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TI 68K / Re: Pokemon TI-89
« on: November 18, 2013, 06:35:21 pm »
I have spotted numerous typos / things that could be better stated in the english translation. If you would release / PM me a copy of the source, I would clean up the text for you.

Also, other than that, it's a great game! Well done!

I do think that the walking code could be vastly improved though.

Do I need a silver cable to transfer it? I'm having no luck with usb
I used USB with TiLP and transferred it just fine. If you run 64 bit windows with TiLP, it's the unsigned libusb drivers that are killing you.
Uninstall ti-connect, install TiLP, and then install this:

That is a signed libusb driver.

Otherwise, idk what the problem is, but if you Linux/non-mac *NIX, I can probably help. That's my main OS atm.

In beta 2.01, psychic no longer loops at the "shaking" effect but now loops when the screen has a "wavy" effect.
Any ideas as to what's causing this?

For me in 2.0.3 they last much longer than they should usually, but they do eventually stop. Was this bug fixed or semi-fixed?

What exactly is wrong with wabbitemu support? Are you using the most up to date version of wabbit? Can you revert back to a version that still works under wabbit? If there is an issue with wabbit, have you reported it yet?
TI Boy could not successfully modify flash. Error: 0
I cannot revert to an old version. If you would attach it I would greatly appreciate it :)
Which old version should I use, then?
Also, could one of you provide a link?
I'm going to try to exploit it to change my PC box (Don't worry, I make frequent backups)
I got it working. I re-dumped my calc ROM. I think i've done it! I ran my game in the emulator (wabbitemu) and switched boxes, then re-imported the new vars to my 48kb calc. It seems to have worked!
Could you upload the latest version to It's been bugging me for a long time that no one can find the newest version without looking under "more results for" with a google search, and so people inevitably download the wrong version.
I would upload new versions there myself, but I'm not the author and I don't know if you would approve. :P
Think of this as me volunteering to upload new versions there periodically.

Is there a way to fix wabbitemu support while waiting for a new release?

Also, will you ever release your recompiler's source code?

wabbitemu support is broken again. :/
I need it to change my pc box.

Is there any way to solder a 128kb ram chip into a new ti84+ SE?
Nope, IIRC the RAM is in the ASIC, and the newer ASICs have fewer pins than the older ASICs.
Is there a good place to find old 128k's?

I cannot change my PC box. (New ti84SE)
Well, there's nothing I can really do about it for the newer calculators since I've used all the available RAM already, just be happy that the game works at all :)
Yes, and I am happy :)

I still want to know if there is any flash not being utilised as swap that could be used in such a way. I hate releasing pokemon.  :'(

Is there any way to solder a 128kb ram chip into a new ti84+ SE?

...I am still so pleased this compiler works on wine :)

I cannot change my PC box. (New ti84SE)

...the last two bytes of the file (which should be located right after the raw data) is a 16-bit checksum of all the bytes from 0x37 to the end (not including the checksum bytes, of course). I dunno if your hex editor supports generating checksums, though.
Is this a CRC? An SHA?
Also, is this a checksum of ALL appvars combined, or just the appvar that the checksum is in? I have a Pokemon Red save I want to import.

Is there a way to convert a raw "save battery" image file (*.sav) to an appvar save, or vice versa? Even if there is no utility, is there some logical layout to the appvar files that would let me convert it manually?

(Note: I am proficient with a hex editor if it becomes necessary. I actually did a NES ROM hack once. If a hex editor is the way to go, a basic mapping of an appvar would probably be sufficient. A utility would be preferred, though.)

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