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**UPDATED 7/6/2016**


Click on an album image to download the songs.  You can also download the entire album in a zip.

Song List:
  • Chamelot In Trance
  • Doomsday Computer
  • Doomsday Computer (Free Of Viruses Mix)
  • Doomsday Computer (Search & Destroy The Spybots)
  • Feel Good Party (Take It Higher)
  • Frosty Ice Cavern
  • Futuristic Funk (The Tough Mission)
  • Hollywood BLVD (Nightlife)
  • Hollywood BLVD (Superstar Remix)
  • Mecha Ironworks (Radical Mix)
  • Mecha Ironworks (Raindance Mix)
  • Mecha Ironworks (Metropolis Mix)
  • New Phase
  • New Sunset (Mellow Moonlight Mix)
  • New Sunset (Digital Dusk Mix)
  • New Sunset (Artic Aurora Mix)
  • Safari Cliffhanger
  • Skyscape Fantasy
  • Swiss Alps
  • Tombstone Terror
Song List:
  • TSUTOPIAMUSH (Part 01 - The Invasion)
  • TSUTOPIAMUSH (Part 02 - The Retaliation Plan)
  • TSUTOPIAMUSH (Part 03 - The War)
  • TSUTOPIAMUSH (Part 04 - The Victory)
Song List:
  • 22Dunk (Trippin On E)
  • .59 (Sonar Dance Remix)
  • Dr. Love (Instrumental Disco)
  • DXY! (Cruisin' Sunset Remix)
  • Era (Journey Through Time Mix)
  • Headache (Xtreme Migraine Mix)
  • Max 300 (Dreaming About Arrows)
  • Patsenner (Thugs In The Fog)
  • Perfect Free (Big Jimmy Plays The Organs Mix)
  • Rugged Ash (The Champaign Room)
  • Salamander (Organized House)
  • Special Energy (Tight Technical Tune)
  • Switch (From Day To Night)
Song List:
  • Organ City (Chicago Club Mix)
  • Organ City (Chill Castle Mix)
  • Organ City (Ladie's Night At The Dance Club Mix)
  • Organ City (Hammy-Down House)
  • Organ City (Jungle Popper Jam)
  • Organ City (GEMS Mix)
Song List:
  • Aromatherapy (Makes Good Vibrations)
  • Cloud Cruiser
  • Cloud Cruiser (Hurricane Mix)
  • Digital Disaster
  • Digital Race
  • Hard Robotic Trance
  • Hypnotic Dream
  • Insanity (Dance To The Music)
  • Modern Thoughts
  • Rainforest Adventure
  • Secret Temple (Discover The Wonders)
  • Superjet
Song List:
  • Alien Invasion Dance Party
  • Bloody Tears (Dance The Night Away Remix)
  • Dash Against Space Horrors
  • Galactic Night Club
  • Goonies Underground (Cave Of Skops Mix)
  • Graveyard Disco At The Addams' House
  • Sea Monster Dance-Off
  • Silius (Journey To Paradise Remix)
  • Spaceship Cruise (Latin Jungle Mix)
  • Surf City (Under The Lighthouse Mix)
  • Supersonic Cheetahs
  • The Goonies' Almighty Adventure
  • Victory Celebration At The Baseball Field
  • **BONUS TRACK** Mr. Game & Watch Bakes Cookies For Yoshi



Q: What made you decide to get into making music?
A: I've always wanted to make my own dance/techno songs since i was a kid.  Growing up, I mostly listened to dance music on the radio (songs made by artists such as SNAP!, Culture Beat, Captain Hollywood Project, La Bouche, Livin Joy, etc...).

Q: How long have you been making music?
A: Since 2008.

Q: What program(s) do you use to make your music?
A: It's a combination of both MTV Music Generator & LMMS.

Q: Why is all of your stuff on MediaFire and not on any social media site? (YouTube, SoundCloud, etc...)
A: They used to be, but out of nowhere, "Universal Music Group" decided to file multiple copyright strikes against some of my newer remixes, so rather than deal with the headache of filing a counter claim on each one for each different site and song, I decided to just delete my profiles and keep all of my songs on MediaFire.

Q: How come you don't make any more original songs?
A: To be honest, I enjoy remixing other songs a lot more.  One day I might go back to making original stuff, but I don't know when that will happen.

Q: How come it takes you a long time to release new songs?
A: Short answer... life.  Long answer - Work, trying to have a social/dating life, being glued to a video game series (currently at the time of playing this, I'm in the middle of going through ALL of the Ace Attorney games, including the Miles Edgeworth game), and having really bad "artist's block" half the time.

