a warning:
Ki… Obos… Plataro... Come forth, my Demon King, flying on Bat Wings!... May your Ancient Will seal this Cursed Pact!...
Instead the Accused transform the victims into toads, like on Bastard!! canon, it opens a cursed gate from Hell that makes the victims spontaneously combust, and been eaten by demons, if they disobey the curse written with runes on victim's bodies.  O.O

And since the villains resume their offensive against Izuku, he decide to summon a dragon in order to destroy them quickly:
Grand force of the Pentacle, darkness and light… The moon is full!
I'm calling the Ancient Spirit of the Dragon King who died on War!
I'm cast the Great Power of General DeMaio, honouring the Spirits of Sky, Earth and Mankind!
Grant to me the Holy Strength of the Sacred Three-Headed Golden Dragon!
MAN-O'WAR... I command you to destroy the evil… By Honouring The Three Great Generals of Blazing Extermination!… The Three Great Shinsengumi Captains of Bakumatsu!... Attack!... Tennen Rishin-ryuu!...  Aku Soku Zan!
The second part was the order given from Izuku to attack the villains, ended burned alive.
Izuku won the Festival, but his reputation was a vryko-warlock gives to the public a sense of terror, but the offer from SDF was too strong to be avoided, or Izuku could face several downgrades.

8. However a civilian vampire request Izuku to rescue his brother vampire from villains, which the ringleaders was a hybrid magic/quirk users, gives an opportunity to Izuku amends.
 Aizawa wishes that his special mission don't ended like Doom  ;D, but the top villain seal all quirks with his magic, and Izuku was too strong to be totally sealed. Either way, Izuku kills the top villain duo, when the first was with a Venom spell, and the other with the Led Zeppelin:
Ego… Ego… A… Zara… Gorai!… Ego… Ego… Zame... Ragon...
Prince of Darkness and Elder of Evil!… I making the Coronation of the Future Demon King!
May the Germs of Evil be sated by his offering!
Devour the Enemy with Flesh and Bones!

And the villain was eaten alive by several starving demons emerging from several portals opened from Hell. (Doom!)  :devil: :devil: :devil:

9. The SDF brings All Might (just to witness) and Izuku to the a Black Ops Unit at Funabashi JGSDF HQ, where he join temporary the Wild Geese mercenary group composed by vampire versions of Pip Bernadotte (Hellsing), Gara (Bastard!!), Terzieff-Godefroy (Witcher), Serpico (Berserk) and Silver Fang (One Punch Man).  >:D

10. Once Izuku makes some training, he with the Wild Geese are sent to North Korea in order to destroy a research centre of magic weapons. The mission goes wrong, much due to Pip arrogance and strategic mistakes, leaving Izuku and Pip on the edge of murder rampage. After all, it was a phony site, and a consolation prize was a prototype of the Dragon Knight Lucifer Armor DKL-01 (Bastard!!) capable to amplify Izuku's magic  powers, and an endure adversary: The Demon Vampire Zorin Blitz (Hellsing), where also had greater magic powers, and capable to fight against Izuku by equals  O.O

End of spoilers...  *.*

This code belongs to one of my programs that I created  during my Ph.D. and are an Algebraic Parser library which enable the user input any algebraic expression and return a numerical value.  O.O

My implementation supports numbers in standard or scientific notation, 16 functions (12 trigonometric and 4 exponential/logarithmic), and also support variable assignments (it can store values on main memory  O.O)

The program use the wxWidgets framework, and the string manipulation uses the internal wxString type, which are more powerful than the STL library. Only the STL <cmath> was used to handle the arithmetic calculations.

The testing program is a kind of scientific calculator, although some buttons don't work as expect as the real job here was to test the new parser library for a PIXE program dedicated to handle nuclear stoichiometry by gamma ray yields  >:D

- To use the application, just fill any numerical expression and hit the "Return" button, the result will pop up on a Message Box.

 The program should evaluate some expressions like:
 To give the result: 7780.602815

 And using the variable feature, it can parse expressions like the following one:
 pi = 2*acos(0) , x = 2 * pi , a = 1 , b = a + 5 / sqrt(pi) : cos(x) + a*b
 Returning: 4.820948

 If you make a mistake, an error message will be present by a pop up window....
 pi = 2*acos(0) , x = 2 * pie , a = 1 , b = a + 5 / sqrt(pi) : cos(x) + a*b
 Giving the message:
 Declaration Error: Undefined Variable!

