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Computer Projects and Ideas / Re: Gateway to Legend
« on: February 10, 2018, 09:59:40 pm »
I have taken a long break and got pretty sidetracked. I recently fully implemented dialogue boxes, and now there are two types: infinitely available, and one-time-read boxes. One-time-read boxes reset when you save & quit out of the map-pack, but I probably won't leave it like that. All you have to do to see the dialogue is stand inside the script's bounding box and press Interact (default Space) and you get a nice text box!

However, I have been working on something a little better. I'm making a webpage for my game! So far it's extremely basic and a little bit void of interesting things. I'm adding screenshots, information, my personally-authored map-packs, and more. If you want to see what it looks like so far, I've got it right here:

Computer Projects and Ideas / Re: Gateway to Legend
« on: January 21, 2018, 10:45:48 pm »

I finally finished my work on my tileset after a weekend of working on it, so here it is! I took what little art talent I have and upscaled the graphics. I previously used 8x8-sized tiles for the "main" map-pack, but figured I could do better. After all, if the game can display up to 48x48 tiles, why limit myself? I agree that some things may need work, and I will continue to look at and improve the tileset. Another point of potential ugliness is the maps I'm using right now; the maps will soon be remade and will look better than they do now!

Here's a list of things that are coming up in the somewhat short-term, in no particular order:

* Redoing the menu palette
* Script editor; "scripts" are lines of data that dictate where and when certain things like warping, etc. happen, so a easy-to-use editor for myself and other map-pack creators is coming!
* More sound effects
* Music
* Currency and the currency store, as well as potentially Exp
* Actual options to change the FPS, volume, etc.
* Bosses and customizable boss behavior
* Local saves holding more data so that some sort of permanent state is kept between rooms
* More types of events such as dialogue, scene scripting (!), etc.
* More engine work
* Probably redoing some of my 48x48 tiles

As well, here's my goals for the long term, in the same unordered fashion:

* Release a beta version with a complete toolchain to give everyone a head-start on making maps
* Finish the main map-pack
* Release the finished version alongside a few more map-packs (secret projects!)

Computer Projects and Ideas / Re: Gateway to Legend
« on: January 20, 2018, 04:35:11 pm »
So right now, I'm reworking the main tilesheet to be 48x48, instead of 8x8 (upscaled x6). I figured I might as well show off everything the engine can do, including the resolution it can play at. I haven't made every tile yet, but I have done a few. I updated the spike tile in the upper left, the heart icon, the portal sprite (although I may not be done with that one), the sword, and the grass. I still have most of the tileset to do, but I figured I'd show off this progress. Here's some of my work so far:

I intend to keep this cartoony style for the most part. It's not only easier for someone who isn't really an artist, not only the way my 8x8 tiles looked, but I think it fits pretty well. I would like to hear any criticisms or suggestions you have to offer! Any praise is welcome, as well ;)

As for work on the engine, nothing crazy has been added or removed, yet. I have big plans for features, such as fully-customizable boss behaviors, implementing new events and puzzle mechanics, adding dialogue, and more. The maps featured right now in the Main Adventure map pack are mostly test maps. The work on the real Main Adventure will come in time, mostly once I'm finished a lot of the big features.

RPG mechanics will most likely be present. I'm thinking pretty much just money and Exp as the two point systems in place, but probably nothing more, if just that. I don't exactly know if I even want Exp in the first place, and I'll have to see how it will play out. The money will for certain be in, and will most likely be used to buy techniques, items, and other goodies I haven't yet decided on.

Computer Projects and Ideas / Re: Gateway to Legend
« on: January 17, 2018, 04:27:38 pm »

Here I've implemented sound effects! No music yet, that's coming real soon, though! I bitcrushed royalty-free sound effects and did other wacky things to give them the feel I wanted. I have sound effects for doors, gateways, sword swings, selecting menu options, walking, with more coming soon! Finally, no more silent-treatment from my PC games. Let me know which sound effects you like and dislike, and I'll do my best to make them better.

