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Misc Nspire Lua Projects
« on: February 27, 2012, 09:02:00 pm »
While working on Rush Hour, I have developed a variety of miscellaneous/semi-useful games and utilities in Lua for the Nspire. Here you go:


Designed mainly for those with a CX (I don't believe touchpads or clickpads have backlights), this flashlight features a blank LCD! But can also transform into different colors and contains a strobe function! Try holding random color while doing strobe. IT'S CRAZY! I don't know if this would damage your screen. :P

 0-9 - Choose color
 Tab - Random Color
 Enter - Toggle Strobe
This is based off of the 84 application that allows you to memorize digits of pi on the go. Contains 1000 digits of pi for your memorizing pleasure. However, as a bonus three other irrational numbers were included with 1000 digits, being e, root2, and phi.

 0-9 - Input numbers
 Enter - Restart
 Tab - Switch irrational number

Strategy Steps

Taken from a minigame on Wii Party, it has to be the cream of the crop of minigames. Although less fun in singleplayer, you choose either 1,3, or 5 to go the amount of steps. The catch is that if someone else chooses that same number, neither of you can go. First to reach the end wins!

 1,3,5 - Choose how many steps
 Enter - Hide/Reveal Signs
 Tab - Restart
Source is included.
Sorry, no screenies. Student Software decided to screw me this time.

Suggestions welcome!
Hope you enjoy these three somewhat useful/fun programs!