 - The algorithm I implemented is basically a sequence of three major steps:
 1. Lexical parsing, using an algorithm that somehow is partially my own invention. It uses some tricks to handle the parsing of numbers in scientific notation, and classifies the new tokens against a list of built-in words. On final, the original string are converted by a vector of tokens.
 2. The Shunting-Yard algorithm that convert the previous list of tokens to a postfix notation, while store any variables to a variable vector and checks if are correctly defined, and make the firsts syntax checks. Any error, like the previous step, will stop all process and displays the adequate error message.
 3. The postfix calculator, with some syntax checks, is the last step of whole process. Any arithmetic evaluation are done on this step, and if everything are correct, it will return the final result.

 The source code was bundled on the attachments, and the parser algorithm is implemented on CalculatorLibrary.  :)

Introduce Yourself! / Re: Greetings from Hellsing
« on: April 04, 2016, 07:40:45 pm »
After a long time...  :)
I start during my Ph. D. to write a program to evaluate nuclear yields  O.O

Basically it's a complex program written in C++ and uses wxWidgets to handle the GUI widgets... (The source-code cannot be resealed yet)
The main propose is to evaluate the yield of a nuclear reaction when a thin foil are bombarded by a proton beam, which energies ranges to 100 to 4000 keV.

However the major problem is the program should handle an array of elements, which parameters are loaded from a database file, and also the program should aggregate some of them in a compound.  O.O

My strategy to code this task as the following:
- I defined three C++ classes to handle the Elements, the Ziegler Parameters to evaluate the Stopping Power and the Detector Efficiency.
- The Database of Elements was defined to form an array (using the wxWidgets built-in array declaration, instead the C++ STL ones, due to the better built-in parameters).
- The calculation sub-routine  mix the previous C++ classes to ease  ;D the job...

And fortunately, I can share a little part of it...  ;D

However, exists some errors and the final code was changed sightly, but the basic ideas remains.

Edit(Eeems): Merged triple post and moved code to

Other Calculators / Re: Librecalc third-party calculator prototype
« on: March 16, 2015, 04:39:48 pm »
I study this interessing project since it make several parts of my utopic open-source calculator...
However congratulations to the proud french teachers that not only manage to launch this ambitious project, but also publish the specs, the PCB diagrams and a prototype of software.
I like the fact the Maxima will be the main CAS Engine, but also they manage to choose a tiny display driver framework that even I fail to notice  ;D (I knew that a full X11 server would be overkill, so I try to search the viability of Wayland but also had the same problem  :-[).
In fact, they choose the DirectFB and SDL combo to enable a basic graphic stack that would be nice to a low power machine, but also ease the portability of several homebrew and major programs.
Once I get some time (due to my PhD thesis), I will try build my own LibreCalc software once they publish the remaining main programs.

Introduce Yourself! / Re: Greetings from Hellsing
« on: June 27, 2014, 08:38:46 pm »
The first chapter of my fanfic was almost done, just need a revison before publish on, but I will spoil the first four turns of Arucard's duel, both begins with 8000 life points.

1st turn Arucard Dark Synchro Summons Unfair Magician (L-7), Hades Judgement (L-8), and two Pendulum Monsters, using the Cromwell's Seal magic Field Card effects.

2nd turn Bashar summons a Ritual fusion card, Transmutation Circle, which is something like Future Fusion with additional effects.
Meanwhile, in the same turn, Bashar summon a Synchro Monster, Paracelso Magician (L7). Bashar tries to attack, but was repealed by the Arucard's Pendulum Monsters effects (Jackall and Casull)

3rd turn Arucard launches own atack against Paracelso, but a special effect of Ritual magic Card Transmutation Circle blocks the attack.

4th turn was the most intense, since once Bashar's Ritual Fusion Monster Ouroboros Slime (L7) was summoned, it quickly Xyz Summon Humuncolus Pride.
The Bashar's Xyz Monster are again blocked by Pendulum Monster effects of Arucards, but  once the Overlay Units of Greed runs out, Bashar quickly use a Xyz Shift card to special summons Xyz Humuncolus Greed and using their Overlay Unit, all Arucard's cards, except one turned down, are destroyed and loses 2500 life points  D:
However Hades effect on graveyard and the reverse card Dark Tuner Maker, could make Arucard special summon two Dark Synchro Master of Impalation (L-12) during Bashar's turn.  O.O

At beginning of 5th turn, Arucard could make a Dark Xyz Summon, Dark Number 12 Prince Vlad Tepes, a Rank -12 Dark Monster. >:D
End of spoiler.

