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Why basic if you don't find a cable? There are emulators if you wanna do asm...
Ah, but you were aiming for axe probably?
That is actually a very good idea! Thanks!

2/3 of my time will probably be spend re-learning all the old stuff, then learning new stuff and then with the extensive help of coca cola I will program my entry in 3 days until I have blisters on my fingers :P...

I am back from a year (?) long vacation from this website. I still peer around here sometimes but it has been very long since I logged in. Anyway, I am totally going to join in this...and I already have an idea...

Though I must admit, its been a LONG time since I programmed for the TI. Also, I lost my TI84+ so I am afraid I will have to do BASIC programming unless I can get myself one of those silverlink cables..(I have a spare TI83+).

Miscellaneous / Re: Definitely retiring from coding
« on: June 25, 2011, 01:23:15 pm »
I am getting more grateful for my parents every day. The just let me be and actually I sometimes show them what I have made, they don't understand how I manage to make the things I do but they are certainly interested.

My condolences, like others have said, I have no idea what your relationship with your father is but to me, personally, I don't think it's good parenting to keep your kid from the one thing that he likes most. I can even go further on this, there has been a scientist doing research about geniusses, the one thing that made a genius was nurturing. His daughter once grabbed a chess game and asked how it worked, she was fascinated by how the game worked and her dad (the scientist) taught her every time he came from work more about chess. She is now a world wide recognized champion in chess. Reason one, she chose chess herself. Reason two: her dad did not force anything unto her but let her chose what she liked, in this case chess, he then supported it and nurtured it.
I see if I can find the video in which this story is's been a while since I watched it...

ASM / Simple tilemapper
« on: June 25, 2011, 01:13:59 pm »
Okay I have a simple OR-sprite display routine (slightly modified version from the 28days one) and the iFastCopy routine in my code. Point is, as a first step towards a simple tilemapper, I want to repeat one simple sprite 12x horizontally (the sprite is 8x8) and 8x vertically. For one reason or the other I can't work it out. I have had several errors now including the feared MEMORY yea...I was runnin on an emulator though. It's probably very easy for the more advanced asm coders out here but here we go:

Sprite: size;8x8 label;SpriteData
Sprite Routine: A-register = x-coord, E-register = y-coord, B-register = #rows (not in bytes) IX-register = label of the sprite (in this case, SpriteData)

My modifications to the Srpite routine are extremely slight and the routine works absolutely fine when just drawing one sprite, my problem lies more in making a proper loop that increments the A and B register respectfully with 8 each pass. Also I read something about drawing in colums being faster than in rows, can anyone confirm? Or should I take a completely different approach towards tilemapping than drawing sprites 1 by 1?


TI Z80 / Re: Rogue OS
« on: June 25, 2011, 10:49:25 am »
Ok this might just be me but I just rabbed the .rom file from the provided link and dragged 'n dropped it unto wabbitemu. It then says boot succesfull but if I press any key the screen goes blank. I suppose this is not what should be happening? 3 dedicated buffers made my day though :) lol

OTcalc / Re: OTZ80 - Remember it? :D
« on: June 24, 2011, 06:37:11 pm »
Glad it survived and therefore could now revive...but any clue as to what the next step is? Offtopic note on my absence, I have been keeping eyes on omnimaga but just reading, not posting.
I guess the revote's first? I hope these will commence quickly so we can actually get to the good stuff! I am not at all a hardware expert but I do have some generic knowledge about hardware, hardware->software interactions and the like.

Edit: I would revote on the screen, bigger is better. Surely with all these mobile/handheld devices coming out even though it's a calcualtor people expect some decent screens these days, and righteously so.

KnightOS / Re: Feature Requests
« on: May 14, 2011, 08:00:30 pm »
I don't know if this really fits in the feature requests section, but I think the size of the OS itself should be kept to the absolute minimum, and let every feature be an application. This way, you won't waste memory on the features you never use.
That's the plan.  The entire kernel is <4000 bytes, and fits on one page.  The rest of the ROM (save some places for obvious reasons) is where the applications go, and the user files go.

We can't use the certificate for storage? :P
No, but you can use the boot page ;)
Page 0 or Page 1F/3F/7F.  I'm assuming 0, since the other pages shouldn't be writable, but knowing SirCmpwn...
Considering ROM stands for Read-Only Memory it'd be kind of a breakthrough :D

Other / Re: How to: Design a microprocessor
« on: May 12, 2011, 02:42:36 pm »
Er, are you guys going to hate me if I ask a question that is most likely connected to a project that is too big for me?

How the **** do I design an 4 bit instruction set?

This is my latest one:

nop  jz   jnz  jmp
push pop  call ret
not  lit  ld   sto
add  xor  or   and

lit is a inmediate value to a register.
ld and sto are for RAM

Do you have any examples? Do I miss something?
sorry for the double post how about adding a neg (2's complement) lea (load effective adress) might also be nice but isn't a necessity for a 4 bit microprocessor at all. Hardware multiplication is always nice but not necessary either. Also I recommend you consider properly what does it need to do? this should be the most fun part, you are making your own language, make sure you comprehend it yourself. make it as you wish it.

Other / Re: How to: Design a microprocessor
« on: May 12, 2011, 02:23:45 pm »
Please, If you feel comfortable with logisim, use it but Multimedia Logic is SOOOOOOO much easier, really easy to use, pretty fast, has snap to grid functions can read and write files and has memory modules! its really great give it a try, not very well documented or well known in general but its so easy...

