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TI Z80 / The Slime
« on: February 12, 2012, 11:22:07 pm »
To start this off, this is not the same as leafy's The Slime, but is a similar concept, and based off of the same idea as his.

The Slime is the game I have been working on, and is based off of Super Meat Boy.  It is in 4 color greyscale, and really is my first real game in axe  :D

I plan to include disappearing blocks, and anything else I think of later on.

For the controls, use the top row of buttons (Y= to Graph) as follows:
[Y=] - left
[Window] - right
[Trace] - Run / quick movement / confirm on level select
[Graph] - jump / confirm on main menu

They are odd controls, but I think they fit better for this game than normal ones :P

If you find any bugs, please tell me, I know they are numerous, and I would like to squash them all  >:D

Also, the last level, level 4 from the level select screen, is just an area to play around with (no exit)  :)

This is compiled for no-shell, btw, and will create another appvar, SAVE, so be warned, it will try to read old appvars named SAVE and go to junk ram levels  :)

Now with a screenie!

« on: October 30, 2011, 08:40:30 pm »
I f1n4lly m4d3 a g4m3.  17 15 C4LL3D Teh Boss.

Enough of the 1337 speek. There is enough of that inside the game.
Simply put, this game is 1337 beyond belief.  It includes giant smiley faces, complete randomness, secrets, a badly made storyline, and lightning in the title screen.  :P

To choose the difficulty, let the homescreen sit until the lightning hits.  It cycles between W1MPY and N16H7M4R3 modes.

You start out in the top-left corner, it might be hard to see :P
Arrow keys to move.
Use MODE, ALPHA, STAT, and APPS to use your weapon, the almighty circle, and the X,T,(theta),n button warps you around the screen. 

Teh Boss, the main and only enemy of the game, is completely random.  It randomly moves around the screen, teleports, and fires a bullet in one of 16 directions every frame/update :D

As this was made with the Axe Parser, credit is due to Quibigo.
Also, the optimizations on the Optimization Compilation are awesome, it helped me a lot!

Run the asm program BOSS to play, and let me warn you, the N16H7M4R3 mode is not easy... Teh Boss will not go down without a fight!

Post if something could be added/bugs, I might make revisions/ sequels.

Axe / Using OS Variables in Axe Question
« on: August 02, 2011, 05:55:39 pm »
I have been trying to take either a string or a pic (the string would only have 1 & 0s) from a Basic program and use an Axe program to display each bit as a black or white square, white for 1 and black for 0 (I know that that is backwards of normal).  [sarcasm]Using my vast knowledge of Axe[/sarcasm], all I managed to create was a program that displays random bits of garbage and a lot of black squares.

Here's what I currently have:
Code: [Select]

Repeat getKey(15)

The dimensions work to my knowledge, as it seems to be that garbage and black only appear in the 32x32 square that is supposed to be created
If anyone knows why it isn't just black and white 8x8 squares, help would be appreciated!

TI Z80 / AR Code Generator (Pokemon)
« on: July 29, 2011, 07:51:02 pm »
Finally finished! ;D

Although I'm sure this is highly unoptimized, I feel it is time for a release. :P
Since the current version of Pokedex 3d only includes the 5th generation, so does this.  I'm working on all 649 names currently, and will update this when the Pokedex gets an update.
I appreciate any feedback, so feel free to post errors and bugs.

It creates a qr code like image for any number up to 1024 (?) by binary conversion.
It also goes through a gigantic string and pulls out the name of the pokemon number entered.

The image then can be identified by a 3ds running the Pokedex 3d application, and "make a pokemon appear" in real life, also known as Augmented Reality, AR.

Although it has almost no practical use  I still think that it is a neat idea, and was amazed it actually worked (3ds recognized it) when I was making it.

I did not personally "crack the code" of the qr images, I found an article and used it to help deduce how to generate each image.
I feel the need to say:
I don't own Pokemon, or Pokedex, or any of the Pokemon names, or Pokedex 3d.  Nintendo does.

Wow, just realized I messed up the name system a lot!  Fixed it!

Note:  This is my first program to ever be released, so be prepared!  :P

I've given up the hope of using one program for now due to a lack of conversion software, so these three should work.
Send all three files to calc, then run POKEDEX

Introduce Yourself! / Hey!
« on: July 19, 2011, 10:33:21 pm »
Hey, my name is chattahippie.

I've seen this website for some time now, but only just got around to making an account.

Programming wise, I've messed around with TI-Basic for a year or so, and am finally starting to create semi-useful things  ;D
I've also tried playing around with Axe, but I havent experimented all too much with it yet, as it has crashed my calculator many times.

I'm currently working on a qr/ar code generator in TI-Basic for the Pokedex 3d app on the 3DS, and I can post what I have done if anyone wants to see/use it.

I can already tell that this community is awesome and I can't wait to contribute!

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