Computer Projects and Ideas / Re: Gateway to Legend
« on: January 13, 2018, 10:49:36 pm »

I have successfully implemented my own home-grown (yet not really unique) pathfinding algorithm! Enemies 1 and 3, or the bird and the stone giant. The 2nd enemy, the specter, can walk through collision. They (mostly) take the shortest path to the player from their starting position, and do it pretty fast too! With 2 enemies utilizing the routine, and a 3rd one moving without it, I get an uncapped FPS of about 450, which I find very impressive.The algorithm I used was just a flash-fill that takes data from the eventmap and plots a path through without colliding with walls, although I may extend that to not collide with other things such as portals, spikes, etc.

I'm really proud of it, as in 8 hours I went from not knowing anything about pathfinding to implementing my own into my game. I'm glad I could get it to work and the euphoria after realizing it worked was gold.

Computer Projects and Ideas / Re: Gateway to Legend
« on: January 12, 2018, 07:47:09 pm »

Here's my new update! I finally bit the bullet and implemented enemies in their entirety, after months of practically radio silence on the matter. Yes, if you're wondering, POTY 2017 did motivate me to get working again, among other things. Enemies can collide with you, knocking you back and dealing damage, collide with the sword, dying (although in the future I will have some enemies have more HP, taking damage and getting knocked back as well), and not shown here and not implemented quite yet, collide with the environment. Every enemy will have some sort of special attributes.

For right now, the implementation of the special attributes is: the bird does not collide with the environment and does minimal damage, while flying straight at the player. The stone ent attacks like a rook; it tries to line itself up with the player's left-right, then attacks, does good damage, and moves rather slowly. The slime enemy has yet to be implemented fully.

I think I may change this around, especially as map-packs will be using different tiles for the enemies. I would like to make each enemy's behavior individual, yet generic enough so that a multitude of enemy appearances can fit the same type.

TI Z80 / Re: ICE Compiler
« on: December 02, 2017, 11:57:38 pm »
Congratulations! I have been lurking around project boards for some times, slightly jealous of CE owners, and I have to say, I would be using ICE in a heartbeat if I had a CE! It looks like a very adaptable and simple compiled-language, and it seems to have a solid implementation to boot! I'm sure it feels great to finally hit that v2.0.0 milestone, so keep on going and don't forget to look back on the leaps you made with this project!

Computer Projects and Ideas / Re: Gateway to Legend
« on: December 01, 2017, 05:42:00 pm »
Looks like this is coming along quite nicely. Nice work! :)
Thanks! I took quite a bit of a break, so I haven't made huge leaps in progress, but I do have something to show!

Here's a look at a little bit of work I did on this today! I added an HP display, removed FPS counter (you can bring it back by pressing a certain key, although I haven't decided which key yet), and added the functionality to spikes! Spikes reduce 1/4 of a heart in damage per contact, and you are also thrown back in the direction you moved. This is done by increasing your velocity so that you are automatically moved. This velocity system I put in place will also be used for enemies and maybe some more puzzle mechanics.

Computer Projects and Ideas / Re: Gateway to Legend
« on: October 21, 2017, 06:57:49 pm »
I have some new progress to display! This screenshot, I made some decently big progress on the engine! I added the ability to write scripts for your maps. Scripts are versatile lines of data that define behavior of a certain map. In this case, I showed a script that warps the player to any other map, in any other coordinates. This is a "use portal" script, which, when stepping on a warp gate tile with defined behavior, shows a fading animation like I displayed, then puts the player in a new map. The warp gate script will be used to very good effect in the main map-pack, and map-makers will obviously be allowed to use this script to its fullest as well! You may ask how the warp gate is a mechanic worth showing, and I concede, it's not exactly a mechanic. However, the freedom that the warp gate script, and scripts in general, provide is enough to get me excited. When I start developing the main map-pack for real, you will be convinced on how to effectively use such a device.

Other script behavior has already been defined, such as a dialogue script, which displays the specified line of text upon triggering the event. I haven't written it yet, but there will be some sort of script editor. Whether that's included in the map editor, its own seperate tool, or whatever, it will exist.

