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Music Showcase / My first completed MTVMG creation - Through the Mix
« on: December 25, 2013, 05:52:07 am »
Hi everyone,
I have attempted several times to create some music using MTV Music Generator (because that's what DJ Omnimaga uses!). Sure I have my piano and instrumental compositions I made in Finale, but a few weeks ago I wanted to try something different.
The result is this (which I completed on December 16):

Most of it is made up of pre-made riffs so there is some clashing in melodies. As I got further through the song, I modified some of the riffs, even though I don't understand half the numbers and buttons in the Riff editor. The song, called Through The Mix ended up being nearly 6 mins long :D

Hope you enjoy, and have a Merry Christmas!

Computer Programming / I have half broken Python Code
« on: October 09, 2013, 01:43:46 am »
Here is the current state of my half broken python code for a uni assignment. I am having the most worries/errors about trying to call variables between classes.
Thinking possibly to change
class MazeApp(Frame): 

class MazeApp(Object):
so I can call objects, but it's giving me errors such as:

TypeError: unbound method get_size() must be called with Maze instance as first argument (got nothing instead)
TypeError: unbound method make_maze() must be called with MazeGenerator instance as first argument (got str instance instead)

I don't know what to expect.

There is a file which is the main code, and which is support code given (not to be changed). My work is in the file.

I just realised today that the limit of characters for your signature has been cut from 10000 to 3000! Was there any announcement?
My current signature is around 5000 characters long, and it still displays properly, but I will not be able to edit the full signature anymore.

Anyone else had to condense their signature when they tried to edit it recently?

TI-Nspire / Transport Chooser - a (currently) simple Lua Program
« on: June 30, 2013, 01:27:29 am »
Hi everyone,
I haven't really done much Lua programming in the last 5 months, but I realised on my calculator yesterday there was a program I had been making, most likely in late 2012, fiddling with lines and curves. It is called Transport Chooser atm. I think I was unsure with what to do with it at the time, and also unsure with what to do it now or what I was intending to use it for. Still it is worth sharing, even though it is extremely simple.

Basically Transport allows you to choose different types of tiles/tracks, that are straight lines, curves, intersections and the like. You can currently cycle through the different tracks using the number keys and move the track position, but you can't currently place it.  Most likely would have to create an array for that, and haven't really programmed with arrays yet. That's pretty much it.

Thanks, and I hope to share more new and improved Lua creations soon.

Hey guys, it's been a while since I was actively posting and contributing on Omnimaga. But today I present you with a piano arrangement of some game music!
It's the Quinn Login Game Music from League of Legends. For over a month I was stuck on 90% complete but I decided to get it done and it's uploaded to Youtube as well! My first Youtube video.

Watch and listen here:

Sheet Music is also in the video description:

Hope you guys enjoy!

PS: I need to learn this on piano for myself now, this is just a playback from Finale composing software.

General Calculator Help / TI-Nspire OS Compatibility and Tools
« on: October 10, 2012, 07:24:05 pm »
I think this topic is long overdue, if it hasn't been created already.

Basically this topic is to discuss any features added/missed/removed when upgrading or downgrading different versions of TI-Nspire OSes.
Spoiler For I have a few questions:
I have a few questions:

What is there to be gained/lost by upgrading from OS 3.1 - 3.2? (I have a clickpad)
I know ndless doesn't work on 3.2 and Lua has API v2.0 with some extra features in 3.2
But how about boot2 and other anti-downgrading features?

Also I noticed that you have to upgrade from <3.0 to 3.1, then 3.2 according to TI website. Why is this so?
delDico (recommended use nCleaner)

Forum Arcade Games / Submitting Highscore System Broken
« on: May 14, 2012, 07:10:22 am »
It seems that submitting the score on games in general is broken! To confirm this I tried several games in both Chrome and Firefox (can't be bothered opening up other browsers). I tried Monstermunch, Plasmanaut v2, and Asteroids 2 and they all did not work in submitting my score. Has this got something to do with disabling features a few weeks ago?

