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Web Programming and Design / [RFG] Userbar Manager
« on: January 25, 2011, 08:55:34 pm »

It's finally here! The beta for the userbar manager I have been working on.
The site is amazingly easy to use and more details can be found on the homepage. I've only tested it on Firefox so I'll need you guys to let me know how it works with other browsers.

So, let me know of any bugs that come up and any comments, suggestions, complaints, etc.

(NOTE: This version replaces the old dynamic userbars page. You can still use the script like normal and all old userbars still work, but the generator and instructions on how to use it are gone.)

Features I'm working on adding now:
  • Revamped progress bar.
  • Custom colored text and outline. Any hexadecimal color will work.

Known Bugs:
  • None

Fixed bugs:
  • Couldn't select the URL to copy/paste it before. My bad. Fixed it though.
  • Some browsers save to their cache too well and when editing a userbar, the result may look like it didn't change. Fixed by making your browser not cache the page at all. If you've already created userbars and then edit them, the browser may still have them cached. All that needs to be done is the refresh on the manager page again and it'll never save the userbar again. NOTE: Opera users still have this problem and will still need to refresh the main page everytime they edit a userbar.
  • Opera wouldn't create userbars properly. Fixed by reverting to a simpler form.

  • Custom backgrounds now work again but you'll get a black background if the file isn't .JPG, .PNG, or .GIF.
  • Made it to where it automatically selects the URL of a userbar when you click in the textbox it's in.
  • Forced to resort to a simpler form for creation. It now looks exactly like the edit form.
  • Updated the creation and editing form to show a LIVE preview while you're working! All changes made in the form will show you what they look like instantly. (Well, almost instantly. Custom backgrounds take a bit longer to load but otherwise very fast.)

Miscellaneous / Guess who's back.
« on: January 24, 2011, 11:45:41 am »
So... a lot of stuff has happened and, quite frankly, most of it isn't very good but I'm alive and back.
I don't know when I'll pick a calc back up again, but I'm working hard on my web projects in between real life stuff so at least there's that to look forward too. =P

Anyway, on to checking up on what I missed and getting back to work on some code I've started working on 8 hours ago.

It's good to be back. ^^

Miscellaneous / It seems I owe you an explanation
« on: September 07, 2010, 01:29:27 am »
As you may have noticed, I randomly dropped off the face of the earth for awhile.

Well, as some of you know, I was in college. As less of you know, I ended up dropping out of college at the end of the first semester.
Why? I'm not entirely sure and it makes no sense to talk about it now. I'm already out.

Anyway, the next step had to be to get a job. Well, a few weeks had gone by with no luck and I was getting desperate. With not many options where I live, I was pretty much forced to join the Navy. I'm not officially in yet (yay, paperwork~), but the recruiters are already scheduling basic training and such for me so I'm pretty sure they want me in.

What does this mean exactly?
Well, I just won't be able to be around much for a long time. I'm not on IMs much either. Skype if anything and only to check and see if my dad is online since he's in Iraq at the moment and Skype is his only way of making calls out of the country.

But yeah, I've been spending most of my time getting ready for training and trying to maintain a social life offline.
The websites will stay up but most likely won't be updated for awhile. Don't worry, I'll keep paying for the server and web development is still a passion of mine so the sites will eventually get updated. (Oh, and I'm still going to be monitoring everything uploaded to the img server so don't try anything funny. ;P Actually, that'd be a great way to send me a message. I just won't be able to send one back. xD)
This also delays my secret calc project for quite some time too but it's on my PC, laptop, and external hard drive so it won't be lost unless ALL of that goes down.

And... um... yeah... that's everything really. Wish me luck. I'm not quite sure if this is the right path for my life but every time I tried to do what I thought was for the best, it ended horribly. Maybe doing something that I just have to do will turn out better. Regardless, I'm not leaving Omnimaga permanently. This is just a long hiatus. I will be coming back, but next time... I'll be able to swim. xP

Oh, and if you have any questions for me, ask now while I'm still around to answer. ^^;

Web Programming and Design / RFG Image Uploader
« on: July 25, 2010, 01:36:59 am »

So, as you may have heard, with Imageshack having so many issues a new image uploader was suggested.
Well, I'm hosting an image uploader that anyone here at Omnimaga can use. It simply lets you pick an image to upload, then uploads it.
If nothing goes wrong, then it'll give you a screen with a direct link to the image and the bbcode for posting it in threads.
Also, it'll send me an email with the picture so I can make sure no one is uploading porn or anything.

Go ahead and test it out. Let me know of any problems and any suggestions you have.
Again, this is a beta so it's far from done but it works right now.

(Oh, and don't go around sharing this with everyone. I don't need a huge server load. It should be able to handle anything our members can deal out easily though.)

Gaming Discussion / Machinima anyone?
« on: July 19, 2010, 08:48:32 pm »
Love some of the things people come up with. I'll share a few here.

Haloid - Master Chief vs... Samus? Surprise ending plus a dance video after credits. =P

The Craft of War: Blind - Really cool WoW machinima. Awesome fight scenes. If only WoW was really like tihs...

Chapter 10: This One Goes to Eleven - Red vs Blue has really stepped up their game. This is probably one of the most epic machinimas I've ever watched. Had a blast the whole time. I need to see their other stuff. (stopped watching before Halo 3 came out)

I'll throw more up later.

General Discussion / Most Epic Kid Ever
« on: June 23, 2010, 10:04:01 pm »
In the first video, this girl is only 10 years old. Listen through it all. Seriously.
Every single part is recreated from scratch and played there. Even the drums.

In this one, she's 11.

Just... wow. x.x

This girl is only 13 now too so she has a long road of epic ahead of her.
* {AP} ish seriously jealous...

