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General Calculator Help / Boot 2 downgrade
« on: January 29, 2015, 02:58:41 am »
Hi guys, I have a problem with my ti nspire cas touchpad (the black one). When I bought it two years ago it had the 2.1 version of the os. I don't know why, but following the update guide on the texas instruments site something went wrong. The 3.0 update installed made the handheld believe that she is a clickpad one and not a touchpad, so I have that different key mapping.
After some resets, re install, update try (now it has 3.6 os on it) i discovered on the forum that the error may lay in the boot2 installation. At that time I tried to downgrade via the serial port, following the online guides and using a b75937 usb-ttl adapter (it has a CP2102 chip on it) but with hyperterminal I didn't manage to get a connection.

Now I ask you:
It's my specific usb-ttl that it's not right for this?
In alternative I have an Arduino UNO board, could be more effective?
It's hyperterminal fault?
I read about lrzsz, in alternative to hyperterminal. I installed cygwin but I don't know how to use it, could someone explain me?

Thanks for reading

General Calculator Help / ti nspire touchpad downgrade problem
« on: February 21, 2014, 04:42:01 am »
Hi everyone.

 I have bought a ti nspire touchpad two years ago and never been able to use it. The handheld was perfectly functional until I tried to update the software to version 3.x. The problem is that something went wrong with the update, and from there the keyboard has a weird behaviour. It is like that my touchpad calculator has the keyboard mapping of the clickpad one, and obviously it's unusable. Now I am trying to recover it with an usb-ttl adapter and Hyperterminal (like described here ), but I am not able to get a connection. Yesterday I even tried updating to 3.6 version of the OS, but the problem remanis the same.
I am using Hyperterminal with a windows xp sp3 laptop and a B75937 usb-ttl adapter.

here is the adapter:

the connection:

the whole thing:

Can you explain me where I am doing wrong?

 Thanks in advance.

Apparently the problem with my handheld is that deleting os 2.1 I should have done a 1.7 installation and then an upgrade to 3.xx. Now I'm trying to downgrade via the serial port but it seems that Hyperterminal doesn't see the calculator. Any tips on how to connect it (I have followed the steps on the guide many times but nothing)? How much time I must wait to know that the connection is established?


When I bought it the calculator had the 2.1 os version. Trying to update it to 3.2, both Ti computer link and TI nspire student software told me that the handheld was already updated, but that was obviously impossible. Also when I tried to open on the calculator some text files created with the student software (student software version 3) appeared a window that said "files not compatible, upgrade to 3.xx". So I deleted the 2.1 OS with the procedure described on the site and updated to version 3 OS. And here's the problem, that is the same as OP: touchpad doesn't work, keys with random imputs...really seems what you (critor) said: the calculator thinks that the keyboard is a clickpad one. Tried reset, tried all reboot procedures and OS reinstallation but nothing. Any ideas?

thanks in advance

Introduce Yourself! / Hi everyone
« on: September 01, 2012, 05:53:14 am »
Hello there! I'm Xadhoom, an italian engineering student  ;D
I found this forum while fighting against my ti-nspire CAS touchpad OS..great site!

Hi, I have exactly the same problem of OP: upgraded to 3.2 and now the handheld is unusable. Tried to remove/reinsert and reboot but nothing. Any ideas? I've already tried with reset and all the procedures here described (
There is a way to solve it without the forced downgrade via serial port (obviously if it is possible to force the downgrade form 3.2)?

thank you!

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