Computer Usage and Setup Help / Error 0x80070424
« on: July 02, 2012, 07:42:13 pm »
So basically while using CCleaner (like I normally do) to clean my C drive and delete old registries, then like a few minutes later, Microsoft Security Essentals tells me that a threat was detected, but no action on my part was needed.  Then MSE dies.  I try opening it up, and instead of a green logo, I get a red one, saying real time protectiojn is turned off and that it hasn't been updated at all, which is impossible considering i always update all of my programs.  So i try to hit the "start scan" button on MSE and i get a "0x80070424" error, and nothing happens.  So I looked it up online... apparently an important registry key (or few) got deleted when CCleaner was doing its thing (which is odd considering that ive used it on several occasions with my new computer, and yet this is the first time this error has popped up), because not only did it effect MSE, but it also effected Windows Defender, Windows Firewall, and even Windows Update.  Then MSE started freaking out when i tried to fix it, forcing my computer to reboot every 5 minutyes, so unfortunately I had to uninstall it.  As of right now I have Malwarebytes installed as a temporary malware/trojan protector/scanner, plus I just got Windows Defender working again (some cool dude at the microsoft forums attached a link to a defender registry that I merged with my computer, and it fixed the problem).  Now i just need to fix Windows Update and Windows Firewall, which after searching relentlessly on Google, I've come across many solutions that require you messing with your registeries even more or using cmd... which I'll admit, even though I'm computer savy, even I'm afriad to do either one, lol. XD

I'm posting here in hopes that maybe someone can help me with my dilema.  Also I'm thinking about going back to using Avira Antivirus (which is what i had on my old computer, and had no problems with it), unless anyone has any suggestions on a better antivirus (that ISN'T norton, lol), unless it's ok for me to go back to MSE once the Windows Fireall & Update issue has been fixed

Gaming Discussion / Wii U at E3
« on: June 04, 2012, 07:28:53 pm »
For those of you that have a Nintendo 3DS, they have a video all about the Wii U in the eShop.  One of the Nintendo execs is discussing how the Wii U will be more "revolutionary" and "unique" than the Wii was.  Their plan is to have the controller (or Game Pad, as they are calling it) be alot more interactive than any other controller ever made... not just for games, but for social interaction, and basically anything else you do in your daily life (like texting, or internet browsing).

Personally, i find it extremely ironic that a video game company is attempting to "fix" the problems that apparently so many families face now-a-days (and by that they mean the one problem of families glued to their other electronic devices with no interaction between them).  Seeing the Game Pad being used in action is KINDA cool, but it's really no different than if you were using your iPad to control your tv... and thats basically what is is... Nintendo's version of the iPad, only with a shitload more buttons.

Honestly, I could care less about the whole "social Interaction" part.  I'm not that bad of a gamer where i hibernate in my room all day and night away from other people, I do have a life of my own (or at least try to, lol).  I'm more focused on how the newer games are going to incorporate all of this into something playable... although I do find the whole "motion control" thing getting a bit annoying to the point where it's outstayed it's welcome for quite a while... specially once Microsoft and Sony started joining on the bandwagon (although, if we're going to get technical, didn't Sony seem to "almost get it" with the EyeToy before nintendo came out with the Wii?)

Oh yea, and theres going to be yet another nintendo network channel... which is barely explained but its supposed to be the definitive channel where the Wii U, 3DS, and other future consoles will be linked to it.

Miscellaneous / Spammers On Youtube
« on: June 02, 2012, 02:42:36 pm »
Does anyone else know about this?

Other / Got A New Computer / Selling My Old Computer
« on: June 02, 2012, 02:39:59 pm »
This pretty much explains why i haven't been on here in a few days.

I knew the time would come eventually that I needed to upgrade.  And the last exclamation point was when i tried modding my sidekick4G (for the 2nd time), only to have it almost brick on me forever because my USB ports kept malfunctioning.  Ordered it online last week, it camde in the mail a few days ago, and I must say, I'm very happy with my decision.  I got a Dell Inspiron 620, which was the second cheapest computer Dell had (wasn't looking to spend over $500 for a new computer that had alot of crap i didn't need). But I think the specs are pretty good for what I need :P

Intel Pentium Processor CPU G630 @ 2.70 GHz
4GB Ram
1TB Hard Drive space
DVD-RW Discdrive
Intel HD Graphics
Conexant HD Audio

it also came with a keyboard and a mouse, all for $370, free shipping. :D So far it runs more smoothly (specially with newer youtube/blip videos), and works like a charm as far as speed and programs running correctly goes.  Unfortunately, I am still a Windows 7 N00B (since I've been using XP since 2004), but the advantage now is that I get to fool around with it to see what actually makes it tick and how to make it run the way i want it to.