Humour and Jokes / (NSFW) Creepypasta [Pokemon]
« on: June 13, 2010, 03:35:58 pm »
      Creepy stories that float around on the Interwebs.

A friend of mine showed this to me about an hour ago. It's a good story and I had to share. (after doing a bit of editing for punctuation and such...)
It's long but a good read.

I've decided to make a webpage for this too. Autoplays the music and has a nice ambiance for the story:

For maximum effect, loop this song while playing it:

During the first few days of the release of Pokemon Red and Green in Japan, back in February 27, 1996, a peak of deaths appeared in the age group of 10-15.

The children were usually found dead through suicide, usually by hanging or jumping from heights. However, some were more bizarre. A few cases recorded children who had begun sawing off their limbs, others sticking their faces inside the oven, and even choking themselves on their own fists, shoving their own arms down their throat.

The few children who were saved before killing themselves showed sporadic behavior. When asked why they were going to hurt themselves they only answered in chaotic screams and scratched at their own eyes. When showed what seemed to be the connection to this attitude, the gameboy, they had no response, but when combined with either Pokemon Red or Green, the screams would continue, and they would do their best to leave the room it was located in.

This confirmed the authorities suspicion that the games, somehow, had a connection to these children and the deaths. It was a strange case, because many children who had the same games did not show this behavior, but only a few. The police had no choice but to pursue this, since they had no other leads.

Collecting all the cartridges these children had purchased, they kept them sealed away as strong evidence to look over later. They decided the first thing to do was to talk to the programmers themselves. The first person they met was the director of the original games, Satoshi Tajiri. When told about the deaths surrounding his games, he seemed slightly uneasy, but admitted nothing. He lead them to the main programmers of the game, the people responsible for the actual content.

The detectives met Takenori Oota, one of the main programmers of the game. Unlike Satoshi, he did not seem uneasy, but very kept. Explaining that it was impossible to use something like a game to cause such deaths, and also bringing up the point that not all the children were affected, he brushed it off as some kind of odd coincidence or mass hysteria. It seemed like he was hiding something, but he wasn't giving way. Finally, he did say something interesting.

Takenori had heard a rumor going around that the music for Lavender Town, one of the locations in the game, had caused some children to go ill. It was only a rumor, and had no real definite back up, but it was still something to look into.

He directed the detectives to Junichi Masuda, the music composer of the series. Masuda had also heard of these rumors, but again said they had no evidence that his music was the cause. Even to prove a point he played the exact song from the game completely through with no effects to anyone, the detectives nor Masuda himself, feeling anything different or odd. Although they still had their suspicions of Masuda and the music of Lavender town, it seemed they had reached another dead end.

Going back to the cartridges they had seized from the homes of the children, they decided to take a slightly more direct look at the games. They knew that it was these games that gave the children the ill effects, so they took extreme caution. Popping in the cartridge and turning the console on, the game screen booted. The title screen appeared, and the option to continue or create a new game appeared.

When they chose to continue the game, stats of that game appeared. They saw the names of the children who had played, usually 'Red' or another simple name. However, the interesting thing was the time played and the number of Pokemon they owned. On every game, the time was very low, and all of them had only a single Pokemon in their inventory. They came to the stunning reality that it could not have been the music from Lavender town that had caused such ill effects in the children, since it was impossible to reach that part of the game in such small amount of time and with only one Pokemon in their inventory. This brought them to the conclusion that something early on in the game had to be the cause.

If it wasn't the music, nor the title screen, it had to be something within the first few minutes of the game itself. They had no choice but to turn off the game now and go back to the programmers. Asking for a list of all the programmers from Takenori, they found, surprisingly, that one of the programmers had committed suicide shortly after the game was released. His name was Chiro Miura, a very obscure programmer who had provided very little for the game. Even more interestingly, he had requested his name did not appear in the credits of the game, and so it was not.

Looking over the evidence found at Chiro's apartment, they found many notes written in bold marker. Most of it was crumbled, or marked out, making it very difficult to read. They few words they could find in the mess was "Do not enter", "Watch out" and "COME FOLLOW ME" in bold. The detectives were unsure what these meant, but knew they had to have a connection. Further searching, they discovered Chiro was good friends with one of the map designers, Kohji Nisino, and this was probably the only reason Chiro had given a part in making the game.

Kohji Nisino, since the release of the game, had locked himself in his apartment, barely leaving in the dark of night to fetch anything he might need. He told his friends and family he was mourning for his dear friend Chiro, but they didn't believe this, since Nisino had locked himself up the day the game was put in stores, a few days before Chiro had killed himself.

It was troubling, but the authorities finally persuaded Nisnino to sit down and speak with them. He looked as if he hadn't slept in days, dark rings under his eyes. He stunk, his nails had grown black and his hair was greasy, sticking to his forehead and neck. He spoke in stutters and murmurs, but at least he had something to say.

When asked if he knew anything about the children who had died after exposure of the game and if it had any connection to the game, he answered them seemingly carefully, choosing his words thoughtfully before answering. He told them that his friend Chiro had an interesting idea with the game, something he had wanted to try since he heard the project was starting. Nisino himself knew Takenori, the director and main programmer, for a long time, so he could easily get a mediocre programmer in on the project with a little persuasion. It seemed Chiro had convinced Nisino to get him in on the project, and it had worked.

The detectives knew they were on to something. This unknown obscure programmer, Chiro, had to have something to do with it, something... They asked what Chiro's idea was, why he wanted so badly to have a part in making this children's game. Nisino told them that Chiro never told him much about it, other than a few details every now and then. He wanted to insert a special Pokemon in the game, one completely different from all the others. It would serve as an extra, a kind of out of place thrill for the player. It wasn't, however, Missing No. It couldn't be. With the gameplay time recorded on the cartridges, it was impossible for the children to have time to meet that Pokemon.

