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TI-Nspire / Accessing the Nspire Fonts
« on: August 18, 2011, 01:41:33 am »
Up till now, to print text on the Nspire screen required you to bring
your own Font table into your code. This is not always convenient.
The text is small, but a simple OS call: disp_str(char*, int *x, int y) prints a string where you want it
without bringing in extra screen routines and a Font table.
Maybe this can be used in the Ndless console program ? :)

Here is a simple example I found for Ndless 1.7 and


This is a port of MPoupe's TSR program for the fx-9860 to the Prizm.
I had this idea earlier, but wasn't sure where to start:
I added new syscalls to this program, not found in the mini-SDK, but proven to work here.
The program was developed using Simon's mini-SDK, on the cg10-20 Manager emulator and
finally tested on Prizm hardware. [easier to recover from emulator crashes]
The code is almost the same as MPoupe's , but I took out the scrolling screen and
put in the appearing rotating character sequence "/","-","\", ...
You get this on the lower right corner after the program appears to finish, and press and hold one of the navigation keys: UP,DOWN,LEFT,RIGHT
You exit the progran pressing EXIT.
To run again delete TSRDEMO, and activate another addin like Conversion , then back to BASICEXT

This is only a proof of concept, this works the same way n the Prizm as on the fx-9860
The wish list of what to add to this is long.  Adding custom Basic commmands is possible.

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