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General Calculator Help / help and stuff?
« on: July 27, 2010, 09:51:35 pm »
this is in randomness because i dont want to bug people

no matter what i do tilp refuses to recognize either my 83+ or 84+se
it is recognizing the link cable(silverlink usb on port #1), but refuses that there's anything connected on the other end.
now what?

Miscellaneous / SAT crap
« on: July 19, 2010, 10:43:00 pm »
ok, i just got my sat scores in the mail today (they were hosted on a site a month ago, but i lost my password and they wouldnt tell it to me even when i gave my birthday, social security number, and exact registration number from the test but anyways...) and was somewhat meh'd by the results
math and reading were fine(740's) but they gave me a 640 in writing because "my essay was too brief"
the topic on the test was "is human companionship necessary for a happy life" or something along those lines, and my answer was basically "it is in the majority of cases as humans are a social animal, grouping together allows specialization, and for the most part people tend to develop psychological issues and such when separated from others etc. but that in a few cases there are people who experience the opposite effect(hermits and such) or who have some belief that they feel is more important than companionship and which in the end brings a net increase in hapiness(monks and such)
after that i had one page worth and really couldnt think of anything else to say...

so question to all you peoples: are essay topics usually better than this and is it worth retaking the damn thing just so some stupes will be impressed because i wrote a lot and used lots of big words?

TI Z80 / [Axe Contest] Tetris Attack (norly)
« on: July 17, 2010, 04:37:20 pm »
aight, i've been putting this off for long enough and i figured posting here might force myself to actually get working on it

===Tetris Attack (norly)===
the first time i ever played tetris attack my hopes were dashed when i found that, not only was there no attacking involved, but the game itself wasn't even remotely tetris-esque(ok, maybe remotely, but still not close enough to bear the same name)! Tetris Attack (norly) is/will be the game i imagined when i first read that title =D

two players square off on the left and right sides of the calc lcd and get ready for the ultimate showdown of tetris skill. tetris pieces appear at either end of the lcd, one for each player, and can be controlled in the usual fashion, sans the one click drop command. the object of the game is to make your pieces reach the other side of the screen and trap his appearing piece before it can move all the way onto the screen, in the usual fashion of tetris gameovers. if two pieces collide in the middle of the playing field they stay there and new pieces appear. in this way traditional tetris gameplay appears. clearing a line of tetris blocks(the field is the usual width, just twice as long to accommodate two players) removes that line and moves all the lines from there to the clearer's side of the screen one line closer to the opponent. clearing lines also can yield temporary powerups, and these powerups will be more helpful the more lines the user clears at once(1-4 as always)

the exact powerups which will be used at what time has not yet been decided, but here are a few examples:

-limited ammo gun which can destroy single tetris blocks
-a line remover which removes a single line of blocks without having to fill it and shifts all the preceding lines closer to the user in the normal fashion
-piece movement speed changers(speed up your own movement or slow down the opponent's)
-field shifter which moves every line on the screen one line closer to the opponent

any other ideas would be more than welcome =D

===progress summary===
as of yet i dont have any screenshots because i havent worked much on the gui and everything is still in a very primitive state. im hoping to implement a grayscaling method which i already have working in a different program and maybe even an AI to play against(though it's rather unlikely and i'll only work on it if i have extra time)

comments, suggestions, or critiques(even harsh ones) of any kind will be more than welcome
thanks for looking

Introduce Yourself! / g'mornin everybloody!
« on: June 16, 2010, 07:46:37 pm »
i first tried to join omnimaga about a year ago, but the version of xp im running is very... eccentric and simply refused to display the bottom half of the join page. i just remembered recently that i had never actually gotten around to joining so i booted up a linux livecd and joined that way. i've been writing code and such for about two years though(although not at all regularly) and am currently working on two projects: a pokémon clone with personalized graphics and story elements(im rewriting the entire thing in axe with a more authentic walking engine and larger pkmn sprites atm, but here are some pics from the old celtic version: ), and another which shall remain unnamed for the axe comp. not much else to say besides hi, i guess

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