Nisino, throughout the entire conversation, seemed to break down even more with every question. The detectives pushed him more and more, searching through his mind for any and every scrap of knowledge this man had no game and Chiro... and Chiro's intentions...

"Don't follow me..." muttered Nisino as he stuck the pistol in his mouth and pulled the trigger. It was too quick for the police to react. It was done. Nisino had killed himself, repeating slightly differently what was written on one of Chiro's papers...

It seemed all leads had finally died. The team who had created this original game were splitting up, becoming harder to find. It was as if they were keeping a secret. When the police finally managed to talk with anyone who had parts in the game, even the obscure character designers or monster designers, it seemed they had nothing of interest to say. Most of them didn't even know Chiro, and the few who did only seen him once or twice working on the game itself. Throughout all of this the only confirmation they had was that Chiro was indeed the one who had worked on the very early parts of the game.

It had been a couple of months after the original children suicides and the death rate had dropped dramatically. It seemed that the game was no longer giving any ill effects to any children. The call back of the games that was planned was canceled, since it seemed the game was no longer harming any children. They had began to think that maybe Takenori was right and it was all just a very odd coincidence or mass hysteria... Until they received the letter.

It was given to one of the detectives himself, quite directly out on the street. It was a woman who gave him the note, a very frail, thin, sick looking thing. She gave him the letter quickly, telling him it was something he needed to see, and without waiting for a response or another word, she disappeared into the crowd. The detective brought it to his office, and calling the others in, he brought it out and read it aloud.

It was a letter written by Chiro himself, but it wasn't one found at his apartment. They had throughly searched and cleared out the place, so wherever this letter had come from, it wasn't kept at his home. It was signed to be given to Nisino. It started off quite formal, a hello, how are you, regards to the family, and such. After one or two of these normal paragraphs, they reached a section that requested Nisino to get him into the game team, to get him a programming position in Pokemon Red and Green.

As the letter continued, the handwriting seemed to grow more jittery. He talked about a glorious idea he had, a way to program something unseen in any game before. He said it would certainly revolutionize not only the gaming industry, but everyone. He went on to say that it was a very simple procedure to program this idea into the game. He did not even have to add any foreign programming, but could use what was already given in the game itself. This would, the detectives agreed, make it impossible to notice any obscurities in the programming itself. It was a perfect way to hide whatever this was.

The letter ended abruptly. There was no goodbye, no say hi to the family, no write back, or thank you. Nothing like that. It was just his name, written hard in the letter where the paper almost broke through. It was only his name. "Chiro Miura."

This was the nail in the coffin for the detectives. They had no more suspicion about the cause. Chiro had programmed something into the early parts of the game, something maddening. To further increase this streak of success, they discovered that the programming team had worked in pairs, even Chiro himself. He had worked with another programmer, Sousuke Tamada.

If anyone knew what the secret in this game was, Sousuke Tamada would be the man. This was their final hope of unraveling this mystery once and for all.

They learned Sousuke had provided a lot of programming to the game, and seemed to be an average, good guy and worker. They were easily allowed into his home, a fair place, and they entered his living room where they sat. Sousuke did not sit, however. He stood by the window of the second story floor, looking out onto the busy street. He was smiling a little.

There is no direct witnesses to the events that followed. The only thing from this conversation that remained was found on a voice recorder sitting on the table in front of the two detectives assigned to talk to Sousuke. What follows is the unedited recording:

"Sousuke Tamada, what part did you have in the games Pokemon Red and Green?" asked the first detective.

"I was a programmer." His voice was light, friendly, almost too friendly. "That's all."

"Am I right in knowing that the programmers working on the game worked in teams?" asked the detective.

One could hear the voice of feet moving on the floor slightly. "You would be right," said Sousuke after a moment of silence.

"And your partner, his name was--" The detective was quickly cut off by Sousuke eerie voice.

"Chiro Miura... That was his name. Chiro Miura."

Another silence. It seemed the detectives were a little uneasy about this man. "Could you tell us if Muira ever acted strange at all? Any particular behaviors you observed while working with him at all?"

Sousuke answered them. "I don't know him that well, really. We didn't meet up frequently, only every once in a while to trade data, or when the entire group was called up for a meeting... That's the only times I really ever saw him. He acted normal, as far as I could tell. He was a short man, and I think this affected his consciousness.. He acted weaker than any other man I met. He was willing to do a lot of work to gain recognition, this I do know. I think..."

Silence. "Yes?" asked the detective, pushing for him to continue. "You think what?"

"I think he was a very weak man. I think he wanted to prove himself regardless of this point... I think he wanted to make himself known for something special, something that would make people forget about the way he looked and pay attention to the powerful mind that lay inside his skull.. Unfortunately for him, however.. heheh.. He didn't have much of a mind to back up that reasoning."

"Why do you say that?" asked the second detective.

"Well it's the simple truth," answered Sousuke quickly. His feet could be heard moving across the tiled floor. "He was nothing special, even if he wanted to believe so. You can't become greatness, even if you believe it. It's impossible... Somehow, I think Chiro knew this himself, somewhere deep in there, he knew it."

The detectives were silent again, not sure how to steer the conversation. After a moment, they continued. "Can you tell us what Chiro's part of the game was? What did he work on exactly?"

Sousuke answered more quickly than before. "Nothing... I mean, nothing important. He worked on some obscure parts of the beginning of the game." A pause, then a little more information. "It was Oak's part to be exact. He worked on some of Oak's parts... When he's seen first, you see.."

"What else?" pushed the police. They could hear it in Sousuke's voice. He knew something. "We know you know about the children and the deaths. We know it was Chiro who did it. He programmed something in the game."

"What are you implying?" asked Sousuke. It sounded like he was trying to maintain his voice.

"We're implying that since you're his partner, if you're hiding something from us, then you could just as much be responsible for those children's deaths as Chiro is himself!"