As for my old computer, I've officially reformatted the hard drive, and it's sitting in my room waiting for the day my mom decides to set up a yard sale this year.  Fortunately that fixed the "usb malfunctioning" issue, but at this point, the old computer is better off being used by someone that needs a starter/back up computer, or by a computer geek/tech that wants to modify the hell out of it, or use the insides for spare parts.

Dell Dimension 8300
Microsoft Windows XP Home SP3
Intel Pentium 4 Processor 2.60 GHz
768MB Ram
300GB Harddrive
CD-RW Discdrive
nVidia GeForce4 MX440 with AGP8X
Creative SB Live! Series soundcard

I'm selling this for $100, which i think is a good deal considering that when I bought the computer, it was only 512mb Ram and only had a 120GB harddrive.  Over the years i added a third 256mb stick and replaced the hard drive since the old one blue screened forever after a bad thunderstorm one night.

Gaming Discussion / 3 Recently Re-discovered SM Files For StepMania
« on: May 01, 2012, 12:26:28 am »
I apologize if this is in the wrong section

So I got curious and decided to see if any of the files I uploaded to the stepmania site were still around.  Since the "update" of the website, I quickly discovered that the search feature was renamed to "recent", and the search engine itself always throws up whenever I try to specify a search.  But luckily I managed to find 4 SM Files that I created back in 2010.

These SM Files were basically completed demo files for a W.I.P. pack I had in mind.  A sexy SM Pack containing backgrounds and bg videos of sexy women.  During my "torrent crazy" phase, I discovered a huge pack of dance/techno music videos featuring sexy women dancing (some of them were even the actual artist of the song... example: Angel City).  Basically the bg videos would be scripted in the style similar to DDR Extreme 2, Supernova, Supernova 2, ect...

The pack is a little over 50MB because of the videos, but there's nothing I can do about that unless you want crappy quality (and i highly doubt that you do, lol).  I'm uploading this pack for 2 reasons... 1. I noticed that a small fraction of the members here actually know what StepMania is.  2. As a result, I had an idea in mind.  If the people that try out my sm files actually like them, and if there's a big enough number of people that wouldn't mind playing more of my creations, then I would definitely consider going back to making SM Files again.
Song List:
Call On Me - Eric Prydz: 1-2-5-8-x
Dark Side Of The Moon - Ernesto vs Bastian: 1-1-3-6-10
Star To Fall - Cabin Crew: 1-2-5-8-x
Touch Me - Angel City: 1-2-4-6-9

All comment's, suggestions, and ideas are welcome.  And if anyone want's to start an Omnimaga Sm File pack with me, let me know, it could be another project idea :)

Gaming Discussion / VVVVVV
« on: April 28, 2012, 09:30:44 pm »
I own a 3DS (metallic red) and am in love with the thing, but that's another post for another time  :P

One of the games I downloaded a few weeks ago for it was VVVVVV.  After playing it continuously, I must say I am highly impressed with this game, and words alone can't do the game justice, but I'll try to explain anyways, lol.  Bascially the entire game is based off of the old Commodore 64 computer games (I.E. Retro Style 8-bit goodness).  For those of you that don't know what a Commodore 64 is, i'd suggest checking out AVGN's Superman and Transformers review.  You're a captain of a spaceship.  You and your 5 crewmembers are traveling in space when all of a sudden, all of you get sucked into an alternate dimension.  Your mission: Find your crewmember to return back to your home dimension.  Your only power... flipping.  Yep, not only can you walk on the floor, but on the ceiling as well.  This game is a platformer/strategy game that not only tests your skills, but your patience as well  :P yes, this game is also quite hard, yet it's not the kind of hard that is "unplayable".  It's the "fun" kind of challenging.  The game doesn't have levels, in fact, it's one big open space, with the map on the bottom screen of the 3DS that shows you the paths that you have been to, and how to navigate the rest of the area.

This is also one of those games that even after you've completed the main story, theres still PLENTY more of stuff to play and go through on this game, such as a whole bunch of custom levels made by the creators.  Not to mention this game also has a kick-ass soundtrack.  It's a game I DEFINITELY recommend for anyone that owns a 3DS.  Check out their website for more info...

There's also a Windows/Mac/Linux version of the game that you can buy for $5.  The Windows/Mac/Linux version has an option where you can create your own levels.

Anime and Manga / Anime Movies Based Off Of Videogames
« on: April 28, 2012, 08:16:40 pm »
There's plenty out there, and i actually own a few.

