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The Axe Parser Project / Re: Axe Parser
« on: July 13, 2010, 02:27:16 pm »
Another thing. I was reading through the Axe documentation, and it was saying I sould use a Str token for a pointer.  It also said L1-L6 were pointers.  Could a Str token substitute for the Axe-type L1-L6 so I don't have to work around the various corruptions?

The Axe Parser Project / Re: Axe Parser
« on: July 12, 2010, 04:08:31 pm »
Loading pics...
How do you do that?
I know you do [Pic1] or whatever pic it is but then what?

The Axe Parser Project / Re: Your Projects - Post and Critique
« on: July 12, 2010, 03:29:37 pm »
I've tried to add a pause menu, but it's very glitchy and afterwards caused the screen to flash and do all this weird stuff.
As for the kind of game, I was thinking of making a sort of papijump clone in which the platforms disappear or something.
In the meantime, and in response to a few "how does this work" questions (mostly from school), I wrote this commented and working source that's only the actual movement engine.  I was thinking parts of it might be useful for an axe pinball game???

Come to think of it, I'll put up JETSRC3 anyway.  MATH is the problematic menu.  'Options' doesn't do anything.  'Quit' is what you should avoid.
CLEAR is still the quit key, or the "emergency exit" key if you tried the Pause→Quit action.
[^]now inverts the screen and does a wave effect from the "Wave Simulator-Sort of" thread
If you leave the program running without pressing any keys for about a minute, it will ask "You Still There?" and count down from 10, quitting on 0.
Also in V3 are minor bug and sprite fixes as usual

I know a papijump thing wouldn't really need TI-OS picvars, but I'm still curious.
How can I do it?

[irrelevant]does anybody know where the sub( or th enew ref( rref( tokens are? or are they only in the Catalog?

The Axe Parser Project / Re: Your Projects - Post and Critique
« on: July 09, 2010, 03:29:40 pm »
I've updated the Jetpack Simulation program.

     The character sprite is changed mildly (no more "Look Mom! No hands!")
     HUD greatly improved
     Now, it says Autopilot On/Autopilot Off
     When autopilot is working, its corner inverts
     Life-like measurements and...
          (slightly inaccurate) Metric system support! Press MODE to switch
     'Super Boost' key, try to find it
     The arrow that appears on top goes up and down
     Can't go up infinitely
     The ground is at 0 instead of -48
     If you go too fast, the Y-Velocity Inverts as a warning
     Autopilot will not fire if person is on the ground, only in the air
     Source has spaces for less confusion
     Some display/autopilot fixes

I have a pretty good idea of how to make this into a game engine.  I just need to figure out how to implement tilemaps and TIOS pics and such.
Probably more versions to come

The Axe Parser Project / Re: Your Projects - Post and Critique
« on: July 08, 2010, 03:09:51 pm »
I try doing that and the program just dissapears.

Wait, never mind. I'm so used to doing everything from the archive (calcutil) and it took me a second to realize it probably didn't do everything.
altough it requires a lot of RAM.
Now I know. Thanks!

Hey, I just found on my calculator a source for one of my more recent things.
Somehow, it ended up as prgmA.
Now, I was able to easily rename it.

Whoa, in BLOB try selecting wave-making,  #? 9

The Axe Parser Project / Re: Your Projects - Post and Critique
« on: July 08, 2010, 03:01:29 pm »
So it's like
Rcl prgmBLAH→prgmBIGBLAH
Or do you do it part by part?

The Axe Parser Project / Re: Your Projects - Post and Critique
« on: July 08, 2010, 02:50:33 pm »
Trial and error and a lot of patience.

when you look at the source, T is the Y-speed.
I have T always go one closer to zero and add one to Y until Y is 48.
That way, it bounces slower and the height decreases.

BTW the first number on the HUD is the Y-speed, the second the negative of the height.

and about the character going up infinitely, I'm planning on changing that (where it comes out the bottom)

And about the 2nd recall thing, how does that rename the program?

The Axe Parser Project / Re: Your Projects - Post and Critique
« on: July 08, 2010, 02:32:11 pm »

@ deepthought or whoever knows how it works:
This is the first time I heard of the 2nd+rcl thing.  How does it work?

Yesterday, I was in a mood to write something interactive instead of another animation.
So I came up with this trampoline thingy, which didn't work out too well.
And while I was figuring out more tricks and stuff, I figured I might as well move the theme of the program forward a bit.

The final product was this jetpack-like simulator with an autopilot feature and a primitive HUD.
In case it makes a difference, it was compiled with version 0.3.2

2nd=                     fire, boost, whatever you want to call it
left/right=              go left/right
alpha/trace/graph=  switch autopilot on/off
down=                   speed up a fall
clear=                   exit

It's not optimized at all, just the first build.
I'm thinking of making menus; settings for autopilot, controls, display, character sprite, etc
EDIT: added screenshot
It's faster on the actual calculator.

