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The connection issue solved itself a few minutes later. And the i just used the software in TI-Connect to remove the app. One step closer to learning the calc.
I also managed to download Pokemon Blue and Link's Awakening later that day. Sweden time.

I have a problem. I just installed Pokemon Red on my TI 84P CSE. But i cant start it. And now i cant remove it either. It sais "Variable cannot be moved either to or from Archive." It doesn't connect to TI-Connect either. I really needd it fixed and don't know how to.
EDIT: So now it does connect to TI-Connect. Sadly i dont have a Backup.
EDIT2: What have i learnt today. DOnt add soth to a rorum until you are totally sure you cant fix it yourself. Thats what i just dis using Ti-Connect. Sorry for this forum spam post now.
So you know sths wron with PKMN Red btw.

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