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The game so far
« on: May 03, 2006, 11:42:00 am »
Resident Evil : Total Infection

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A Resident Evil based game on your TI-83+ !!


What's done so far:
-Ascii graphics, usings Strings, so it's fast, pratically no loading time!
-No scrolling, each screen is a room.
-Puzzle and Key based exploration
-A humongous Mansion
-IA is practically done, but it need's optimization
-For now, 1 Monster on the screen at a time, when the engine will be complete, I'll work for 2 maybe 3 <_<dry.gif
-One gun, customizable, "handgun, Shotgun, Grenade launcher..."
-Only one ennemy for now, Zombies.
-Shooting routine

What's need to be done:
-Uses of Case for storing items
-Maybe some sort of map
-A system for "books" and "documents" found through the game
-Ennemy that attack :Ptongue.gif
-Some pictures, that I'll put in the game (GRAYSCALE :D)

I'll probably need some help as the time pass, so I'll tell you ;)wink.gif:knight:knight3.gif

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Re: The game so far
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I lost again...