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TI-Nspire / Pac-Attack!
« on: November 22, 2015, 10:33:41 am »
Pac - Attack combines elements of Pacman and Tetris!

(click screenshot for animated gif)

Left / 4: Move block left
Right / 6: Move block right
Up / 8: Rotate block
Down / 5 / 2: Speed up time
Enter / Escape: Pause

You will unlock new ghosts/backdrops by getting higher scores.
Score 500 in Normal to unlock Hard.

Compatible with OS 3.1+, Tested on OS 3.6, 4.0


Community Contests / Codegolf - The Reboot #7
« on: July 13, 2015, 12:55:55 pm »
Sorry this is a bit late but...

Stranded on a strange alien planet, you are picking up morse code signals from Earth. Unfortunately, you aren't very practiced with morse code, so you create a program to interpret and translate it. Unfortunately, the alien computer you are using doesn't have any number keys, and you have no way of using any numbers in your code.

-Create a program that can convert a string made up of "_" and "." into letters.
-You may not use any numbers.
-The input can be in any form you want, and letters should be separated by spaces; paces between words are separated by multiple spaces.
-Any number of consecutive spaces greater than one in the input, should be represented by a single space in the output
-Outputs should be in all upper case
-Any combination of "_" and "." that doesn't make sense returns a "!"

Code: [Select]
".... ..        _ .... . . ....."
Code: [Select]

Use this key to convert morse code to letters:

Ranking:         User:                   Language:                    Score:   
1.                    Juju                     Ruby                             175         

TI-Nspire / Portal Nspire
« on: December 20, 2014, 09:19:05 pm »
After the completion of my entry for Cemetech Contest #13 and nomination as a new CoT, I've been working hard on my most ambitious project yet, Portal for NSpire. I've gotten a good amount done, but there's still a lot left to do. I'm taking my time with this project and I want to make sure that it is as high quality as I can possibly make it.

Currently you can walk around, and fire portals (which collide with walls but don't create actual portals yet). The next step is creating and passing through portals, which is by far the most important and most challenging part of this project.


(title screen)                            (main menu)                         (in game, shooting blue portal)

This project is going to be a lot of work and I'd greatly appreciate some help.
I'm looking for help with:
  • Testing (because my calculator is currently damaged and I can't transfer files)
  • Spriting (I can do this myself, but if someone feels like making sprites for this, it would be greatly appreciated!)
Let me know via PM or in this topic if you want to help!
So that's where I stand right now. Let me know what you think. I'm still trying to think of a good name for this project other than "Portal Nspire".  Unfortunately, I'm going to be busy until January 10th. I'll still have some time to work on this project, but not nearly as much as I'd like. I'll be sure to keep you updated as I continue to progress with this project!

TI-Nspire / [lua] Realistic Flight Simulator
« on: November 20, 2014, 06:11:01 pm »
While the Realistic Flight Simulator may not be very realistic, and doesn't even qualify as a flight simulator, it's still lots of fun!
Avoid the vicious flappy birds and beware the clouds that block your vision!

Move: Arrows/Numpad
Shoot: Enter


Click Here

TI-Nspire / [lua] Lime Rick
« on: November 08, 2014, 06:57:22 pm »
Lately I've been working on another project in lua for nspire,
"Lime Rick" (based off of the puzzle flash game by KissMaj7)
The game includes 24 levels, a level editor, highscores, low scores and more!
Also, game is 3.1 compatible!




TI-Nspire / Dino Puzzle Lua
« on: November 02, 2014, 02:33:22 pm »
Lately I've been working on a version of the classic dino puzzle game for nspire in lua!
It starts out very similar to the original, but as the game progresses, new tile types start dropping!
Have fun and good luck!


TI-Nspire / Triangle Solver
« on: October 26, 2014, 08:43:10 am »
Lately, ApprenticeCoder (on cemetech and tifreakware) and I have been working on a triangle solver in lua for nspire, and I must say its coming out awesome!

It uses the law of sines and law of cosines to solve any right or nonright triangle, and even draws a picture of the triangle!
Also features two color themes


Download Below! ^^^

TI-Nspire / [lua] Adventure- A Medieval Platformer
« on: August 06, 2014, 05:18:22 pm »
Since my calculator broke, I have released very few projects. I attempted several large scale projects this summer, but all of them were abandoned due to poor speeds on calc. My latest project however, an unnamed medieval platformer, is taking great shape.

The game will be set up similar to Mario, with multiple levels/worlds. So far, i have most of the first level complete. The game also features a lot of my own pixel art, as well as some that was ripped from Mario :P (no, this is not a mario game)

In this topic, I will be uploading screenshots as well as releases of the game. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions you might have! Stay tuned!