Introduce Yourself! / Re: Greetings from Hellsing
« on: June 26, 2014, 09:14:23 pm »
A Yu-Gi-Oh game or Cardfight Vanguard simulator on nSpire could be a nice community project, but the small screen of calculator would be something problematic (specially to check the card image, since it will block the screen, and make the gameplay horrific).
Otherwise, just the methods to code thousands of cards (each one requires a code script and a datafile) could easilly overflow the calculator storage quickly, unless a lite version was created.

News / Re: After nDoom, comes nQuake!
« on: June 26, 2014, 09:09:16 pm »
Even some Android tablets can run Caeser III or Starscraft via emulation (Winulator, which development was ceased), using a fork of Wine and some kind of static binary translator (a.k.a. Winulator, later Wine with custom binary translator in Pandora Armstrong Linux), the same trick cannot be used on nSpire easily, since the screen is to small (320*240) and the CPU are too weak to some those classic games. Even UT could be ported to nSpire, the small screen could be a major setback to decent playback.

Introduce Yourself! / Re: Greetings from Hellsing
« on: June 25, 2014, 06:49:30 pm »
One little secret: I'm also a fan-fic writer. The first chapter (of three or four) of a mine silly and craziest project has half-done, since it requires a translation from portuguese to english to publish on archive.
Basically is one of my non-sense parodies mixing the Syrian Civil War, the Yu-Gi-Oh and the Hellsing characters, forming a triple duel of Yu-Gi-Oh between Arucard, Anderson and Integra against ,in the same order, al-Assad, al-Baghdadi (ISIS) and a person who replace the deceased Khomeini.  O.O

So far, I can say that Arucard uses Dark Synchros and Dark Xyz. Bashar uses an Alchemist themed Deck, which the main ace is a Rank 13 Xyz monster called: Chaos Imaginary Number 137 Great Philosopher's Stone  Xyz Dragon.
Anderser uses virtually all Special Summons, al-baghdadi also had their own Special Summons: a PS and XS Summon (A Synchro and Xyz with Pendulum Scale).
Finally, the Khomeini had a Main Deck without monsters, but with a Extra Deck filled with Divine Type Xyz monsters, representing the Twelve Imans of Shia Sect, which should by Rank-Up by their order until it reach the 13th: Mahdi. (Their Duel style was modelled from Zexal's Eliphas).  Integra had a Dragon themed Deck wth Ritual Fusion and Xyz Summon.  ::)

Of course the the end of story was not written yet, but I  think this will be a bizarre way to criticism of this bloodsheed war.  O.O

First of all, until recently wasn't so easy to install a Linux Distro on unrooted Android tablets, since any viable solution requires root privileges to run some libraries.
After several working of some hackers, now is possible to try Debian or Fedora on Android tablets without rooting (and avoiding a headache is something bricks the tablet).
The most complete one is GnuRoot, which enables to install Debian Wheezy, Fedora Remix or Gentoo, but requires a second application for X11 Window Server and some elementary hacking.  ;D
(like this: start XSDL app, and on GNuRoot's Terminal app just type:
$ DISPLAY= startxfce4
To start the XFCE 4 Desktop Environment, if you install it first  ;D )

Later, a app to install Wheezy with XFCE4 was launched as Debian noroot on Google Play, but you can install the apk package from SourceFourge project page. The app install's automagically th base system and starts directly to Desktop mode. Other advange of this project is the fact the Debian's version are based on the armhf version, instend the armel version on GnuRoot side.  :)

Now, since Mathematica was ported to Linux ARM, and launched on Raspbian Distro (based on armhf Debian Wheezy), I tried the installation of Mathematica 10 on a Tegra 3 Android tablet running the Debian noroot virtual machine application. After a little care of installing Java and some Fortran libraries from Wheezy Backports repo, the Mathematica starts, but hangs when the Wolfram logo pop up on screen, and display "initializing Kernel", or something else.  >:(
Running Mathematica from Terminal don't show any errors. The wolfram utility runs on Terminal and asks a license key  :( .
Also, trying to run the Console version of Mathematica (mathkernel) means nothing, since it's absent.  :/
No matter I try, I need to kill Mathematica to resume normal working.

Other software like JDownloader, LibreOffice, PeaZip, Qemu User i386 emulator to run some x86 software, LibreCad, Qt Creator installs and runs nicelly, turning an Android tablet on a full blown Linux laptop computer (except kernel modules, low level hardware acess since it is not acessible form a chrooted environment).

So, it is a bug of software or a hack is needed to run Mathematica on a generic ARM computer ? I don't think Wolfram was put a hardcoded routine check to verity the ARM features to verify if someone try to run Mathematica on other ARM computer than a Raspberry Pi. Even this error are easilly documented on x86 computers as well.

