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TI 68K / Legend of Landel - BGC89 Remake
« on: October 12, 2009, 12:14:25 am »
I know me and Hiryu has been idle for a few years now, but we feel the time has come to finally finish off a few projects. First, let’s start with Legend of Landel.

If you don't know what Legend of Landel is, pretty much it's the Duke Nukem Forever of Ti calculator RPG's, spanning almost 10 years of on and off development and rewrites with a game engine dev time to match. If you been to my site or at at one point this decade and seen me post something about a "Slayers engine" that I was working on, it's basically being designed for this game.

Game wise, it was the sequel of Mystic Legend 92.

Recently we decided to get back into the game and start programming again to finally get this project finished. Originally, there was a project to make ML89, and once we released that, then we would work on Landel from there since it referenced the ML92 story so much that anyone who never played Mystic Legend would be lost in Landel. Instead, we decided to incorporate the entire ML89 storyline into Legend of Landel. This will be a huge game. Easily the largest we have ever created and will have a storyline larger than all of me and Hiryu's RPG's combined. It will also be one of the most graphical games we have ever made, with tons of hand drawn sprites, maps, and game effects that you would expect from us.

To top it all off, Hiryu has also decided to remake one of his older RPG's, Bubblegum Crisis: Nene's adventures. If you've never played this RPG, you might want to wait awhile, since the new one will be a complete rewrite of the old game.

Anyway, if you want more information, go to and check out the posts on the front page. There’s a lot of information on what we've been up to over the past couple of days.

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