Battle Arena Toshinden: B.A.T. had 3 games (2 games on the Sega Saturn) released for the Playstation (4 if you count the japan-only game).  This movie is loosely based off of the second game, and actually starts off with Eiji's flashback memory of the ending of the first game. Basically after Eiji defeats Gaia, Chaos comes along to try to kill Gaia for betraying the organization lead by Urinus, who now wants to control everything (technically Urinus isn't even the boss of the organization, its Master, who was an unlockable character in the playstation game only.  In the game, Urinus is just Master's bodyguard).  The movie mainly focuses more on Eiji, Sofia, Kayin, and Ellis, but the other fighters join along the battle (near the ending anyways).  If you're a fan of the game (which IMO, BAT3 is the better game), then you'll enjoy the movie.
P.S. you see Sofia naked for a brief moment in the shower.  :o :P

Samurai Showdown: The story is sorta different from the videogame storyline.  Amakusa still has control over all the wars going on, but the fighter's themselves instead of having their own personal backstory and individual reasons for wanting to defeat Amaska, are joined together and have basically become the "guardians of the earth" so to speak, with Haromaru being their fearless leader.  I think the only legit bad-guys other than Amaska, are Earthquake, and Gen-an.  Everyone else is either a good guy, or spies that try to get intel on the bad guys.  However, for all you Ukyo fans out there, he is the only character that does not make an appearance in the movie.  Basically in the end, the movie is basically another generic "samurai/ninja fighter" movie, unless you're into that sort of stuff, then you'll like it

Sonic The Hedgehog: Need I say more, lol?  :P This movie is pretty famous around the Sonic community, but it's an actually pretty well made movie IMO.  Basically the plot is that Sonic and Tails, who live in the lands of the sky, basically have to stop a generator that robotnik made in the lads of darkness from exploding and taking out planet freedom in the process.  Knuckles joins in later to help them.  However, it was just a trap for Robotnik to steal Sonic's data to transfer it to his newest creation "hyper metal sonic".  Sonic and Metal Sonic have a battle in the ploar ice caps while the other characters prevent Metal from destroying the ice (cause doing so would destroy the planet).  In the end, sonic wins, but has remorse for metal and become depressed when metal dies by drowning in a pool of magma.  Obviously, from what I just typed out, the story has NO relation to the video games whatsoever with the exceptions of the characters themselves (although the president, the old owl, and the princess IMO are just wastes of spaces).  However, it has enough action, awesome house music, the visuals, and few funny bits will have you hooked from start to finish... specially if you're a big sonic fan (such as myself, lol)  :thumbsup:

I know there's more like Fatal Fury... which I own, but only saw it once, so can't exactly give a legit review on it.  Anyone else have their favorites though?  :)

Music Showcase / Planet Utopia + TSUTOPIAMUSH
« on: April 27, 2012, 12:37:12 am »
My past works from 2008-2010 are all here :) Planet Utopia is an album of 20 original works of mine,  TSUTOPIAMUSH is the "TSU" remix from the TSU-GAMUSH Contest that I took part of (Both the TSU series (tsutsugamush, TSUXIUAMUSH, TSUPSEUDOGAMUSH, TSUSURVIVORGAMUSH, & Tsu.Respect.Gamush) & contest created by Family Farce (F+F), who unfortunately became M.I.A. over the years).  Hope you guys enjoy

Click Here To Download
Song List:
1. Chamelot In Trance
2. Doomsday Computer*
3. Doomsday Computer (Free Of Viruses Mix)
4. Doomsday Computer (Search & Destroy The Spybots)
5. Feel Good Party (Take It Higher)
6. Frosty Ice Cavern
7. Futuristic Funk (The Tough Mission)
8. Hollywood BLVD (Nightlife)*
9. Hollywood BLVD (Superstar Remix)
10. Mecha Ironworks (Radical Mix)*
11. Mecha Ironworks (Raindance Mix)
12. Mecha Ironworks (Metropolis Mix)
13. New Phase
14. New Sunset (Mellow Moonlight Mix)*
15. New Sunset (Digital Dusk Mix)
16. New Sunset (Artic Aurora Mix)
17. Safari Cliffhanger
18. Skyscape Fantasy
19. Swiss Alps
20. Tombstone Terror
Songs with a * next to them mean that they are the original version of the song

Click Here To Download
Song List:

Introduce Yourself! / ::Wut up?::
« on: April 26, 2012, 11:55:46 pm »
Name's Chris and now you know what the C in CMG stands for  :P

Used to chill on TIMGUL, but since it died, and they posted a link to this place, I figured I might as well join so I can showcase my stuff  ;)

I just recently broke through the long writers block (artist block for musician?) with my music, mostly because i was busy with life, but now that things have quieted down, I can continue to focus on making songs whenever I can  :)  My style is that of 90's dance and techno, but I honestly have more fun remixing other songs than making my own creations... thats not to say I can't come up with a few original works here and there, lol.

Anything else you wanna know about me, feel free to ask

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