TI-Nspire / Scissors Paper Rock for TI-nspire Basic
« on: April 14, 2012, 09:31:15 pm »
Hi everyone,
Contrary to popular belief, I am still developing for TI-nspire Basic, and I am proud to introduce a new program, Scissors Paper Rock for TI-nspire Basic!
Now I know there are about 3 or more of these games already on but this one is different! It shows a graphical interface of your wins losses and ties. And also I am implementing Item Packs where you can change Scissors Paper Rock for other things such as Fire Water and Earth! I shall be adding in more packs later but right now if you get 50 wins you can unlock the Element Pack to play with!


EDIT: better screenshot uploaded.

Miscellaneous / One Direction In Australia
« on: April 11, 2012, 12:37:03 pm »
Well some of you at least have probably heard of the boy band One Direction. Well today as they were in Australia it was all over the news with 1000s of girls screaming at 100dB+ while the 5 teenage boys waved through a glass barrier in a TV show studio.
And Tickets for the concert selling in a matter of minutes!

Not that I'm excited or anything, but girls do get overexcited and stuff.

TI-Nspire / TI-nspire Hold 'em - Basic and Lua
« on: April 11, 2012, 08:27:02 am »

When I got the TI-nspire Clickpad in 2010, there was one game that I started developing in May, before anything else...
This game has 2400+ downloads on is my most completed TI-nspire Basic game... certainly my most well known (expect for possibly Health Bar :P)...
Considering I had topics for my other (incomplete and possibly stalled) projects, I did not have a topic for my best game:

(Jason's) TI-nspire Holdem! (click for link!)

I have decided to create this long overdue topic to post on past and current progresses in this game!
This project has a bright future, where I have (mostly) finished with the Basic version, it has great potential for a great graphical Lua game!

I must also say that this program was originally based on Matt Oslan's poker dealer game (which is was the most downloaded TI-nspire Basic Game O.O)
However it has evolved and is now completely different, possibly using 90% now using 98% of my own code.

In my latest version yet to be released I have made huge optimisations in cuttting down some programs from 157 lines of code to just 3 315 lines to 5 and 472 lines to 7 by adding a list somewhere in another program linked to it.

My focus now is shifting development to adding detection of poker hands (determining whether you have a royal flush or a pair for eg) and AI. With Lua I can also develop a graphical interface too!

This topic will have it all. (well maybe not). I need to make another announcement about my (new) website too. (which is currently down and gone :O)

Latest BASIC version: v1.2.4

Fellow Omnimaga Members,

After a discussion with DJ_O, he and I (Jonius7) have come to the conclusion that something must be done about the general decrease in activity on Omnimaga.

For those of you that need a little background info (DJ_O may be able to provide some more), Omnimaga reached a peak of around 400-500 posts per day in October - November 2010. This was mainly due to a surge of interest in the TI-nspire with significant ndless and nDoom and other TI-nspire hacking tools releases, though at this time z80 projects were also thriving too. However over the course of 2011 interest in the TI-nspire began to die out in general, and also combined with DJ_O's retirement from manager, several active members leaving Omnimaga or becoming inactive have lead to this gradual decrease in posting activity. Even with the opening up of the Lua programming environment on the TI-nspire, projects and forum activity in Lua are not as widespread as they could be.

In February - March 2012, Omnimaga is barely attaining an average of around 150-200 posts a day.
The stats graph illustrates this trend:

Even activity on OmnomIRC is enough to show a general decrease in activity. The time period between 3am and 9am (IIRC in UTC-5) is often quiet, and even sometimes in some peak hours activity is low.

So I guess we need to collectively form a plan to tackle this. The big problem is that while we have more members joining than ever before (the rate of registration is exponential like), many of these members have only posted minimially or not at all and have left, leaving the older members to hold up most of the website activity. And when even some of the older members have become inactive, including some staff, there doesn't leave that much left of who remains.

