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Other Calc-Related Projects and Ideas / Barcoder
« on: April 22, 2013, 12:50:00 pm »
Barcoder is a program (available for casio and nspire) that can get information of barcodes.
It's something simple but I think is nice (for geeks :P).

It currently supports the following types of bar codes:

From a barcode (of the above type) this program can "extract" the following information:
►Manufacturer Code
►Item code

*Sometimes the country shown is not the country of origin of the product but the place where it is sold.

The idea is based on java application "barcoder" by blackstripstudios ( for mobile phones. Currently this program contains all functions of the original program, except verification of valid/invalid barcodes.

Download for Prizm

Download Nspire version: attached.

News / Casio will Release a new Classpad fx-CP400 with color screen!
« on: November 28, 2012, 07:50:24 pm »
Hi omnimaga!

Do you still remember the patents found by me one month ago? Yes they were real  :o ! A new classpad color is near.

The fx-CP400, comes which a large touch-panel color liquid crystal display (LCD) for easy viewing and operability with the incredible resolution of 320×528. We really need a screen upgrade, the old classpad screen quality was not the best.

This calculator will competing with the Nspire CX CAS.

The new Classpad model will be available in various countries starting in early summer 2013 (i cant wait :P ).

Casio just published the announcement on its Asia Website some hours ago and I with a bit of luck found him.
Casio Usa, Europe, Casio Education still have nothing published. Im faster than them :twisted:

I did a comparative table with the characteristics already known of this calculator vs. other casio calcs and nspire cx cas. Im not 100% sure of the ram values in older casio calcs.

Apparently will be more powerful than the prizm  ;D.

So, what do you think of this new classpad?


I usually search the patents belonging to various companies (like sony, apple, samsung, microsoft...) to know at first hand the technological innovations.

Recently, I decided to do a patent search of Casio and I found what may be the next Casio calculator with touchscreen technology.

Below is a draft, possibly a prototype:

Features of this "future" new calculator:
-Multitouch screen

-Possible wifi connection


-Anti-cheating feature

Patents (where i found this):

Original source/my full post:

Casio Calculators / Casiopeia - We're back, after our "summer vacation"!
« on: September 05, 2012, 11:54:56 am »
Finally we went back again, after some "downtime", our forced "summer vacation"!

I moved the forum to a new and open source platform, phpbb, i also refreshed the image of the forum. Possibly there will be some broken links/images, but will be fixed as soon as possible. There is still much to do...

Of course, our site remains ad-free, nonprofit.  ;D

Our name is inspired by the constellation "Cassiopeia", and is suggested by yeongJIN_COOL, taking advantage of the beginning of the word cassiopeia be very similar to the word/brand casio.

Thanks for all support of our members, but also planet-casio and omnimaga.

Here is our new url:

Members registered in 2012 can use the same account, only need to request a new password.

Web Programming and Design / Online Txt Accent Remover V2
« on: August 18, 2012, 08:34:24 pm »

A simple online tool that replace the special characters by characters supported by txt reader for mobile devices like calculators, mp4 players, mobile phones, ebook readers, etc...

ã -> a
é -> e

The initial version V1 is released some months ago, in a discussion about txt readers with xtrm0 (in CS).

Now i updated it!

New features in V2:
-Now your can upload your *.txt files instead of writing text in the page.
-More special special characters support (portuguese, french, spanish, german, italian...).
-The tool count the number of converted files.

You can use it at:

Tip: Currently only support .txt files in ANSI.

Enjoy ;D

Hello, i have a problem with my nspire and i need help to fix it

when i try to delete a specific file, the calculator reboot and dont delete it

there are any way to fix it?

Hello, i tried convert sprites with cemetech sourcecoder, for use in an application developed with miniSDK

to show images, i used the routine CopySprite by Kerm:

Code: [Select]
void CopySprite(const void* datar, int x, int y, int width, int height) {
   color_t*data = (color_t*) datar;
   color_t* VRAM = (color_t*)0xA8000000;
   VRAM += LCD_WIDTH_PX*y + x;
   for(int j=y; j<y+height; j++) {
      for(int i=x; i<x+width; i++) {
         *(VRAM++) = *(data++);
     VRAM += LCD_WIDTH_PX-width;

I called the image with the following function

Code: [Select]
void xxx() {

    CopySprite(spritename, 0, 0, 40, 40);

but, when i compile the source, the sdk gives me the following errors:

