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Introduce Yourself! / My VERY, VERY late introduction
« on: June 19, 2014, 10:19:00 pm »
Alright I joined a year and a half ago....  ::)   Soooo.... I think my introduction is well overdue so here it goes....

I am 17 (junior in high-school) and am concurrently enrolled in college for high-school credit.  (If things continue as planned I will have a associates degree in math when I graduate from high-school.)  I just finished Calculus II last semester (yay calculus!).

I am a big math nerd and I really enjoy programming.  I learned C++ as my first programming language as a freshmen after that I learned lua and C#.  (I brought my big C++ book as reading material for reading in English once but the teacher told me to put it away. :P Too bad because I was serious about reading it.)  I don't know java and might not ever, some of the syntax is confusing (for example why have "@overide" on a different line as the function definition?).  I hope to go to an instate university with a good computer science program.  One university I am thinking of is CSM.

I live in Colorado.  Also I am an Atheist.

TI Z80 / Another 2048
« on: June 18, 2014, 10:47:03 pm »
Here is my own 2048 clone.  currently its graphics are sad and it doesn't detect when you lose.  I only made it because my mom took my computer.  I am rather proud about how small it is.  (only 1500 bytes compiled) here's the code.  Feel free to do whatever you want with it. :)

I will probably not make it any better because I am working on an awesome pong with lots of powerups.  I even will have one powerup be to change your paddles to circular and the ball will bounce off the way you would expect.  (Saw a gif of a pong clone with this in someone's sig.)

Axe / Running Basic in Axe from an application
« on: April 03, 2014, 04:41:10 pm »
Hello everyone! I found on the forums a very nice routine by Xeda112358 for running basic programs in axe but it doesn't seem to work for applications.  Could anyone tweek it so that it can?  I would really appreciate it!   ;)   Thanks!   :D

Okay, so earlier I was asked by aeTIos for a hex code to run BASIC programs in Axe and I have heard that this was requested by others, so here goes my rendition... I am sorry in advance if my Axeing is horrible, this is only my second routine:
Code: [Select]
"prgmHELLO"→Str1                     ;Name of the var
Str1                                 ;To get the pointer to the string in HL (Ans)
Asm(E7FDCB08CEEF9B4AFDCB088E         ;

Here is the asm:

Code: [Select]
rst 20h
set 1,(iy+8)
B_CALL (_ParseInp)
res 1,(iy+8)

The Axe Parser Project / Cannot Find Physics Lib
« on: April 01, 2014, 02:14:43 pm »
Hello I cannot seem to find the physics lib that (I think) buildboy made.  It was in the downloads section but since the site update I cannot find it let alone remember exactly what it is called.   :(   The lib was simply an axe lib written in axe and (last time I checked) was discontinued but it seemed to be bug free to me.  Does anyone know what the lib is called?  (Or even have a link?)  Sorry for being vague but I have been looking for a long time with no success.  :/

Site Feedback and Questions / Sigature bars
« on: March 12, 2014, 01:33:27 pm »
Hello I feel a bit stupid for asking this but how do you get images to show up in your userbar?  It was showing just fine before the site update and now (after the website update) it is not working and is showing the html code instead...  <_<

Here is the code I am trying to use.  (Also in my signature.)
<a href="">
<img src="" alt=" says I'm a Highly Dorky Nerd God.  Click here to take the Nerd Test, get geeky images and jokes, and write on the nerd forum!">

Other Calculators / Getting a cx
« on: March 11, 2014, 03:32:18 pm »
Hello everyone!

I was thinking of buying a used cx (non-cas) and then putting the cas os on it using ndless and nlaunch.  I do need the cas os but I also want to have a ordinary cx so that I could still take a class from teachers who prohibit cas's (I have a sense of pride so I won't use it to cheat on a test. ;) ).  So my question is is this a good idea?  I do not want to have to have two nspire calculators (one cas and one non-cas).  Has anyone done this kind of thing before?

I hope my question makes sense.  :/

General Calculator Help / Tilp calculator backup corrupt
« on: October 10, 2013, 11:21:27 pm »
Hello I a while ago I had to take a test test required no programs on my calc so I did a tilp full backup and then did a full reset.  Using group file manager I can open the ti backup file but every group and appvar seems to be corrupted  <_<

So my question is have I lost everything that I had saved as groups or is there a way to recover the data?  If so is hard is it to do because it may not be worth it.

Thanks ahead of time.

(Please move this topic if posted in the wrong section.)

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