What could we do to bring these inactive members back? What incentive would work? And how would we entice new members to stay and bring some new young blood to omnimaga?
Programming contests are one thing, however DJ_O and I have both agreed more action is required.

I leave these questions with the Omnimaga community. If anything is incorrect, feel free to correct. :D


Jonius7 and DJ_O

Spoiler For PS:
DJ_O also wanted to point out that in the Programming Contests last year in 2011, there was very little activity in the TI-nspire Lua contest, with many entrants remaining inactive on the forums until the submission date. From what I have heard, precautions will be taken this year to ensure that this does not happen again.

Spoiler For Log of Conversation with DJ_O:
For those who want a clearer picture of the situation, read the logs here:

[02:57:28] <+Jonius7> activity has decreased or something. It does seem quiet even at times when it's meant to be busy
[02:57:44] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<DJ_O> yeah D:
[02:58:00] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<DJ_O> especially during morning from 4 to 11 AM it used to be quite active
[02:58:40] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<DJ_O> I think the Nspire community started to die, as someone else mentionned recently to me, like if no more Nspire projects were being worked on except for a few
[02:58:49] <+Jonius7> true
[02:58:50] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<DJ_O> kinda like if everyone decided to abandon the fight against TI
[02:59:05] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<DJ_O> because if you notice, there are still a bunch of z80 projects in the works
[02:59:06] <+Jonius7> there are lots of Basic programs I could port to Lua
[02:59:16] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<DJ_O> but barely any Nspire ones, even Lua
[02:59:20] <+Jonius7> Yeah
[03:00:56] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<DJ_O> and Prizm... well... most of the development moved to Cemetech (dunno if it was another round of mass-invite via PM like 2 years ago or just most of our prizm coders having moved on like z80man), although there are some topics here too from time to time
[03:01:08] <+Jonius7> Hmm
[03:01:11] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<DJ_O> even there it's quiet regarding prizm
[03:01:20] <+Jonius7> wow
[03:01:27] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<DJ_O> it's Casio, after all
[03:01:42] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<DJ_O> since ti got the monopoly casio calcs usually have much less coders
[03:01:57] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<DJ_O> But the sucky thing is how the Nspire scene seems to be dying like the 68K one
[03:02:12] <+Jonius7> I hope not
[03:02:23] <+Jonius7> there were lots of those boot2 and other tools released a week ago
[03:02:26] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<DJ_O> that would pretty much leave us only 83+ expertise for the most part
[03:02:27] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<DJ_O> yeah
[03:02:34] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<DJ_O> well there was Ndless, nDoom, etc
[03:02:44] <+Jonius7> Those are big ones
[03:02:52] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<DJ_O> but then nobody made custom programs like RPGs or arcade games
[03:02:55] <+Jonius7> but it's true there hasn't been that much other games and dev stuff
[03:03:01] <+Jonius7> Yeah
[03:03:14] <+Jonius7> and the nspire has so much potential now
[03:03:19] <+Jonius7> hope it picks up
[03:03:20] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<DJ_O> ndless probably had a novelty effect that weared off over time as newcomers didnt see any new stuff
[03:03:29] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<DJ_O> what we need I think is another contest
[03:03:32] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<DJ_O> but this time
[03:03:34] <+Jonius7> yeah
[03:03:42] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<DJ_O> to avoid last year's activity drop
[03:03:54] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<DJ_O> force every contestant to post about their entry on the forums
[03:04:12] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<DJ_O> last year only like 2 contestant did, the others worked behind the scenes, leaving the site for months
[03:04:13] <+Jonius7> Good idea, but "force" isn't the best word :P
[03:04:23] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<DJ_O> well i mean like last year on cemetech
[03:04:36] <+Jonius7> Ah Ok
[03:04:38] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<DJ_O> if someone wants to submit an entry he had to create a topic announcing it there
[03:04:58] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<DJ_O> this was most likely to prevent lurkers from participating
[03:05:17] <+Jonius7> I thought most people did post something and there was that list of entrants
[03:05:42] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<DJ_O> not really for the nspire iirc
[03:06:19] <+Jonius7> o
[03:06:24] <+Jonius7> disappointing