Computer Projects and Ideas / Re: Gateway to Legend
« on: October 18, 2017, 09:25:25 pm »
Sound interesting, there are lots of different elements you could include with puzzle RPGs, so I'll be quite interested to see what all kind of mechanics you come up with. :)
Thanks! I have some really good core puzzle ideas that I came up with a day or so after I posted the topic, so now I'll have a better idea of what to do with the mechanics now.

Here's my new progress! You can see that all the "event" tiles, or puzzle mechanics, are displayed onscreen. I also implemented button and door behaviors, with framework to do the same thing for each tile. I also did a lot of work on the map toolchain, making it so that each program can be compiled with the same header file(s), meaning no extra bloat in the build directory, among other changes like always displaying event tiles there too.

Computer Projects and Ideas / Gateway to Legend
« on: October 15, 2017, 07:06:11 pm »
Gateway to Legend is a conceptual open-source Puzzle-RPG. The main focus of the game will obviously be solving puzzles to get experience, as any Puzzle-RPG would have it, but the mechanics that make this game unique is that most puzzle mechanics will be based off doors or gates! Switches and door pairs allow you to gain access to rooms, teleporters provide gates between two places on the map, and more! It also supports the development and easy integration of user-generated content, as well; you can make puzzle map-packs for this project! I've done quite a bit of work on this engine so far, and I'd like to show it off. Here's what I have so far:

I finally finished my work on my tileset after a weekend of working on it, so here it is! I took what little art talent I have and upscaled the graphics. I previously used 8x8-sized tiles for the "main" map-pack, but figured I could do better. After all, if the game can display up to 48x48 tiles, why limit myself? I agree that some things may need work, and I will continue to look at and improve the tileset. Another point of potential ugliness is the maps I'm using right now; the maps will soon be remade and will look better than they do now!
In this video, I show off the work I've done with enemies and pathfinding, puzzles, the tileset, and sound effects! I implemented sound for various things like doors, sword swings, selecting menu options, and more! Enemies, getting hurt, etc. don't have sound effects yet, but they absolutely will.
There are 3 enemy types: Fast but low damage and HP moving straight to you, slow but higher damage and HP, taking a slower, more methodical path, and a third, which totally ignores collision.

There's also a map-pack wizard that helps user-generated content, as far as the programs go. I need some help drumming up some ideas for many different sections of the game, so I have my Github repository over here, and I would very much appreciate any help from the community, from suggestions, to offering to help with code. This project will be pretty big and pretty complex, so I'm expecting it to take more time than my port of Sorcery of Uvutu. I intend to follow up as much as I can on all my promises, making it as good as I have been designing it to be.

Calculator C / Re: TIGCC kbd_queue problem
« on: October 14, 2017, 05:07:42 pm »
Well.. I only get this one error:
Unresolved reference to 'OSdequeue'.
That usually signifies a missing -l(library) argument, forgetting to #include something, not having the library files in the right places, or the PATH variables being wrong. Try any of those things and you'll probably fix it.

Computer Projects and Ideas / Re: Sorcery of Uvutu PC Port
« on: October 10, 2017, 09:11:09 pm »
Hey, congrats on the full release. I'll have to give the finished version a playthrough. :) In regards to a directors cut, maybe it'd be better to do a sequel and incorporated what changes you would have made into that instead.
Thanks! I'm glad to have finished. I think a sequel would be a wise choice, although it'd mean I'd have to make more maps :P Ah well, I could do that.

My sincerest apologies for not having Linux compatibility in the first place. As @gameblabla helped basically hand-hold me through, I scotch-taped v1.0 together so that it worked on Windows, but consistently crashed on Linux. Thanks to his efforts (no really, he did like 80% of the digging on this), I was able to see how and where I had scotch tape in the engine, and thankfully patched it up with some real compatibility. I've tested it myself, Sorcery of Uvutu is officially not broken for Linux! And by that logic, it's compatible. However, there have been some reports about glitchy graphics, and I've done my best to fix what I know is glitchy, so please report them if you find them. Here's the link if you missed it:

Computer Projects and Ideas / Re: Sorcery of Uvutu PC Port
« on: October 02, 2017, 08:29:56 pm »
Well, I've done it; I've finally released Sorcery of Uvutu PC! It's released under v1.0. I'll give you what did change between the release candidates, and then I'll talk about plans for the future. All download links and promotion material can be found in the original post, and in this one.