So at least take a look at I say...its really worth it!

site may look like *** but its really great software, been using it more than 2 years now!

Hi there,

Its been quite a time...
simply put, school sucks.

Anyway, I have been asked to develop (if I could) a application for the (i)Mac (OS X) that manages a shop's stock. So basically someone has to be able to see how many stock is left of a certain product, how much its worth etc. But for now its just that simple. Problem is, I don't have a mac and its quite a hassle to get anything platform independent actually working. So I thought, lets be smart for the sake of change...why not make it a Webapp? However since I own no server I would like to make the webapp offline. Basically the app is a 'executable' html file. Well that idea works fine, point is, I need to READ & WRITE .txt files from an offline 'app' so that I can keep the stock up to date.

Say for example there were nine chairs in stock. The shop gets a request for four chairs and registers in my 'app' that four chairs have been sold. Well that change of data needs to be recorded thus I need to write to a txt file (with some sort of improvised delimitation to keep different pieces of info seperate). For the same reason I may need to import the database every time after I shut down the app, thus i need to read the txt file.

it boils down to this, reading and writing .txt files offline using html5 and/or javascript. If its not possible at all I can of course actually host the site at 000's site but for security reasons and the lack of server reliability (plus it makes the app internet dependent) i'd rather not.

Any help is greatly appreciated, examples too, layman's language even more! I don't know if I will get paid for this but if I do and you guys can help me out I'll be sure to cash in some money to omnimaga as a sign of appreciation. Only if I get paid for this 'job' eventually of course...



We could also wait for the propellor two which is far more powerfull and comes at the same price (at least, I thought I read that somewhere).

As for z80 compatibility a z80 core emulator has already been written for the propellor, it is however as far as I know written in SPIN which is the interperted language for the propellor.

Prop. ASM might not exactly be a breeze but the community is very helpfull and very knowledgeable, hell, even the chip designers get in to some topics everry now and then.

And grapmastur, I think we should do one calc at the time, lets start with the easy one, gain experience with the whole process and then make the second one if the prev. one was a succes...

Just my three cents :)

Bump, again.

Anyways I think we might want to reconsider

eZ80 @ 50 mhz vs propellor octa-core @ 80 mhz

Not that multitasking is a must but with the propellor chip we have
8 true indepedent cores running @ 80 mhz with 20 mips per core
Full 32 bit math
Video/tv out support
Audio jack out support
Possible vga and ps2 support
I saw an sdram extension kit for 32mb of ram BUT someone came up with this brilliant sd card which can connect to wifi...yea that is right wifi! And guess what, propellor can easily interface with an SD card!
We could even have, say, 2 system management dedicated cores and then 6 free stream cores...

It costs. $8 (pfq44)

Nearly nothing...

[OTcalc] Z80-Software / Re: OT Basic
« on: March 16, 2011, 05:50:46 pm »
Sorry to mix up hard and software here but, floating point math should not be that hard if we go for a propellor based design, it has full hardware 32 bit math support and can do float calculations in just one out of eight cores....

So really Floats is more hardware related if speed is an issue...

I figured a third option, eZ80 with a propellor as gpu? I mean, gpu's today are so great because they use stream processors, with a prop that is possible too...

[OTcalc] Z80-Progress / Re: [OTZ80]2010 progress
« on: March 16, 2011, 05:44:47 pm »
As soon as I have exact specs on the hardware, and I mean exact, I can start on the OS.  I just need to make the emulator, then I can port the KnightKernel and start working on the OTCalc-specific code.

If I get specs on hardware as well as a programming environment to create the programming for this, I can start writing code for a OT-BASIC programming language :)
If i ever get exact specs ill tell you right away. I think the project got stuck because we are doing too much at once. Mostly because we want to do two versions. Id say we stick with the ez80/propellor version. My question would be, anyone still interested? If so we need to make a plan of action, which peices do we have already, which ones to we still need to decide on, when will we have decided on them etc...
Eventually we will also need a merketeer plan. Personally I think its best if we keep this low profile for as long as possible and than at almost the exact same time release a storm of these things. Tweet about it, digg it, facebook it, i dunno, anything..
Bla....getting too far ahead here...ehr werre was I?

EDIT by DJ: Fixed your post because it was showing up inside Xeda's quote. :P

Site Feedback and Questions / Re: Site funding and maintenance
« on: March 16, 2011, 03:25:55 pm »
Hmm..appstore anyone? I know this community is VERY open-source so I don't think this idea has a chance but I am telling you anyways. If it is like $0.50 per game (which the community could make) and if we provide good enough computer/transfer tools to go along with it...why not?

The only issue would be that we need alot of games and good apps before you can even open this sort of shop...I think it could work, if it is cheap and well promoted and if the software is extremely easy to use..well...I surely think it could stand a chance! I mean seriously a lot of people like gaming on calcs but they find it too hard to transfer and all that, if we can set a new standard that is fun and easy to use....we are done. O yeah btw I have seen math helping apps been paid for like $10 or $20 so...

Math-helping/aiding apps would probably the greatest selling app-genre anyway, I can't tell you how much people want these kind of things but dont want the hassle of figuring it out...

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