[03:07:26] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<DJ_O> anyway i have to go to bed. What you or me could do if we have time is post a topic in site feedback regarding the dropping activity and what we could do to bring the people back, why has most people became quiet including some staff and what could attract
[03:07:28] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<DJ_O> more ppl back
[03:07:58] <+Jonius7> Yeah.
[03:08:03] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<DJ_O> but again if nobody bothers to reply then that would mean nobody cares if the site becomes inactive
[03:08:13] <+Jonius7> waaaaa lots of unreplied topics
[03:08:15] <+Jonius7> Yeah
[03:08:16] <+Jonius7> OK
[03:08:21] <+Jonius7> cya DJ_O
[03:08:27] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<DJ_O> i guess a title like "Why has Omni activity dropped so much"
[03:08:35] <+Jonius7> nobody cares if the site becomes inactive
[03:08:38] <+Jonius7> NOOOOOOO
[03:08:39] <+Jonius7> I care
[03:08:59] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<DJ_O> well i mean if such topic gets posted and nobody bothers replying
[03:09:34] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<DJ_O> we kinda need ideas on how to bring the ppl back, bring new ones back and stuff (not just contests)
[03:09:38] <+Jonius7> Hmm
[03:10:02] <+Jonius7> Admittedly I don't see the managers around that often. BUt that's my perspective
[03:10:35] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<DJ_O> I mean if the removal of negative rating is what made ppl leave silently, or if it's due to the projects section split into categories, the bunch of inactive staff, or me not being admin anymore (I hope not lol)
[03:10:53] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<DJ_O> and it's best the ppl speak their mind so we know what happened
[03:10:58] <+Jonius7> "or me not being admin anymore (I hope not lol)"
[03:10:59] <+Jonius7> I think that does make a difference
[03:11:06] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<DJ_O> that could maybe be the case
[03:11:06] <+Jonius7> Yeah
[03:11:12] <+Jonius7> sigh
[03:11:30] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<DJ_O> but would the managers (besides deep thought) be willing or be able to be more active?
[03:11:42] <+Jonius7> Deep Thought is alright I think
[03:11:46] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<DJ_O> yeah
[03:11:52] <+Jonius7> I don't see EEems much tho
[03:11:53] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<DJ_O> same for qwerty and to a lesser extent shmibs
[03:12:07] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<DJ_O> (shmibs has sudden periods of inactivity sometimes tho)
[03:12:21] <+Jonius7> I've seen Qwerty but not really shmibs, yes
[03:12:29] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<DJ_O> and in my case i doubt i would get hired back considering how unstable I am (and my uncertain stability in short terms)
[03:12:35] <+Jonius7> hmm
[03:12:57] <+Jonius7> I have a feeling that ARS should have some role somewhere
[03:13:00] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<DJ_O> and idk if i would want to take over the job again (although I guess if netham45 is the leader that could help)
[03:13:10] <+Jonius7> in between Managers and CoT
[03:13:14] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<DJ_O> maybe
[03:13:21] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<DJ_O> well they do but mostly moderating
[03:13:28] <+Jonius7> Yeah
[03:13:38] <+Jonius7> Though I do'nt know
[03:14:17] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<DJ_O> ARS technically only started to exist because of the nDoom troll invasion tho
[03:14:38] <+Jonius7> yes
[03:14:47] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<DJ_O> otherwise it would probably not even exist
[03:14:53] <+Jonius7> but they are the moderators level type thing
[03:14:56] <+Jonius7> So Hmm
[03:15:06] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<DJ_O> of course a bunch of our activity decrease was probably due to the many bans of active users tho
[03:15:22] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<DJ_O> Ashbad ans SirCmpwn had a quite high activity rate until their final months
[03:15:44] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<DJ_O> Also maybe the site got blocked at more schools so that won't help x.x
[03:15:46] <+Jonius7> sad to see those two go
[03:15:59] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<DJ_O> but staff had to enforce rules so...
[03:16:13] <+Jonius7> they're both on cemetech right?
[03:16:16] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<DJ_O> yeah
[03:16:19] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<DJ_O> er not sir
[03:16:25] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<DJ_O> he's banned there too
[03:16:27] <+Jonius7> o
[03:16:39] <+Jonius7> Yeah I've seen ashbad there.
[03:16:41] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<DJ_O> anyway if you want I guess you can create a topic about the 3 things I mentionned earlier or something
[03:17:01] <+Jonius7> Ok. I'll do that for Omnimaga :D
[03:17:23] <+Jonius7> I just hope it doesn't add to the list of topics where you and I are the active posters
[03:17:29] <+Jonius7> and Yeong a bit