Right now, Sorcery of Uvutu is confirmed to work on Windows; both as a prebuilt executable, and as a self-built package. Unfortunately, all of my attempts to test on GNU-based machines have gone awry, so I'm depending on the community to help me on that front. As far as I know, Sorcery of Uvutu PC can't run on Linux, at least not on my Ubuntu VM, and another user confirmed issues. Not if it was compiled by the machine, anyways. I attempted to get Wine to work, but unfortunately it is too large to download to my VM, so I need to increase the space, but long story short I wiped the machine to reset it. I'm not sure how much space it needs, but a lot is already taken up by my stuff on the Windows side of the machine, so I don't know how much I have to spare. Again, the same user who reported issues with the Linux binaries found that the pre-buitl verison worked with Wine, although to what extent remains to be seem. If you can get Sorcery working or understand what the problem is and how to fix it, please, let me know, I'd love to have my project work on as many computers as possible!

Sorcery of Uvutu v1.0, as opposed to the Release Candidate versions, allows players to experience the game past the first world. Of course, this was done to ensure that there were no bugs present in the next worlds, and trust me, there were lots. As for the players who tried the Release Candidate versions, I thank you so much for helping me test and ensuring that various issues were accounted for and fixed accordingly. Unfortunately for the RC testers, if you beat the Plain Plains boss, you will have to create new save files. Why? Because you defeated the first boss, and that makes him go away. In the versions you tested, he never gave you the all-important Teleport Stone to let you progress through the worlds. In essence, you are stuck in World 1. Sorry for this minor inconvenience, but I hope you enjoy the second playthrough of Plain Plains! I'm sure you'll notice this time that the name is not really descriptive of the area; plains don't have lots of trees.

Going forward, I would love to add music. I have a friend who would like to do music, but he's pretty busy right now, so it'll have to come sometime later. On top of that, I'd have to learn the SDL_mixer library, and while that's not as hard as creating a soundtrack, it's nothing to scoff at. As well, I'd love to do a remake version that fixes many of the gameplay and story aspects that a lot said needed work, adds some additional features, and gives new content. Let me know if you're interested in a Director's Cut-esque remake. That being said, I like the original version as it stands, since it's a more accurate representation of the work I did on the CSE and monochrome 84+ versions of the game. This is by far my largest project, in terms of scope of potential player base; of course it should come to represent how much I'm worth as a game creator, but there's a certain aspect of legacy that I like to capture as well. That would be less the focus in a DX remake, but I think it would be all the better for it, giving players different opportunities to experience my vision in a more unrestricted sense. However, despite the insistence I have on keeping Sorcery PC mostly identical to the original TI calculator releases, I hope you find that it's great and unique!

As for other projects, now that Sorcery is complete, I have a couple ideas for new projects. Stay tuned for any announcements if you like my work, but the theme here will likely be remakes. If you're familiar with my work when I first started programming on the calculators, then you will love to hear what I've got brewing. I plan on having something playable (or at least worthy of a screenshot sent around on IRC) decently soon, although at this point I'm probably going to take a little break to get the programmer juice flowing again.

Download here:
Report issues here:

Computer Projects and Ideas / Re: Sorcery of Uvutu PC Port
« on: September 25, 2017, 03:15:17 pm »
Well Polish is my mother language and I lived in Luxembourg for 5 years, so i know German, French and Luxemburgish really well. If you want I can also translate it into the lasty one as well. ;)
Awesome, that would be great! Whatever translating work you'd offer up would be fantastic. I'll PM you the text you'll need to translate.

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