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[z80] Problem with the port and an Arduino
« on: February 05, 2013, 03:39:01 am »
Heya guys,

For my school project I want my calc to set and unset the two wires of the port 0 to drive a robot. Since I only want 4 commands, I use direct output instead of a real protocol.

So my problem is here : while I set at least one line low, there is no problem (the Arduino always receives the right bits). But when I set both lines high, sometimes the Arduino receives high-high, sometimes it receives low-low (and never low-high nor high-low).

Here's my ASM code for the link stuffs :
Code: [Select]
.org $9D93
 .db $BB,$6D
keys5thCol = $FD
keysArrows = $FE
; equates for sending values
; R → red → tip, W → white → ring
; L → low, H → high
wRLWL = 3
wRHWL = 2
wRLWH = 1
wRHWH = 0

 ld b,RHWH
 ld a,$FF
 out (1),a
 ld a,b
 out (0),a
 ld a,keysArrows
 out (1),a
 in a,(1)
 and %00001110
; no arrow pressed
 jr z,setRHWH
 bit 1,a
 call nz,setRHWL
 bit 2,a
 call nz,setRLWH
 bit 3,a
 call nz,setRLWL
 ld a,keys5thCol
 out (1),a
 in a,(1)
 bit 6,a
 jr nz,Start

 ld a,wRHWH
 out (0),a

 ld b,wRLWH
 ld b,wRHWL
 ld b,wRHWH
 jr Skip
 ld b,wRLWL

And here's the Arduino code I wrote (it's C++) :
Code: [Select]
int ring = 2, tip = 4; // let's say that the ring is port 2 and the tip port 4

void setup(void)
  pinMode(ring, INPUT);
  pinMode(tip, INPUT);

int getBit(int port)
  if(digitalRead(port) == HIGH) return 0;
  else return 1;

void loop(void)
  Serial.print("Command received : ");
  switch((getBit(ring) << 1) | getBit(tip))
    case 0:
      Serial.println("don't move");
    case 1:
      Serial.println("rotate right");
    case 2:
      Serial.println("rotate left");
    case 3:
      Serial.println("go forward");

I know that it's not a matter of cables nor connection.

Thanks by advance :)

EDIT : oh but, what's this wire ? The ground ? So I think it goes in this hole ... -_____________________-'

It's okay, I just forgot to plug the ground in the hole where the ground has to go. Forget that.
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