[03:17:57] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<DJ_O> why the site activity dropped so much (like from 400 posts a day to barely 150), why the formerly active users and staff rarely post anymore, what could bring them back and what could help bringing more members again to get some young blood
[03:18:32] <+Jonius7> Ok
[03:18:45] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<DJ_O> there's the how to improve omni topic but it only emphasises on site suggestions, not the activity and stuff
[03:19:07] <+Jonius7> I agree a new topic has to be created for this
[03:19:19] <+Jonius7> Like those news topics with the change in activity and other things
[03:19:20] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<DJ_O> heck maybe it's because of Netbot always breaking
[03:20:17] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<DJ_O> the issue is not when people leave due to moving on after a year or two of calc programming, then new ones coming. It's more when a shitload of people, even younger users, leave, then barely anyone remains from the ones who arrived
[03:20:49] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<DJ_O> cya now
[03:20:50] <+Jonius7> Oh about the ARS I was trying to say. I don't really know half of them such as rcfreak0 and Tribal
[03:20:54] <+Jonius7> Yeah
[03:21:01] <+Jonius7> Sorry for holding you up on sleep
[03:21:06] <+Jonius7> Good night :D
[03:21:10] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<DJ_O> it's fine
[03:21:21] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<DJ_O> plus i wanted Omni to be independent from my lack of activity
[03:21:31] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<DJ_O> i mean i stayed around the community for 11 years
[03:21:41] <+Jonius7> Yes :)
[03:22:01] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<DJ_O> in 2006-07 as soon as I left Omni it would immediately drop by 60% activity
[03:22:14] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<DJ_O> then slowly die until i return
[03:22:46] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<DJ_O> now even when I left it still remained somewhat active at the same level as before, but afterward I discovered it kinda dropped slowly
[03:23:13] <+Jonius7> Wow tribal hasn't posted since October
[03:23:25] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<DJ_O> not sure if it's due to me not being as around or not but that would suck if I was "doomed" to stay active like I used to be to keep omni active
[03:24:09] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<DJ_O> especially considering at one point my health was preventing me to do so (and still does sometimes)
[03:25:12] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<DJ_O> I wonder if there's a way for admins to grant full admin privileges to a member except for anything involving moderation (except moving topics) and banning members
[03:25:17] <+Jonius7> tricky situation in general I guess
[03:25:32] <+Jonius7> so what rights would that leave?
[03:25:48] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<DJ_O> that would probably be the only safe way to let me back in the team, if that was ever needed to save the site or something
[03:26:01] <+Jonius7> Hmm
[03:26:16] <+Jonius7> You are the founder, I guess you deserve something like that
[03:26:26] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<DJ_O> rights to edit EzPortal blocks, the about page, adding new subforums, removing dead ones
[03:27:11] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<DJ_O> i gave away the site tho so the new owners have every right to do what they want with it, including not ever hiring me again (i guess they would have a point tho, considering I blew up often before)
[03:27:22] <+Jonius7> So the general site template and pages but not getting "dirty" in all the forum post management stuff.
[03:27:44] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<DJ_O> yeah, plus I got sick of the moderating. It'sjust not my task
[03:27:57] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<DJ_O> i mean it was not a task for me
[03:28:06] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<DJ_O> i rather leave that to others
[03:28:11] <+Jonius7> I know
[03:28:30] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<DJ_O> anyway gonna let you post the topic I guess unless i manage to have time tomorrow and you didnd
[03:28:42] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<DJ_O> i might have to go shop for food before working during evening tho
[03:28:51] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<DJ_O> good night
[03:29:23] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<DJ_O> and the site stats btw (scroll right, if necessary, since the graph doesn't fit the page)
[03:29:51] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<DJ_O> the peak spike in the 700s was a month after you joined, I believe
[03:30:14] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<DJ_O> the last 500 post days were around oct 2011 (a year afterward)
[03:31:35] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<DJ_O> i really should post about that life topic one day (I was supposed to do so last may but it took too long to write), although part of the issues (IRL) were solved a year ago

