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I've worked on this project for a while and am excited to release it! Download here.

Welcome to Alphabit Kingdom, an adventure RPG set in the land of the Alphabet! Hundreds of years ago, all of the Alphabet lived in harmony. They built villages together and all the letters communed in unity across the land. The wise kings of old ruled with perfect equality. The King of the Ampersands wasn’t happy with his status in the kingdom. He believed the Ampersands were rightfully the dominant race. His selfish quest for power eventually led to his defeat and banishment from the kingdom. Though defeated, his war against the world crippled the Alphabet and destroyed the previous harmony. To this day, the Alphabetan territories are home to 26 warring factions, each consisting of a different race.

Choose from one of the 26 factions and march into battle to conquer the Alphabet!

Explore a massive world with surprises around every corner!

Fight for your kingdom!

Progress and improve your character through gaining XP, new weapons, skills, and items!

There are 60+ different weapons to choose from, along with numerous modifiers allowing for thousands of combinations!

Reveal an intriguing narrative!

Receive guidance and lore along the way through helpful loading tips!

What’s inside?
> A fun adventure RPG on your TI-NSpire CX II
> An interesting storyline
> A massive world to explore
> Treasures to find
> ~8 hours of playtime
> 26 unique classes
> Tons of progression
> 100s of skills and special abilities
> 60+ weapons
> 60+ weapon modifiers
> No two games are the same

The readme.txt includes instructions. Please report any bugs here!

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