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Team project: Omnimaga Quiz
« on: April 09, 2006, 03:40:00 am »
To spice these deserted regions of the board up a bit, I thought of a simple, brainless, but possibly fun "game" we can all together work on.
I will explain...

Omnimaga Quiz

*Each user adds a new question to the program
*Questions have a minimum of 2 answers, with 1 correct one. All wrong answers lead to lbl W, which is the end of the game. Correct answers must lead to R, like 1R for the correct answer on question 1. These labels must add 1 to variable S (score). The final question's correct answer will have a nice message ;)wink.gif
*I used the Menu( command for now, I think it'd be best to use this for the first couple of questions. Later on you can use whatever you want in order for the player to proceed. Maybe even mini games =D
*The only limit is the ram.
*I'm aware of the labels, blame the Menu( system. At least we can get somewhat efficient questions out of it :Dbiggrin.gif

This is the starting code I made with 1 question:

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Team project: Omnimaga Quiz
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