Lua / Numstrat - Stumbling into Lua
« on: April 04, 2012, 02:27:10 am »
Hi everyone,
I haven't been active much on the forums in the past few days (in comparison with the past few months), but I have created a simple Lua program while experimenting on oclua. I have transferred the code into a Lua file on the computer and here it is!
Basically you start with a value of 0 and you can choose to Attack or Defend to try and increase your value. right now I am experimenting with the points system as Attack carries no more risk than Defence and both are as equally likely to win as to lose.

Here is also the source code. Feel free to look through it, comment on my program, how my coding is, any improvements on optimising it or making it easier for another programmer to read, and stuff. The more feedback I get the more I can use the feedback to broaden my understanding of Lua!
Code: [Select]
--[[Things to do:
Declare variables first within a function
Make things more fun and complex
Points System:
OLD: Atk -{1,2,3} +{4,5} Def +{1,2,3} -{4,5}
NEW: Atk -{4,5} +{4,5} Def +{1,2,3} -{1,2,3}
Any better ways? Maybe make Atk more risky, so it's less about luck]]--
function on.paint(gc)
gc:drawString("[A]tk or [D]ef?    [R]eset",10,10,"top")
if r2==1 then
gc:drawString("Attack was successful. +" .. r1,10,50,"top")
if r2==0 then
gc:drawString("Attack was unsuccessful. -" .. r1,10,50,"top")
if r4==1 then
gc:drawString("Defence was successful. +" .. r3,10,50,"top")
if r4==0 then
gc:drawString("Defence was unsuccessful. -" .. r3,10,50,"top")
gc:drawString("Turn " .. t,200,10,"top")
if v~=0 or t~=0 then
gc:drawString("Average " .. v/t,200,30,"top")
gc:drawString("Numstrat - Jason Ho",10,200,"top")
function on.charIn(ch)
if cha=="a" or cha=="d" then
if cha=="a" then
if r2==1 then
if r2==0 then
if cha=="d" then
if r4==1 then
if r4==0 then
if cha=="r" then

With my current knowledge, I think a Lua version of my TI-nspire Basic Game, Jason's TI-nspire Hold'em is achievable. I just need to get working on it, persistently ;)

Thanks everyone!

General Calculator Help / Detailed Modulus Discussion
« on: March 28, 2012, 09:04:29 am »
Hi everyone,
This is a follow up to the 15Puzzle thread
where I asked to clarify what % meant (modulo)

I was aware that % might mean modulo, however someone's equation for modulo was confusing me a bit.

