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TI Z80 / Advanced Money Organizer 84
« on: September 28, 2010, 09:42:01 pm »
All right, this is pretty good for just a few days of work.
AMO84DX (internal name) incorporates extensive, fairly fast compression, a history database consisting of up to 128 entries, error-checking upon startup, and soon-to-come statistics options and an options menu.

No known bugs as of yet, except that pressing Clear on the history menu exits the program instead of returning to the menu.

Should work on all 83/84 calculators, but recommend a TI-83+ SE or higher.

And read the readme inside.

General Calculator Help / Build a 2.5mm - 2.5mm cable?
« on: April 01, 2010, 06:07:02 am »
I could use one of these for selling sending programs to poor folks with only 83s.
I have the connectors, I have the wire, I put it together, and... IT FAILS.
Anyone wanna shed some light on the situation?
By the way the connectors are connected directly to each other like so:

TI Z80 / DENCrypt v1.5 beta
« on: April 01, 2010, 05:57:56 am »
An encryption program I have decided to share with the world. (Loosely?)Based on the one-time pad.
This encryption is theoretically impossible to crack (IRL, it's just really really hard).
You can either use the program to generate your keys (DOES NOT USE RAND), create a program to rand-generate for you, or make your own keys with or by hand (read readme for details).
Accepts up to a 998 dimension input (list or string). Strings can use alphanumeric characters and some symbols.

Yeah. If you really want to encrypt something on your calculator, here's your solution. I recommend 3000+ bytes free and a TI-83+ SE or better. You'll need more RAM if you're encrypting bigger stuff though.


TI-BASIC / Need help with custom text input routine
« on: October 01, 2009, 03:05:45 am »
All right.

Taken from
Code: [Select]
Advanced Editing Functionality

This routine adds several features that are not in the other versions. It allows for uppercase and lowercase text with switching in between them. It allows the user to move the cursor throughout the text and insert text and delete text where ever they would like. The user can also clear the current text and start over. Unfortunately, the code is a little hard to decipher, but we'll work through it. The main deficit of this program is that it is incompatible with the TI-83. This can be remedied, as explained below.

:"ABC  abc  DEFGHdefghIJKLMijklmNOPQRnopqrSTUVWstuvwXYZ(Theta)!xyz(Theta).  :?   :? →Str0
:"  →Str1   // 2 spaces in quotes
:DelVar M1→P
:Repeat K=105 and 2<length(Str1
:Text(0,0,sub(Str1,1,length(Str1)-P)+"|"+sub(Str1,1,length(Str1)-P+1,P)+"        // 5 spaces after quote
:Repeat Ans
:P-(K=26 and Z>1)+(K=24 and Z<length(Str1)-1→P
:M xor K=31→M
:If K>40 and K<105 and K≠44 and K≠45
:If K=23 and P<length(Str1)-1
:If K=45:Then
:"  →Str1   // 2 spaces in quotes

Okay so since I only wanted numbers, I changed the code up a bit.
"789          456          123      0" is now Str0.
Variable M (the ALPHA key) is not used.
getKey values changed to those of the numbers.
(If K>71 and K<103 and K!=75 and K!=81 and K!=85 and K!=91 and K!=95)
Substituted sub(Str0,K-40+5M,1) with sub(Str0,K-71,1)

Now, the problem is that all of these
Code: [Select]
sub(Str1,1,length(Str1)-P+1,P commands have 4 arguments instead of three. This causes ERR:ARGUMENT and I have no idea how to solve it.

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