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General Calculator Help / Boot 2 downgrade
« on: January 29, 2015, 02:58:41 am »
Hi guys, I have a problem with my ti nspire cas touchpad (the black one). When I bought it two years ago it had the 2.1 version of the os. I don't know why, but following the update guide on the texas instruments site something went wrong. The 3.0 update installed made the handheld believe that she is a clickpad one and not a touchpad, so I have that different key mapping.
After some resets, re install, update try (now it has 3.6 os on it) i discovered on the forum that the error may lay in the boot2 installation. At that time I tried to downgrade via the serial port, following the online guides and using a b75937 usb-ttl adapter (it has a CP2102 chip on it) but with hyperterminal I didn't manage to get a connection.

Now I ask you:
It's my specific usb-ttl that it's not right for this?
In alternative I have an Arduino UNO board, could be more effective?
It's hyperterminal fault?
I read about lrzsz, in alternative to hyperterminal. I installed cygwin but I don't know how to use it, could someone explain me?

Thanks for reading

General Calculator Help / ti nspire touchpad downgrade problem
« on: February 21, 2014, 04:42:01 am »
Hi everyone.

 I have bought a ti nspire touchpad two years ago and never been able to use it. The handheld was perfectly functional until I tried to update the software to version 3.x. The problem is that something went wrong with the update, and from there the keyboard has a weird behaviour. It is like that my touchpad calculator has the keyboard mapping of the clickpad one, and obviously it's unusable. Now I am trying to recover it with an usb-ttl adapter and Hyperterminal (like described here ), but I am not able to get a connection. Yesterday I even tried updating to 3.6 version of the OS, but the problem remanis the same.
I am using Hyperterminal with a windows xp sp3 laptop and a B75937 usb-ttl adapter.

here is the adapter:

the connection:

the whole thing:

Can you explain me where I am doing wrong?

 Thanks in advance.

Introduce Yourself! / Hi everyone
« on: September 01, 2012, 05:53:14 am »
Hello there! I'm Xadhoom, an italian engineering student  ;D
I found this forum while fighting against my ti-nspire CAS touchpad OS..great site!

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