% Stands for modulo (though it can have other uses too)

a % b == a - math.floor(a/b)*b

Luckily Xeda helped me out a bit (and also ruler in the background :P):
Code: [Select]
[05:43:41] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<Xeda112358> Yeah, are you familiar with modulo?
[05:44:28] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<Xeda112358> It is the remainder after a division, so when you do A-2floor(A/2), you get the remainder after dividing by 2
[05:46:41] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<Jonius7> I know it's the remainder, however need to work out how A-2floor(A/2) works out to be the remainder
[05:46:55] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<Xeda112358> Ah, okay
[05:47:12] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<Xeda112358> So, say you divide a number by 2 and you drop the decimal
[05:47:39] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<Xeda112358> When you multiply by 2, you have the highest number up to A that is divisible by 2
[05:47:48] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<Jonius7> Oh I've got it I think
[05:47:56] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<Xeda112358> :D
[05:48:06] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<Jonius7> I'll draw a diagram and post it somewhere
[05:48:22] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<Xeda112358> *cough* posting addiction *cough* ?
[05:48:42] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<Jonius7> Oh. Everyone's been noticing lol
[05:48:46] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<ruler501> Its not an addiction till you have >500 a month :P
[05:49:09] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<Xeda112358> Anywho, by definition, A=2N+B
[05:49:12] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<Jonius7> well yes and no.
[05:49:15] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<Xeda112358> For some N and B
[05:49:19] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<Jonius7> depends how long you get addicted ruler
[05:49:39] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<Jonius7> Yeah
[05:50:06] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<Xeda112358> So (A-2N)=B
[05:50:16] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<ruler501> Jonius7true
[05:50:19] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<Xeda112358> we find N by doing floor(A/2) :3
[05:50:33] <+OmnomIRC> (O)* Xeda112358 <3 math
[05:51:12] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<Jonius7> The A-2floor(A/2) works out the difference between the actual number and the floor of the quotient *multiplied by the floor of the quotient or something rather
[05:51:24] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<Xeda112358> yes
[05:52:07] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<Jonius7> yay. I really needed to understand that somehow.
[05:54:06] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<Jonius7> are modulo and modulus the same?
[05:54:43] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<Xeda112358> Pretty much
[05:55:04] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<Xeda112358> I just say "mod"
[05:55:19] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<Xeda112358> like "a mod b"
[05:59:46] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<Jonius7> I like modulus over modulo because I have seen it more often, but yeah, mod is good for shorthand
[06:00:17] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<Jonius7> or...
[06:00:28] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<Jonius7> Maybe modulus is the function, but modulo is the symbol
[06:00:45] <+OmnomIRC> (O)* Xeda112358 has to go to class D:
[06:32:11] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<Jonius7> meh modulus and modulo are different
[06:37:53] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<Jonius7> modulo is the whole function, whereas modulus refers to the remainder
Thanks to Xeda for that!
Also I said I would make a diagram and put it up here, so see how it goes!
I did want to put another diagram overall for the modulus but haven't done that yet.
EDIT: the diagram's a bit big. It's best to view it in a new tab :)

Lua / Goplat's 15Puzzle for TI-nspire Lua
« on: March 27, 2012, 07:20:48 am »
Well hi everyone, I have been slowly trying to learn TI-nspire Lua here.
I have thought for a bit, made some demo beginner programs with the help of jimbauwens :D, and learnt a lot along the way (also creating a batch file for Luna for quick lua -> tns conversion). But I still have a long way to go.

So I had the tns file for 15puzzle but it didn't work, probably because it was designed to work with OS<3.0.2.

Fortunately I have managed to extract Problem1.xml from the tns file (rename it as a zip), copy to Notepad++ save as a .lua file, then used this page, to fix some errors/discrepancies with xml coding and tinspire Lua code, and got it working!
Played it, got it solved in 353 moves. :D

Now here I post the source code and tns file of 15Puzzle, edited by Jonius7 for OS 3.0.2 and above

And I think one of the best ways to learn is to analyse source code line by line and try to understand what it means.
So I shall try here with some help to dissect this source code:

Code: [Select]
function on.charIn(ch)
if ch == "r" then
board = { 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 }

-- Randomize
local swaps = 0
for i = 1, 16 do
local j = math.random(i, 16)
if i ~= j then
board[i], board[j] = board[j], board[i]
swaps = swaps + 1
if board[i] == 16 then
empty = i