Anime and Manga / Re: Swimming Anime
« on: June 11, 2014, 07:32:48 pm »
I think this anime will have a second series this fall.

Introduce Yourself! / Re: Greetings from Hellsing
« on: February 18, 2014, 08:21:00 am »
My first contribution for Open Source World: PeaZip patched for ARM architectures

It requires a armv7 Linux machine with GTK2 toolkit, and a little patience since the ARM chip will decrypt PEA archives at least ten times slower than an equivalent x86 processor. (The XOR based encryption scheme is an overkill on RISC chips, a single instruction that x86 can do in a single operation, requires a dozen for a ARM)  ::)

The main patches that I make was to complete the assembly-free code option that was not compatible with ARM processors, even so I needed to write from scratch a Pascal function when the original use assembly code to calculate the value stored on Real Time Clock  :(
 The only ARM machine I have is a Tegra 3 Android tablet, and I use the Pelya's Debian emulator in Google Store (which don't require root) to run the PeaZip port. In my Pentium D machine I could extract a 90 Mb PEA archive in just 12 seconds, even without assembly routines in source code, but the native ARM port requires between 80 to 90 seconds to extract.  ;D

 And the most bizarre revenue that I get, it was the original author of PeaZip put my forked version in the oficial webpage of PeaZip  8), as an experimental port, since he don't want to maintain the ARM version in the oficial source code repository. But I get about 70 downloads of the ARM binary version in about two months  :D

Math and Science / Re: Maxima on Android
« on: October 27, 2013, 09:32:36 am »
I get some screenshots to show some amazing capabilities of Maxima, directly fro my Android tablet:

Maxima Start-Up

Making some integrals that HP Prime fail to do so...  :(
But Maxima can do...  :D

Now a extreme example, that Maxima can integrate only in some special cases:

This results needs to be scrolled horizontaly to notice the full evaluation:


HP Prime and Maxima can be fairly compared in integrals when both can evaluate:

HP-Prime knows the Exponential Integral [wikipedia]Exponential_integral[/wikipedia], the Sine Integral [wikipedia]Sine_integral[/wikipedia], Cosine Integral [wikipedia]Cosine_integral[/wikipedia] fairy well to evaluate the indefinitive integrals listed upward.
 Maxima knows those functions, but evaluates them in terms of Incomplete Gamma Function [wikipedia]Incomplete_gamma_function[/wikipedia].
 Maxima don't know all proprieties of Incomplete Gamma Function, so the HP Prime can make the second indefinite integral using the Sine, Cosine, Exponential Integral Functions, but Maxima left the integral unevaluated  :(

When a definite integral are applied, both softwares evaluate the same result correctly  :D. Are both use the Residue Theorem.

To finish the first facing off between HP Prime and Maxima, let's use Maxima to calculate an insane limit that I found in Math Exchange, that use hypergeometric Functions  O.O [wikipedia]Hypergeometric_function[/wikipedia]

HP Calculators / Re: HP Prime Emulator!!!
« on: October 26, 2013, 10:01:53 pm »
Tested and running in Linux using Wine.
One of my particular testing was the CAS capabilities of HP Prime, so far I discovery that is the very first retail calculator that use the Residue Theorem to solve some integrals, which is great.
And also the  HP Prime supports some special functions in integrals and derivatives, but so far the capabilities is still a little beyond the Maxima resources.

News / Re: OS attacks nLaunch, Linux and Ndless!!
« on: June 15, 2013, 05:19:03 pm »
So far my concern of the TI policy to lock down the NSpire for third-party applications is only to try make alive the need of a expensive calculator in university.
However in my University (IST), the use of a CAS calculator is pointless  ;D
Even recentelly if exams that requires numerical calcultations, you can bring a smartphone to load a calculator application and use it.  O.O
It's because the professors that teaches the course can check and make caution to avoid cheating between the students, and they think now the calculators of any kind, due to cheap Android phones, are becoming an obsolete technology.
When I make the last exam of introductory Nuclear Physics for my Ph.D. graduate, I use Maxima on Android to solve the calculations with my Samsung Galaxy Mini without problems. O.O The only restrition is to use when is only needed, and then return to the desk openly to professor line-of-view to avoid cheating. (Even in convential calculators you can cheat  :-\)

This means one big thing: why wasting almost €200 for a NSpire CX with a poor CAS, since you can use a smartphone that cost less than €100 which you can install a much better CAS (Maxima), and you can use during classes other powerfull applications ?!  ::)

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