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I didn't want to enter in offtopic but somehow you are right.
All the goods that doesn't enter via mail or people traspassing the borders  (these two ways pay 50% of the declared value if Customs decide to hold the package) NEEDS the personal  authorization of the Secretary of Domestic Trade. So, goods (even medicines that are not produced in the country) are held in the docks for months. And you have to be careful of what you say because all those business that needs to import goods depends on this person.
Dolars (money) are scarce and for that reason you have to pay 20% if you pay in dolars with your credit/debit cards. People that wants to visit another country need to start some paperwork to see if they can get some dollars legally and If the the government decides to give some, is ver very little money or none (and the tell you this a week before your flight). Legal dolar is arround AR$5.8 and the ilegal (we call it blue) is nearly AR$10.

Well, DHL called me about the calculator and there are some Customs clearance problems and I should travel 500 km to solve it. So, Amazon is taking responsabily and reshipping the calculator as soon as they have it in stock again ... 1 month XD
One reason why my country sucks to get imported goods :(

I have to say that the 9750GII is FAR more powerful than TI-83/84, from hardware (faster CPU and larger memory) to software (once you upgrade it to 9860, you will see the familiar natural display on your 570ES. Also, CASIO does a better job in integration. Far more precision than TI)
Even if you own a Power Graphic 2 model, still you can upgrade it. But all the related information is in Chinese. Maybe you can contact chsi at for translation. ;)

wow! so they 9750 is a great choice! I'm a not a fan of the natural display, really :P

20MHz, not overclocked... :D You'll get the grasp of intrusing a castle in Wolfenstein 3D, you'll have the head reversed with Gravity DUck ,and so on!
lol, all this calculators can do that? I didn't find games for the 9750 :(

Well, I ended up buying the 9750GII
the 40 usd difference is quite big for the few extra feutures of the 9860. Besides, I have to pay an extra 20% because our President doesn't want dolars to go outside the country.
TIs or HPs calculators are out of my reach :( and used electric goods can't enter the country via mail.
As far as I read, it is possible to upgrade the 9750 to have the same features of the 9860. So, why spend more? maybe it is faster but I can wait 2-5 seconds more.

I bought on Friday and I just received the tracking number. Fingers crossed  ;)
Thanks a lot for the help, guys!

The 9860 is 230 USd and the 9750 is 175 usd plus a shipping of more or less 15 USD but I will buy in Amazon International. The estimate final cost (taxes an duties included) are 128.48 for the 9860GII and 87.80 USD for the 9750GII.
I was checking the TIs models but I don't think I will get used very quickly and for example the key to write 10^n is missing and I use it very frequently.
thanks a lot for the replies so far :)

edit: this two calculator hvve the functions I need. I mean, the are far better than my current one which is able to do almost all I want (except programming, extra memory and graphing)

Hello, this is my first post here. I'm from Argentina and I'm studying engineering. Currently, I'm using a Casio Fx 570ES. So far this calculator has been enough and I don't know of anyone in my school  who had needed a powerful calculator to get the degree.
As far as I've seen about this calculators, I would find pretty handy the extra memory to store more conversion factors or constants. Even though I don't know how the programming tools work, I think I could find a way to store for example  long formulas, right? I will not need graphics tools at all (just regression to calculate interpolation in tables), Stats, equation solver (especially for 3 unknown), integrals, derivatives functions are important.

So guys, what do you think? should I buy one of those calculators or my Fx570ES should be enough?

thank you!

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