Spoiler For screenshots:


Spoiler For video:
video by ElementCoder

Spoiler For thanks:

I would like to thank
  • Jens_K for his assistance with lua images
  • Matref for testing on a BW calc
  • ElementCoder for testing on a CX multiple times and for recording the results

Planned Features:
  • Playable Game (duh)
  • Home Screen/Help Screen
  • Level Selection Menu/Map IN PROGRESS
  • Additional game components (ice, bosses, items etc) IN PROGRESS
  • Complete Level Set
  • Computer/Ipad Support
  • Level Editor
Controls (Also included in the document)
  • Move: Arrows/Numpad
  • Attack: Down/Enter
  • Quit: Esc
  • Toggle Backdrop: Tab
!!!Beta Release vB1.1!!!
Added Information on backdrop controls

TI-Nspire / [Lua] Snake
« on: August 03, 2014, 09:42:42 am »
Based on the browsergame by Sorunome, "Snake" is now available for nspire!





Move: Arrows/Numpad
Restart: Enter
Home: Esc

Download Below!
Edit: Now 3.1 compatible!

TI-Nspire / nGravitron- a VVVVVV minigame
« on: June 20, 2014, 05:45:16 pm »
Lately, I've taken a short break from nRPG and CleverCalc to work on a port of Terry Cavanagh's Gravitron (a VVVVVV minigame) to nspire, and I'm quite happy with the result.

The speed isn't quite perfect on calc (I'd appreciate if someone could make me a gif), but it does run pretty smoothly.
It's especially fun in computer view on the student software, with everything scaled up to full screen.

Here's some screenies :
NOTE: when I took these, I accidently forgot the top white bar, it exists in the game

Move: 4,6
Pause/Unpause/Restart: Enter
Reset Highschore: Ctrl+Delete

Note, this only runs on apiLevel>"1.2" (OS 3.2 or higher), and is tested and optimized for OS 3.6

Anyways, school gets out Monday, so I'll have a lot more time to work on my projects then
You can download the game below, enjoy!

Art / RPG for Nspire: Sprites
« on: May 26, 2014, 02:40:20 pm »
Lately I have been working on a full scale medieval RPG for Nspire. So far the game engine is nearly complete. The player can walk around, read signs, and speak with villagers. I have yet to complete the battle engine, shops, and menus.

Here is a screenie of the gameplay:

The biggest roadblock I can see right now is all of the sprites that have to be made.
All the sprites I have so far are either made in charas, or ripped from Legend of Zelda.


Here is a list of the sprites that need to be made:
Spoiler For Spoiler:

  • Characters
  • Fence
  • Bushes
  • Path
  • Trees
  • Houses (wood, stone, door, window, roof)
  • Water
  • Dock
  • Villagers (about 15)
  • Soldier
  • Rock (Mountain Side)
  • Cave Entrance
  • Chest (Opened and Closed)
  • Fountain
  • Statue
  • Character (Sword Attack, Magic Attack, Use Item)
  • Thief (Sword Attack)
  • Mage (Magic Attack)
  • Knight (Sword Attack)
  • Final Boss (Sword Attack, Magic Attack, Use Item)

I know that this is a very ambitious list, and so I am asking for help.
If you want to help me with the art, please send me a PM, with what you want to contribute, and I will let you know the size and style needed.
Contributers will:
  • Have their name in the game credits
  • Be able to design their own character in the game
  • Receive final the game 1 week before release on omnimaga
And most of all, be able to contribute to the final result, and get it out as soon as possible.

Humour and Jokes / Is your son a computer hacker?
« on: April 13, 2014, 01:22:39 pm »

All these years using Lunix and dying my hair red, but I never knew the truth. This article enlightened me and I will be sure to turn myself in. Be sure to read the comments too.

TI-Nspire / SketchPad
« on: April 10, 2014, 08:07:28 pm »
A fun little drawing program for nspire!
The screenies say it all!

Download below, Enjoy!

TI-Nspire / Isola
« on: April 10, 2014, 06:39:23 pm »
As suggested by Bisam on tiplanet, I have finished a version of the game "Isola" in lua for nspire.
If you're not familiar with the game, it takes place on a board (usually 7x7, mine is 9x9), where players take turns. On your turn, you must first move your player, and then add a hole, in attempt to trap your opponent.

This version features multiple themes, as well as awesome mouse controls! :)


Download is below, enjoy!

TI-Nspire / Pi Day
« on: March 15, 2014, 10:04:06 am »
I know its a little late for pi day, but still in time for pi month, i present u with the most pointless game ever.
In the spirit of pi, I made a simple game to show off my beautiful gradients, and also to have some fun with ball physics.


Night (the transition to/from  night is very beautiful ^.^):

Left: Left Arrow
Right: Right Arrow
Down: Down Arrow (Hint: by picking up downwards velocity, you can bounce higher)
Restart: Enter

So what's the point?
There is none. Just keep bouncing the ball until you get bored.
The perfect game for any math student  :D
(Stay tuned, update coming next pi day)

Download Below

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