Code: [Select]
Execute: C:\Users\HELDER\Documents\CASIO\MiniSDK\projects\INSIGHT.INI
C:\Users\HELDER\Documents\CASIO\MiniSDK\projects\INSIGHT\INSIGHT.CPP(29) : C5020 (E) Identifier "color_t" is undefined
C:\Users\HELDER\Documents\CASIO\MiniSDK\projects\INSIGHT\INSIGHT.CPP(29) : C5020 (E) Identifier "data" is undefined
C:\Users\HELDER\Documents\CASIO\MiniSDK\projects\INSIGHT\INSIGHT.CPP(29) : C5029 (E) Expected an expression
C:\Users\HELDER\Documents\CASIO\MiniSDK\projects\INSIGHT\INSIGHT.CPP(29) : C5065 (E) Expected a ";"
C:\Users\HELDER\Documents\CASIO\MiniSDK\projects\INSIGHT\INSIGHT.CPP(30) : C5020 (E) Identifier "VRAM" is undefined
C:\Users\HELDER\Documents\CASIO\MiniSDK\projects\INSIGHT\INSIGHT.CPP(30) : C5029 (E) Expected an expression
C:\Users\HELDER\Documents\CASIO\MiniSDK\projects\INSIGHT\INSIGHT.CPP(30) : C5065 (E) Expected a ";"
C:\Users\HELDER\Documents\CASIO\MiniSDK\projects\INSIGHT\INSIGHT.CPP(31) : C5020 (E) Identifier "LCD_WIDTH_PX" is undefined
C:\Users\HELDER\Documents\CASIO\MiniSDK\projects\INSIGHT\INSIGHT.CPP(269) : C5192 (W) Unrecognized character escape sequence
C:\Users\HELDER\Documents\CASIO\MiniSDK\projects\INSIGHT\INSIGHT.CPP(365) : C5020 (E) Identifier "Bdisp_EnableColor" is undefined
C:\Users\HELDER\Documents\CASIO\MiniSDK\projects\INSIGHT\INSIGHT.CPP(393) : C5020 (E) Identifier "Bdisp_EnableColor" is undefined
Dependency: "C:\Users\HELDER\Documents\CASIO\MiniSDK\objects\INSIGHT.obj" does not exist!
Dependency: "C:\Users\HELDER\Documents\CASIO\MiniSDK\objects\INSIGHT.obj" does not exist!

someone can help me?

Casio Calculators / Casio Usb Power Graphic 2 SDK Info
« on: January 31, 2012, 07:42:01 pm »
The "IsKeyDown" function in "fx-9860G SDK Libraries" has been deprecated and is now
unsupported in "USB POWER GRAPHIC 2" version of "fx-9860GII(SD)",
"GRAPH75(95)" and "fx-9860G AU PLUS".
Instead of "IsKeyDown", please use "GetKey" or "Bkey_GetKeyWait"(new function)
according to the use cases illustrated below.
The following use cases are only examples, “GetKey” and “Bkey_GetKeyWait” are not
guaranteed to perform identically to “IsKeyDown”.

Case1: Poll key state until a particular key is pressed

・Code example (using "IsKeyDown")
Code: [Select]
while (1){
if (IsKeyDown(KEY_CHAR_0)) break;

・Code example (using "GetKey" instead of "IsKeyDown")
Code: [Select]
unsigned int key;
while (1){
if (KEY_CHAR_0 == key) break;

Case2: Check to see if a key is pressed (with an optional wait/timeout)
・Code example (using "IsKeyDown")
Code: [Select]
int flag0 = 0;
if (IsKeyDown(KEY_CHAR_0))
flag0 = 1;

・Code example (using "Bkey_GetKeyWait" instead of "IsKeyDown")
Code: [Select]
int kcode1 = 0, kcode2 = 0, flag0 = 0;
short unused = 0;
if (Bkey_GetKeyWait(&kcode1, &kcode2, KEYWAIT_HALTOFF_TIMEROFF, 0,
1, &unused)==KEYREP_KEYEVENT) {
if ((kcode1==7)&&(kcode2==2)) flag0 = 1;

All the details in the attached pdf. Perhaps many games/applications will not work on new model fx-9860 USB POWER GRAPHIC 2

Source: Casio

Casio Calculators / Pack all Addins for fx9860 and Prizm
« on: December 23, 2011, 06:12:44 pm »

Pack 159 Addins for Casio Fx-9860. My personal collection of addins. Include games, utilities, educational apps and more. Check the list below:

Download: <!-->Removed for copyright violation

Pack 11 Addins for Casio prizm. My personal collection of addins. Include games, utilities, educational apps and more. Check the list below:

Download: <!-->Removed for copyright violation

Have fun and have a good Christmas.

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