"You can't prove anything!" Sousuke shouted.

"Tell us what Chiro did to the game!" they shouted back.


Silence. Complete silence.

"You want to know, huh?" asked Sousuke finally, breaking the eerie silence, but replacing it with his voice. "You want to know what is this all about? Chiro was an idiot. He'd do anything for a bit of attention, anything at all. He couldn't program worth a shit either. The one thing he could do, however, was be manipulated. You could tell him what to do, and he'd do it. He wouldn't even question it, he'd do it. Just to hear that 'thank you' when you received the finish product, that was his reasons. That's all he wanted."

Two clicks from the detective's guns could be heard.

"I could control him flawlessly. He's a lot like Takenori... Of course none of you knew this, but I was the one who brought up the idea of the game, the idea of the entire operation. I just told the fellow what to do, and he followed me without doubt. He knows nothing, just like Chiro."

A sound of a window opening could be heard, follow by the detectives.

"Don't move or we'll shoot!"

"Let me tell you about a mechanic in the game," continued Sousuke. His voice was more rushed, but it still held that slyness. "Consider it a hint, alright? If you walk around in grassy areas enough a Pokemon will appear, and you'll have the chance to go into battle with it. It's a necessary part of the game overall, you see?"

"Step away from the window! We won't warn you again!"

"At the start of the game you have to walk into the grassy area before Oak appears and you receive your first Pokemon, understand me? Under normal circumstances, it was programmed that even though you're in a grassy area, no Pokemon will spawn... I made it different. I manipulated that Chiro, told him what to put in the program, gave him all the instructions on how to do it, and he did it flawlessly. It's rare, but it can happen.. Stepping into that grass, one can spawn..."

"Sousuke, we don't want to shoot!"

"Shoot me?" asked Souske, laughing at the same time. "Shoot ME? You're as dumb as Chiro was! Once he found out the truth, he had to end it! It was his fault after all! He shot himself because of it! If you're so determined to finish that case of yours, if you want to know, play the damn game for yourself! Roll the wheel, and who knows? Maybe you'll learn the secret for yourself!"

A shot could be heard, loud enough to distort the audio. Sounds of screaming, murmuring could be heard. The table the recorder was on crashed. Ear shattering distortions. Silence. Then laughing. Sousuke was laughing, and then words. "Come follow me... Come follow me..." And then nothing.

The recorder continued to record until the tape ran out. There was nothing else on it. The police arrived on the scene quickly, and to their horror they discovered Sousuke and the two detectives dead. They had all been shot, but not after struggling. The detectives had been shot multiple times, at least ten each, before dying after being shot in between their eyes. Sousuke himself had clearly died of two shots to his chest, straight through the heart.

This game was causing a massacre. At least a hundred children were dead. Nisino, the unexpecting friend, dead. Chiro, the manipulated toy, dead. The two detectives, dead. And now, even the creator, the cause of this atrocity, Sousuke, dead. This game was stretching far over it's original intentions. It was killing anyone and everyone who got involved.

The lead detective had decided to put this case away. He man who committed the crime was dead, so there was no longer any reason to continue the case. All evidence, all the cartridges, all the notes, all the letters, they were locked away, kept in the darkness where they belonged. There were talks about the entire thing, small conversations every now and then, but over the years even these began to fade away. Eventually, the case was only a memory in the minds of those who experienced it first hand.

Ten years passed. February 27, 2006 was the date. The lead detective, the man who locked away the original evidence ten years previous, was reminded of the awful event that occurred. Although he was no longer in the force, he still had access to files and was helped when he could. The reminder of the event caused him to look back, to open the sealed container that held all the evidence collected.

He read through the letters and the notes. He remembered the woman who had appeared to him on the street that one day and handed him that letter that lead to the change of the entire case. He wondered who she was, and where she had come from. Perhaps she was Chiro's mother... or maybe Sousuke's. It was far too late to pursue any of this. Far too late..

Sealing the container again, he saw a second one directly behind it. Pulling it out, he read the note on top of it. "Evidence #2104A" He opened it up, and looked inside. Filling the container were exactly 104 Pokemon Red and Green cartridges, each one in perfect condition, untouched since the day they had last checked them ten years ago.

He reached in and pulled one out, Pokemon Red. He hadn't seen one in a long time. He didn't know what he thought next, but he reached in his desk and pulled out an old Gameboy. He received it a long time ago, but it still worked. It was his son's, but he had died a few years ago. His wife was gone too. That was then though. Popping in the cartridge in the back of the Gameboy he turned on the system.

The title screen. Then the option to continue or start a new game. "Tanaka." That was the child's name, the one who played it first. He was probably dead, along with all the others. He pressed New Game, and started a new game. It was normal, average. He walked around, talked to his mother, went outside. He started walking towards the grass.

In his head, he could still hear Sousuke's words. Even though he was not there, even though he had never seen the man in his life, he could still see him, hear him. "Come follow me."

He was getting closer and closer, only a step or two away.

"Roll the wheel, and who knows? Maybe you'll learn the secret for yourself!"

He entered the grass. The screen did nothing at first. Nothing at all. It just sat there, and so did the detective, completely frozen, as if time had stopped just for them. The screen went black. and then lit up again, the iconic green background with black text appearing.

The lead detectives weary eyes grew wide. He couldn't help but read out what was there in front of him.

"Come follow me, come follow me, come follow me. I miss you dad, I miss you my husband, I miss you so much."

Tears formed in his eyes, falling down his cheeks. Screens and screens of text appeared and he rapidly clicked the A button to continue it. It was his wife and his child. They were speaking to him, calling to him, crying with him. They wanted to see him, they loved him, he loved them.

"I love you too," muttered the man in a hoarse, scratching voice.

"Come follow me, become new again. We want to see you and hold you, and be with you forever and ever and ever and ever."


