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Casio PRIZM / Re: The Reign of Legends: Across Time
« on: June 06, 2011, 04:13:19 am »
Is it easy to modify the code to omit colors so it can be played on a Casio fx-9860? I would love to try this once it's finished.

Casio Calculators / Re: Monopoly
« on: June 01, 2011, 04:11:27 am »
I don't know how to change the random number seed; the only thing I know is that when I reset my calc the random number sequence will reset itself as well, but that'd only make things worse, wouldn't it?

TI-BASIC / Re: How to get the most repeated value in a list?
« on: May 31, 2011, 06:52:34 am »
It might list it as Mod, but I don't know if your 83+ also shows that when using 1Var. My casio shows it right beneath MaxX, above Mod:n and Mod:F

Casio Calculators / Re: Monopoly
« on: May 31, 2011, 06:40:37 am »
Do u think the random seed is what's causing it? Change the random seed number and try again

I'm sorry, I don't understand. You mean I should input something like RanInt(3,11) instead?

Casio Calculators / Re: Monopoly
« on: May 31, 2011, 03:29:59 am »
I thought about that already, but if you assume there are only rolls of 7 you'll notice it'll pass every single square on the board once, so that shouldn't be causing it. Besides, investigations by others (with almost 1 billion rolls) confirmed every square will be passed the same amount of times (within two standard deviations of course).

Casio Calculators / Monopoly
« on: May 30, 2011, 12:58:36 pm »
I created a small program to simulate walking over a 40 square monopoly board (without the cards and special squares of course). The odd thing is that after I let it run for one-and-a-half hour (100.000 dice rolls) there were some really big deviations from the expected 2500 per square. They occur with intervals of 7 squares and are in pairs, the first of the pair being around 3100, the second one being around 2000.
They occur on 1, 8-9, 16-17, 24-25, 32-33, 40 (40 and 1 are also a pair). Does anybody know where this comes from? Here is the code (not that complex really):
Code: [Select]
For 1-->A To 40
0-->List 11[A]
Lbl 0
List 11[B]+1-->List 11[B]
Locate 1,1,C
Goto 0

Casio PRIZM / Re: Casio RPG: The age of Slime (beta 0.2)
« on: May 30, 2011, 04:09:06 am »
It's been a long time now and I'm very sorry for not informing you earlier but I'm putting the project on a halt for the moment. The end of the term is coming and it's bringing a lot of tests and projects I have to finish. Even after it's over the only thing coming in the next update will be rebalancing, more potions and generally optimizing the code by using List functions for the potion menu and the shop. To do this I'll have to do a lot of playthroughs myself since my two classmates who used to be my testers are really busy as well. Don't expect too much of the next update (when I finally get to finish it which will probably take a long time).
The only practical thing coming is that I'll add some code to the RESET program to include an option to keep your save data.

Casio PRIZM / Re: Casio RPG: The age of Slime (beta 0.1)
« on: April 30, 2011, 07:27:04 am »
Yes, then you would need to replace them with A-Z and 0-9 characters. Does the Prizm have characters of it's own that do work or is the glitch happening with every non-ASCII character, from the GII or not?

Casio PRIZM / Re: Casio RPG: The age of Slime (beta 0.1)
« on: April 29, 2011, 02:15:17 am »
If you get the locate glitch you could manually change the non-ASCII tokens. The downside is that there are very many of them (in the maps, the sprites, the shop menu's, etc.) But what does the glitch do exactly? Does it fail to display the character? Does it give an error? Does it exit the program? And with which tokens does the glitch appear?

Casio PRIZM / Re: Casio RPG: The age of Slime (beta 0.1)
« on: April 27, 2011, 09:19:13 am »
Alpha version 0.2 realeased!
Download links in first post!

New features:
-New area
-New boss
-Two new spells
-Some rebalancing
-Storyline introduction
-Area selection

Note: People who already have the previous version don't have to run RESET again. RESET sets the ListData, but no changes have been made to ListData in this version so it's not nessecary.

Casio PRIZM / Re: Casio RPG: The age of Slime (beta 0.1)
« on: April 26, 2011, 04:16:32 am »
I haven't updated this thing in ages, but I haven't quit it yet! A new version with a new area and a brand new boss is already finished! I just didn't have the time to upload it... I'll try to get it up ASAP.

Casio PRIZM / Re: Casio RPG: The age of Slime (beta 0.1)
« on: March 29, 2011, 01:05:20 pm »
The final few spells must be obtained in a special way. The storyline will end at around level 60 or 70, but there are some supplemental bosses after that that provide the final few special spells. That won't be too hard to add since I already have a variable counting the amount of bosses you defeated to make sure you can only fight each boss once and to check when you can enter a new area. For the spells I'd use K>=8 instead of List 1[5]>=84 for example (List 1[5] contains the player's level and K contains the amount of bosses you defeated)

Miscellaneous / Re: What is your avatar?
« on: March 25, 2011, 03:10:30 am »
I am ashamed to say so but Deep Thought has just Rickroll'D me...

Miscellaneous / Re: What is your avatar?
« on: March 24, 2011, 10:06:00 am »
Just noticed this thread, my avatar is a picture of Flamemon with the white background made transparent and resized to fit the avatar limitations.

And I'd like a large back of real Omnimaga peanuts, please.

Casio PRIZM / Re: Casio RPG: The age of Slime (beta 0.1)
« on: March 24, 2011, 05:14:49 am »
You should be getting MP straight away, according to the formula MP=0.09*(level)^2+level-1. You just don't have that much MP yet in the starting levels. Here's a graph to make it more visual:

At level 10 You'll have 18 MP, 34 at level 15 and 55 at level 20. This is about fair since the spell you'll learn at level 20 takes 40 MP.

I only need to program the area boss and something like an area selection screen and then it's good to go! I'll also limit the amount of times you can fight the bosses, someone in my class who is also testing the game for me got to level 60 by just fighting the first boss over and over again.... That'll have to be nerfed.

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