-- If the number of swaps plus the number of empty-space movements is odd,
-- then the puzzle is impossible, so do an impossible move to make it possible
-- (exchange the space with a tile two squares away)
if (swaps + (empty - 1) + math.floor((empty - 1) / 4)) % 2 == 1 then
local i = (empty + 7) % 16 + 1
board[empty] = board[i]
empty = i
board[empty] = 16

moves = 0


function on.paint(gc)
local won = true
for i, n in ipairs(board) do
if n ~= 16 then
local x = (platform.window:width() - 128) / 2 + 32*((i - 1) % 4)
local y = (platform.window:height() - 128) / 2 + 32*math.floor((i - 1) / 4)
gc:drawRect(x, y, 30, 30)
gc:drawString(n, x + (30 - gc:getStringWidth(n)) / 2, y + 15, "middle")
won = (won and n == i)

local str = moves .. " moves"
gc:drawString(str, (platform.window:width() - gc:getStringWidth(str)) / 2, 0, "top")
if won then
str = "You win! Press R to reset"
gc:drawString(str, (platform.window:width() - gc:getStringWidth(str)) / 2, platform.window:height(), "bottom")

function on.arrowKey(key)
local dir
if key == "left" and empty % 4 ~= 0 then
dir = 1
elseif key == "right" and empty % 4 ~= 1 then
dir = -1
elseif key == "up" and empty <= 12 then
dir = 4
elseif key == "down" and empty > 4 then
dir = -4
board[empty] = board[empty + dir]
empty = empty + dir
board[empty] = 16
moves = moves + 1

TI-Nspire / Jonius7 General Projects Topic
« on: March 08, 2012, 08:04:21 am »
Hi everyone, I'll be adding a bit more history in this post later.

My History
I used to program some Casio Basic (I may still return to it someday), then got some TI-nspire Basic projects, tried and stalled Doodle God in Axe Parser, and am now attempting to port my TI-nspire games to Lua.

My Projects
My projects are in my signature, right now they are mostly TI-nspire Basic projects mainly originated in 2010.
Collectively they are referred to as the TI-nspire Stadium. :D
April 7 2012: You can now download a rar file containing pretty much all my TI-nspire Basic Projects!!!
Here: Download TI-nspire Stadium Projects Collection

Jason's TI-nspire Hold 'em: My first TI-nspire Basic game, the best and most completed out of them all. After two and a half years (mostly stagnating) I have finally finished with the Basic version. :D
Available at
Battle of 16s: Pretty much dead in TI-nspire Basic, but in Lua the game will be different as I have changed my mind about some the concepts, such as the concept of 16s.
Cosmic Legions: Incomplete, RPG/Strategy space themed game.
sTIck RPG (formerly TIMRPG): Based on Stick Game RPG (flash game), partial release on Omnimaga. Got to implement some university increasing skills and earning money functions, got stuck when it came to the bar fight battle engine.
Monopoly: Got around to making the visuals in a graphing window (looks pretty realistic), plotted positions for some other points, and that was it.
Health Bar: a demonstration program that illustrated the capabilities of implementing health bars into TI-nspire Basic games. Was controversial as I went into crazy mode trying to protect the source code before I learnt my lesson (well that's the short version of the story). Completed (open source) and available on
Scissors Paper Rock: New 2012 game. This is different to other similar games in that it contains some extra features such as changing scissors, paper, rock for stuff such as fire earth water! More development to come soon!

中文 (Chinese) Demonstration: A demonstration program that I hadn't released until April 7-8, 2012.

Axe Parser
Doodle God: started this in the Programming Contests last year, never got very far.

Spoiler For I split my post from another topic you see so it might sound weird:
Generally, I need to get some projects up and running again. Right now, it's looking pretty "stalled" overall.
Most likely, if possible, all those stalled projects I had because of the limitations of TI-nspire BASIC will be ported to Lua eventually, after I'm more comfortable with the language.
I just have to fix a bug with my TI-nspire Hold 'em when putting in all in chips as a bet in BASIC and then I'll port that to Lua.

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