"Don't stay away. You can see us too.. We miss you.. Come follow me. We love yo--"

A black screen. The detectives eyes grew wide, his jaw dropping. The screen lit back up, and Oak was leading him out of the grass. "Come follow me," said Oak.

"NO!" shouted the man, dropping the game onto the floor. He quickly fell forward, reaching for it, bringing the screen back to his face. "Bring them back, bring them back to me!" The game continued on as usual, not responding to the detective at all. "My wife, my child, listen to me! Bring them back to me, I said!"

Voices... He heard voices, hundreds of voices. He turned around from his seat, looking behind him, and standing in his small room were children, many children. Some had no eyes, some had rings around their throats, some were burned all across their body. They were screaming, reaching towards him.

"Bring back my mommy, bring back my daddy, bring back my pet!" they all screamed out, reaching for the game, their mouths agape with horror and pain. "I don't want them to go away, bring them back to me, bring them back to me!"

"No!" shouted the detective. "It's mine! My family is here, don't touch it!" Horror was across his face.

"Come follow me..." said a voice. The lead detective looked over, and in the corner of his room, next to an old desk, was Sousuke. He stood in the corner, tall, handsome, clean. A smile was on his face, stretching across his face. "Come follow me..."

The lead detective jumped up, stepping back, trying to force away the children crawling towards him, reaching out for the game held tightly within his hands. "Wh-what's going on here!? What's going on!? Where is my family!?"

Sousuke smiled generously. "I'll show you. I'll help you get away from them, you see? Just follow me." Sousuke reached down, and opened a drawer on the old desk. The lead detective, pushing through the crowd of children, trying to get away, looked inside.

Siting there, covered with dust, was his old gun from when he was on the force. He had not used that gun in many years and had put it away, not wanting to remember the things he had to do with it. But right now he didn't see it as something that caused pain or that killed. It was shining, it was light. It was something that could set him free.

"Just follow me," said Sousuke, picking up the gun and putting it in the lead detectives hand. He formed his hand to hold the gun, then brought it up to his temple. "Just pull the trigger. That's all."

The lead detective turned around. The children were crawling at him, grabbing his legs and pulling at him. They reached for the game. He turned back towards Sousuke, and smiled.

"My family... I'll follow you." He pulled the trigger. Bang. His brains spread the wall as he fell to the ground, dead.

It was a few days before the body was discovered. It lay on the floor, blood everywhere. In one hand held an empty gun, and in the other was a classic Gameboy with Pokemon Red on the back. The battery had long died, and only an empty, black screen was left.

This was the final murder that the remaining authorities would allow. The last detective who was ever a part of this case personally carried all 104 cartridges away, and burned them all, making sure not a single one survived. There would taunt no more.

However, this is not the end of the story. The code was said to have survived, and was even passed on to other language versions of the games. If you have an old Pokemon game, you can place the cartridge in the back of the classic Gameboy, turn on the system, and roll the wheel; who knows? Maybe you'll learn the secret for yourself.

Web Programming and Design / {AP}'s Web Projects
« on: June 05, 2010, 01:59:20 am »
Well, as you know, I have several web projects going now and instead of making a topic for each of them, I thought I'd make one topic with all the updates and any other information about my web development pursuits. Also, feel free to use this topic to comment on any of the projects and give ideas.

Removed From Game
Description: Currently undergoing a major change. I plan on making this have links to all my other projects and just general information about me. Basically, it'll just be a simple personal site and I'll just be adding whatever I want to it. More info about it later.

Latest Update:
  • Under construction.

RFG Client
Description: Houses artwork and links to things plus all sorts of little extra features. There's several things to do there than just browse the images. If you know how to use linux... or even DOS then you can find some stuff. Try talking to it. Memes. Anything. Lost? Ask for "help".

Latest Update:
  • Added in a new command based on DJ's suggestion.

Image Uploader *New
Description: Just a simple image uploader. Made to replace Imageshack for users and anyone else I give permission.

Latest Update:
  • It's all up and running. Next is adding thumbnail support then a gallery.

I Can Has Ducky! *Kinda new
Description: This was an old site I made that houses all the funny screen captures (screencaps) from the making of Megatokyo. The artist draws the comic live online and occasionally goes off and draws random things and such. This site was made to show other fans who didn't get to watch the live drawing what they missed.

Latest Update:
  • Haven't updated in over a year but I'm planning on reworking the entire gallery. It'll be more visually appealing and able to be searched through. Also, setting up a log-in for myself and some trusted mods to add to speed up editing/adding/deleting things uploaded.

Dynamic Userbars
Description: A site that generates userbars with your own text that you specify in the URL so if you want to, say, update the progress of your project all you have to do is change the URL of the image instead of fixing it and reuploading it then changing it. Convenient! If you don't want to make to URL from scratch, then I included a generator. (This project was entirely just me testing out the GD library.)

Latest Update:
  • No changes but I'm still looking for ideas if you have any.

Chat Logs [No link and no official name yet]
Description: This will be a site a lot like where anyone can start an account and add quotes and chat logs to the site and anyone can browse through them. It can take logs from several chat programs and will display them in a format much like the chat program it came from. Each user will be able to add any number of these logs and can delete them at will. I may also allow private logs and such. We'll see how this evolves.

Latest Update:
  • Just in a testing phase. I have a screenshot of this version somewhere... I'll post it later.

Killed Projects:

Naruto Jiyuu [No link]
Description: This is a forum roleplaying site with the Naruto universe as the setting and it's own original storyline, characters, and roleplaying system. This project was started by a friend of mine and we currently have a team of 4 people working on it. Unfortunately, I'm the only coder of the bunch, but that just means they get to work on all the hard stuff like the story and system's details. I'll be modifying SMF to work with the system. There will be profiles for each user's characters, a database for all the jutsu with the forum system auto-linking the jutsu names in posts to the page with that jutsu's information, and... well... a lot more. This will easily be my biggest project.