The Axe Parser Project / Re: Your Projects - Post and Critique
« on: July 07, 2010, 04:29:39 pm »
I was just about to do that.
in tiles2 they didn't have the dots on the sprites.  RAM clear will fix.

All are source files,with an explanation txt file.

The Axe Parser Project / Re: Your Projects - Post and Critique
« on: July 07, 2010, 03:44:37 pm »
Yeah, I got bored.
I was kind of busy/amusing myself last weekend making random animations involving quadrilaterals and lines and stuff.
I'll try to find some of my older ones that didn't work, put them in a zip file and post it.
PS. I don't really like saying the same thing multiple times, but if anybody else has something they want to post, don't let this whole wabbitemu-vs.-archive-file-setting thing stop you.
Let's get back on topic.

The Axe Parser Project / Re: Your Projects - Post and Critique
« on: July 07, 2010, 03:10:34 pm »
Yeah, I spent about an hour fighting with the TIOS's group thingy.  It's the only way I know how to safely rename stuff on-calc.

Psst! I don't use ti-connect!
TI-connect or not, the thetas are gone. I have a different organizational system in place now.

Thetas or not, the programs worked in tilem.
All of them.

@DJ is BuckeyeDude one of the people who wrote wabbitemu or something?

Just in case it does make a difference somehow, I've attached some newer programs--in a zip folder
Tested, works

I just got a random idea, and it WORKS!!!
All you wabbitemu addicts, rejoice!
Well, that was kind of overkill, but whatever.

Apparently TiLP doesn't like receiving things from the archive.
Or is it wabbitemu not liking the Archive file setting? 
I changed the files in 'beamsgalore' to the RAM and tried re-sending.

Working ones are posted.

The Axe Parser Project / Re: Your Projects - Post and Critique
« on: July 06, 2010, 02:53:38 pm »
Probably get another error message, but I'll post something from the weekend.  Hold on...

Okay. It worked in Tilem. Use tilem, somebody try it with that.

ZSRCTLE2.8Xp  source
ΘTILES2.8Xp    compiled executable

oops, random characters mean theta Θ (alt+233)

How about this, I'll attach some that don't use theta
COMPBOLT is compiled
Tested and works in Tilem .975

I repeat, somebody try it with TILEM

Library session times out in 17 minutes.
I may not be able to reply until tomorrow, about 11 pacific time

The Axe Parser Project / Re: Your Projects - Post and Critique
« on: July 06, 2010, 02:46:43 pm »
Okay, I'll outline the process.

I'm using, quoted from command prompt:
Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
[insert copyright junk] Microsoft Corp.

1) Installed TiLP 1.13.
2) Hooked up 84+, OS 2.43.
3) Launched TiLP
4) Right-clicked left part, selected Change Device (Ctrl+D).
5) Selected DirectLink cable, Port #1, TI84+.  Clicked OK.
6) Clicked the Dirlist button on top, list of all programs on calc appeared.
7) On right pane, selected Change drive, L: (flash drive), navigated through (sic) organized folders to desired folder.
8) Opened Windows Explorer (not Internet, but folder), navigated to same folder as in right pane of TiLP window.
9) Went back to TiLP, click/dragged desired program (ie. ZSRCDMND and ΘSOUND) to right pane.
10) Logged on here, selected reply on bottom
11) Typed something
12) Selected Browse... to the right of the Attach: box
13) Clicked, say, ZSRCDMND
14) Clicked Open
15) Read attachment box. Validated right file.
16) Clicked Post.
Note: I already attached this file, as the error message told me, so I re-tried and it told me I already posted.  So I went back and checked, and it wasn't there. Tried posting it again, same message.  Another joyful moment at the library.  

That's it. Any problems with the process?

The Axe Parser Project / Re: Your Projects - Post and Critique
« on: July 06, 2010, 02:18:29 pm »
Why does this happen on every single program that I post!?
Use TiLP.  It's the one thing that works for me...that and tilem.  Seems to me that if it's third party, it's engineered to work instead of block people from doing things.

If that still doesn't help, I could try first posting it on a different web site (, perhaps) and posting a link here.

If all fails, I could just type the source for every program that I write and post .txt files.
I really hope that whatever the problem is, it isn't that bad...

Is there a thread on omnimaga like 'Posting Programs on Omnimaga for dummies' or something like that?  Step-by-step instructions hopefully?  Another format?

The Axe Parser Project / Re: Your Projects - Post and Critique
« on: July 01, 2010, 03:32:26 pm »
Random character generator, maybe?
I was going to make it binary at first, then decided it would be more interesting to have more characters.

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