Author Topic: Tips for TCAP and HCWP  (Read 2042 times)

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Tips for TCAP and HCWP
« on: October 22, 2011, 04:39:42 pm »
If you plan to use a mic for HCWP-type conferences, it is possible to quickly check if your mic sound is decent enough to be hearable (not distorted nor not loud enough). Simply open the voice chat room for HCWP or TCAP in two browser tabs, enable your mic in one, then talk. You'll hear yourself talking. Then adjust your mic so it seems to be at a good volume level.

It's also a good idea to disable mic boost/noise reduction features if they're just gonna destroy the sound quality even more. Also if you have too much noise in the background, you should use push to talk features, but don't forget to push the button while talking.