Latest Update:

  • The team is currently designing the system that I'll have to code in later. There's a temporary Invisionfree version that's been up for years (where it was originally started) but it seriously sucks and has nothing to do with the version we're working on now.
*This project was killed off by the other team members officially 8/4/10.

Dragon Tavern: Boss Hunter
Description: This is evolving into a fansite for the casual browser RPG, Dragon Tavern. It was originally just going to be a place to record boss kills for bragging rights (and a way to practice interacting with MySQL using PHP more) and is going to become a full database of information and will host guides and such. I'm also talking with the admin of the game and seeing if I can get my site integrated into the official one a bit more. We'll see.

Latest Update:

  • Got rid of every table (yes, no <table>,<tr>, or <td> tags anywhere) and validated the site for XHTML 1.0 Strict and CSS on W3C. Man, I'm cool. =D

Other Updates
  • Learned XHTML.
  • Evolved past the need to use tables for formatting. =D
  • Started getting my sites validated by W3C.
  • Contacted the admin of Dragon Tavern in hopes to get added to the team to help develop the game. I haven't gotten approval yet, but I have a chance. I mostly just want the experience and have told them I'm willing to work for free because of it. Hope that helps~

Miscellaneous / Where I've Been
« on: June 03, 2010, 11:06:30 pm »
As you guys may have noticed, my activity has been pretty low recently. A number of things have come up, but the most important thing is college.
Since it's started up, things have just been different. Getting used to having to live on my own now and a whole bunch of other things I never had to worry about. Everything's fine and all, just so different and I find that I'm doing less and less of what I normally do for some reason.

Calc Stuff
I still have mine and use it for my math class, but I haven't really done any programming recently. Made a quick 2-36 base converter, but that's about it. I'm not sure how much I will be programming at all anymore. I used to start all my projects in math class (where all I had was a calculator) and continue them at home because I didn't want to stop... but now I'm not starting anything because I need to actually work to make sure I pass. Still, maybe I'll think of something for this Axe contest. We'll just have to wait and see.

Web Stuff
I'm maintaining all my previous sites but some changes and new stuff is in the works.
  • The RemovedFromGame site is gone (the YGO/MTG forum was never going to kick off... I tried at least) and has been replaced with a modified version of the XKCD April Fools site. (with my stuff instead of the comics and some other changes)
  • The userbar site is still up and running fine but I've run out of ideas on improvements for now. Thanks to the graphics library not supporting transparency very well, I haven't been able to manage the highlights on custom backgrounds yet. =(
  • [No Link] I'm working on a site for a friend called 'Naruto Jiyuu'. It's a Roleplaying site that takes place in the Naruto universe without any of the canon characters existing. It has it's own robust storyline and a in-depth roleplaying system. Personally, I'm using SMF for the forum and will be coding in the system they need from scratch. No idea when it'll all be up and running. I only handle the coding. The system is being planned out now by 3 other people. It's been estimated that we'll get it done by the end of summer. I'll keep you updated.
  • Dragon Tavern: Boss Hunter is a fansite of sorts in the works. It's currently just a way to display my characters and the bosses I've killed in the casual browser RPG, Dragon Tavern. I'm planning on a database of information to help others out and will be taking on staff to help add to it. After that, there will probably be guides and who knows what else. I'll be talking to the admin more about it later. I just started this project last night, but it's coming along nicely. This is my first time making scripts to modify databases easily and, out of laziness, I just made it require a password for now instead of adding in a log-in system or anything. Still, it's a nice little site so far.
  • [No Link] The chat log site is currently on hold for other things. It's still a project I want to see done though. For now, I'm just working on other projects and learning more before I work on something like this. It's much more complex than I thought it'd be but I'll level up enough to take it on. >D
I'm still working and everything's great... I've just found less time to post these days. Especially because the forum activity is mostly Axe right now, which is something I know very, very little about so I've kinda out grown my usefulness a bit early. ^^;
I may work on learn Axe too later... but I'm also thinking I should just stick to Basic (or CIII). It's what I'm good at and if it completely dies out later, so be it. I'll keep coding in it.

Not sure how my activity will be... but I'll keep lurking and let you guys know when anything happens.

Gaming Discussion / osu!
« on: May 25, 2010, 08:22:26 pm »
Another quality game topic by {AP}!

*Click the logo to go to the official site.

I just started playing osu! yesterday and I'm completely hooked. I hardly slept last night and had to run back to my dorm to get a few more games in between each class... it's that good.

     osu! is a free rhythm game which is based on the Elite Beat Agents and Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan! games for the Nintendo DS. osu! is primarily played using a mouse to click 'beats' displayed on-screen in time with the music. This is analogous to tapping the beats on the Nintendo DS screen with a stylus. At the top of the screen, a health bar is present, which is constantly drained. If the player hits or clears a beat, the health meter at the top of the screen fills slightly. If he misses a beat, a large part of the meter is drained, and if it gets completely empty, he fails the song. There are three types of beats in the game: Hit circles, sliders and spinners. Every time the player hits a hit circle or an end circle, touch a slider tick, or clear a spinner, the combo is raised by 1. If he misses any of the above, the combo is reset back to 0. While trying to keep an authentic feel gameplay-wise, osu! has a wide range of online features, such as player rankings and replay exchange. Also available is a fully functional built-in editor allowing intuitive creation of your own beatmaps, and a quickly growing library of user-created content.

Example of Gameplay Yes. This is me playing.

