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My passion is to help EVERYONE readily “get” and have confidence in their ability to do math.

Using TInspire CAS as a Tool enables students struggling with math to succeed; hard working students to shine; and gifted students to increase their understanding and problem solving skills.

Attached you will find the file that contains a complete set of ‘tns’ files for my Kindle eBook, TInspire Guide Algebra Fundamentals, and the addendum I wrote for my Graphing Calculator Tutorial, published by Cengage. Hope that using the emulators, TI handheld, accompanying Window/Mac software or iPad app you find the files and associated libraries useful.

Use the following three steps to maximize your use of TInspire CAS as a tool. See the versatility of all the emulators by how they deliver the wide range of files and libraries found in the included file.
  • Access the tool anywhere. Use the TInspire CAS handheld, included Windows or Mac TInspire CAS software, TInspire CAS iPad app or SpiroH’s nspiroid and karmTI emulators, or open source firebird emulator. Emulators allows Android tablets, Android phones, additional Windows options plus iPhone and Macs to be used. SpiroH’s nspiroid emulator for Android devices, karmTI emulator for windows and open source firebird emulator for all platforms are discussed in different threads.
  • Step-by-step traditional and TInspire solutions. Use the Kindle’s TInspire Guide Algebra Fundamentals eBook and/or accompanying YouTube videos on your phone, tablet, and Windows /Mac /Chromebook computer to fill the gap between traditional and automated solutions. Free two chapter sample of the Guide and the complete set of the Guide’s YouTube videos can be found at ComputerLearningService website. All the Guide’s files and libraries are included in the file.
  • Practice, Practice, Practice. Use the BCAddendum TInspire ‘tns’ chapter files and MyLib library files to assist you with a review of algebra and Finite Math instruction (Finite Math instruction being Algebra and Statistic applications). The BCAddendum is based on the Interactive Skill Builder CD Graphing Calculator Tutorial for Tan’s series of textbooks for the Management, Life, and Social Sciences. Study these problems and their solutions to see how to use CAS as a tool in assisting with traditional manual solutions.
BCAddendum files for the TInspire were built to be self-contained so they can be referenced anywhere at any time on any TInspire CAS device or emulator without needing the CD or its textbook.
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This looks pretty good to me!
Nowadays, the problem seems to be how on earth do we manage to motivate the students by convincing them with words and lots of images that to have knowledge and expertise in such an important field is really a worthwhile effort to make. ???