Beginner Tips
Spoiler For Spoiler:
Input styles

Try Z/X if mouseclicking and alt clicking is too hard.(this would use both hands, one for mouse and one for Z/X)
If you have the money, see if you enjoy a tablet.
Mess with mouse/ingame sensitivity if you feel like your hand is getting exhausted or flying off the pad.(If your mouse is flying off the pad mouse acceleration can be a culprit.)
Use a solid color mousepad or a sheet of paper.(This only truly applies to cheaper mice)
Turn off mouse acceleration.(google it, even if you suck right when you turn it off it doesn't matter. it's like changing sensitivity, just get used to it.  It should only take a day at most.)
If your sensitivity is very low, and you refuse to go higher, you may just want to leave mouse acceleration on.


Spin small if you spin slowly.
Spin small on harder maps during first playthroughs.
Spin large if you have a high dexterity.
Spin the direction that feels natural.
Smaller circles are more controllable.
Turn off mouse accel and see if you can spin faster/easier.  With mouse accel on I end up making small circles around the outside of the play area when I'm making perfect circles on my mousepad, it's all about the speed/distance garbage mouse acceleration is.

Repeating sliders

Hold until the moment you have to click the next beat, in case one lasts longer than you expect.
Unfortunately, having problems with Repeating Sliders usually boils down to memorizing the map since most don't follow the beat that well.


If you're having issues with jumps, try experimenting with mouse acceleration off.
If you find jumps to be a big issue, try gradually increasing your mouse sensitivity.  This helps with keeping your wrist from getting into awkward positions by minimizing how much your hand actually moves.
Practice makes perfect.


Either you have some unbearably low mouse sensitivity or it's mouse acceleration, if it bothers you a lot, turn off mouse acceleration.

Fix your universal offset, done right you will probably notice a lot less 100s.
If you want to go for accuracy, get a timing ear for adjusting individual offsets to what you like.
Offset hotkeys are available ingame durings songs, just push - or + on your keyboard

Play maps you can't beat, you'll get better faster.  Trust me.
Watch a replay before playing the map.(Autoplay works too, doesn't really matter this is just to prep you for some jumps or mapping errors)
Don't use crappy skins that have too many visual effects that can end up blinding you/cluttering your view.

Useful Links
Spoiler For Spoiler:

Omnimaga Players*
  • {AP}
    *If you start playing, post your profile URL and I'll add it to the list.

Art / Hay Bale Pixel Art
« on: April 12, 2010, 06:55:26 pm »
Introduction Thingie-
So, some of you know of the popular 'Farmville' game on Facebook. Well, it's created something of a form of art with their hay bales which take up exactly a 1x1 space on a grid that can get as big as 98x98. As such, several people have taken to arranging hay bales into art. Unfortunately, not only do you need to spend some time to level up and get enough money to upgrade the size of your farm to its highest but it costs quite a bit to get enough hay bales to complete your work.

Anyway, this is the whole reason I started Farmville in the first place. For now, I only have one design done (since I only just recently upgraded to the 90x90 farm) and thought I'd share my little hobby with you guys.

Available Hay Bales-

So... as you can see, you're really limited on colors which makes this art even harder.

Finished Designs-

FF1 Practice

Finished with it a a 90x90 farm so I couldn't fit in the bottom GUI thing. I would finish it, but I want to work on another design once I get to 98x98.
Though, I made that GUI pixel-by-pixel. I can't believe how perfectly it fit. =D



The checkered part is where the crops will be planted. (216 spots) The rest will have scattered animals/buildings/whatever. I'll just have to wait and see.
Anyway, these are Pokemon from the dropped project Pokemon BattleFire. They just looked so great together, I couldn't resist. Hope it comes out well.
(It was a pain in the ass trying to get it down to just using the colors available at 2am while suffering from insomnia and a headache. D= )

Gaming Discussion / Stepmania!
« on: March 26, 2010, 07:59:16 pm »
*Logo is a link to the site. ;)

Stepmania! It's DDR for your fingers. With a limitless amount of songs available on every difficulty imaginable (but mostly just really hard or insane) it really is better. You could even get a dance pad for your PC and never have to buy another DDR game again. Anyway, who here plays? If you don't, why not try? Song packs can be found below and I can try (emphasis on try) and give some pointers to those that want it.



Various downloads for Stepmania. Songs, themes, and noteskins. If you want me to add something to the list, just let me know.

Song Packs
None of these are hosted by me, but they're some pretty damn good packs. I'll link to each of them and give an approximate difficulty rating for the one's I've tried. Much more to come in the future. Unzip them into your Songs folder. (except for the Otaku's Dream series, you have to unzip those into your Stepmania folder) Due to the varying types of files used, I'd recommend WinAce. It's worked for every file here so far, but if you have another Unzipper you prefer, then use it.

Song PackNotes

276mb | .zip
Otaku's Dream 1st Anime Mix
Varying difficulties.
Most songs have easy modes.

501.7mb | .zip
Otaku's Dream 2nd Anime Mix
Varying difficulties.
Most songs have easy modes.

840.6mb | .zip
Otaku's Dream 3rd Anime Mix
Varying difficulties.
Most songs have easy modes.

806.7mb | .zip
Otaku's Dream 4th Anime Mix
Varying difficulties.
Most songs have easy modes.

197mb | .rar | Megaupload
Guitar Hero Mega Pack
Mostly really hard songs.
Several songs from GH1 and 2.

108.2mb | .tar.bz2
Super Simfile Song Pack
Varying difficulties.
Most songs have easy modes.
Interesting variety of genres.

99.9mb | .rar
Ultimate Simfile Pack
Dominated by really difficult songs.
Interesting variety of genres.

247mb | .rar
SMGroove Pack
Dominated by really difficult songs.
Mostly hardcore japanese songs.

232.3mb | .rar
SMGroove Pack 2
Dominated by really difficult songs.
Mostly hardcore japanese songs.
91mb | .rar
Um... see for yourself. Srsly.
Anime Songs
302.7mb | .rar
Anime Songs
Varying difficulties.
Most songs have an easy mode.
All anime songs.
SS Nintendo Pack
63.4mb | .zip
SS Nintendo Pack
Extremely varying difficulties.
Mostly harder songs though.
It's all songs from Nintendo's games.
SS Squaresoft Pack
94.7mb | .zip
SS Squaresoft Pack
Extremely varying difficulties.
Mostly harder songs though.
It's all songs from Squaresoft's games.

Just some themes. Unzip into your Themes folder.

Theme I'm currently using.
Based off of IIDX 13.
AOI sapphire
Another great theme.
Remake of a theme based on IIDX 12.
NEX: future vision projekt
The first theme I used.
An original theme inspired by IIDX.

Just double click them. They're an .SMzip file that will unload to the correct spot by themselves as long as Stepmania is installed.

Great set of notes that follows a more modern version of the default.
Apocalypse 2
Amazing set of notes that I still currently use.
Futuristic look with epic lightning-esque holds.


Holding spot. I'll collect what we do here. =)

(EDIT DJ Omni: wow I really need to add a MOD to merge close double-posts x.x)

Web Programming and Design / Dynamic Userbars!
« on: March 22, 2010, 07:33:52 pm »
I needed to do a bit of PHP to get ready for college and these things are useful. This allows you to make dynamic, simple mini-userbars. (195x20 px) I needed these on Facebook for 2 reasons. Normal userbars are too big, and using a generator or doing them myself in Photoshop would require reuploading eveytime my level changed or I wanted to add a game to my list. Afterwards, I expanded the code to be a bit more useful for others. So, I thought I'd share.

For an example, just look at my signature. You can change the name of the game, the level, or just put a message on it. You can also change the BG color, but I only have 5 options at the moment. Later on, I'll add more colors, maybe some logos, maybe an option to add a picture/logo to it. If you have any other ideas, let me know.

Here's how it all works.

Blank Bar

Code: [Select]
Code: [Select] just gives a gray bar with nothing on it. Now, the fun stuff.

BG Color

Code: [Select]
Code: [Select] add a ? to separate the commands from the rest of the url then bg= and your color and you can change it. If it's not one of the supported colors, it defaults to gray OR if you don't use bg= at all it will default to gray.
Current available colors:
  • red
  • green
  • black
  • brown
  • blue
  • lightblue
  • yellow
  • orange
  • purple
  • pink
  • gray

Adding a Message

Code: [Select] like pie
Code: [Select] like pie even more than I did in the other barTo separate the commands, you use & and for messages add msg= then the text. Note, don't use anything but letters, numbers, and spaces. It'll most likely not work if you do... unless you use my converter!

Just type in the string you want, special characters and all, and it'll give out the results with examples.

Game Mini-Userbar

Code: [Select]
Code: [Select]
Code: [Select]
Code: [Select]
Code: [Select]
Code: [Select] the 4 supported games, you don't need to change the BG but if it's not either "farmville", "mafiawars", "ninjawarz", or "castleage" (and it most likely won't be) you should add the bg= or it'll default to gray. Basically, game= works the same way as msg= but handles the background color for any supported games too so you can easily replace the two if you want. The other command, lvl= will simply add "Level: ###" to the right side. Preferred if it was 0-999. You can do longer numbers, but it might not show it all.

Username (only for normal userbars)

Code: [Select] add in a name= and your name. (Remember, only letters, numbers, spaces, and underscores.)

That's pretty much the gist of it. Just typing in the URL will show you the image, so you don't have to post it somewhere to test. Any questions, just ask. Any ideas, then let me know. I'm having fun with this. =)

Humour and Jokes / Hell's Newest Knight
« on: March 13, 2010, 03:49:21 am »
My post count has pleased Satan.

I have been contacted by his people and they are going to take me to Hell for training so that I may join their army's most elite force.
Unfortunately, this means I shall no longer have time for 'programming' or 'games' as I must prepare for the End War. When that day comes, I hope to not cross any of your paths, but if I do, I'd advise you run for I will kill you without hesitation. It's my sole purpose now. I must fight for my master.

I am now a Hell Knight. Even the forces of Heaven cower at the mention of my name.
I due time, you shall all know that fear... but not for long. I don't plan on letting anyone live.
* {AP} vanishes with an evil laugh.

Gaming Discussion / ForumWarz
« on: March 12, 2010, 11:54:22 pm »
(Note: Firefox/Safari/Chrome required.)
*Click image.

ForumWarz is a browser-based RPG with probably the best concept ever. Your goal is to PWN forums wiping them from the face of the internet while gaining a reputation over the web and increasing your E-peen. How do you do this you ask? Easy! Try trolling, hacking, whining, flirting, and/or just being completely retarded. There's plenty of types of forums you can wreak havoc on and missions to accomplish. Several colorful characters you can meet via sTalk. (the in-game IM system) There's plenty of items to help with this goal too. Computers (including a graphing calculator xP), hardware, glasses, spiders, and all sorts of files. Then... there's junk. Selling junk online is the best way to make money. How do you get junk? Get famous! Your fans will send you all sorts of junk everyday. Yes, you get fans. Anyway, I'm rambling at this point...

It has a great interface and atmosphere that make you feel like you're actually just surfing the web and screwing with people. Also, there's systems set-up to where the community can create new items, forums, and such to be voted on whether they're included in the game. This, of course, means that stereotypes, word play, and memes can be found everywhere. Seriously, people. Try it. One thing to note though, this is not a game you can sit down and spend several hours playing everyday. You can only visit forums a certain amount of times per day which I think is great because it keeps me coming back everyday for more and has me unable to get addicted enough to lose anymore sleep.

So, what are you waiting for? Join in the fun. =)

(Just a note: If enough people start playing, I'll make a Klan for Omnimaga.)


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