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« on: November 12, 2011, 01:37:56 am »
This is a relatively small game that I had in mind to get back into programming. It will be coded in TI-Basic, and I'm not sure about graphics, I think I'm going to draw the maps while the game is loading, and save it to pic files and recall them within game, and delete them when you quit to save up space.

Anyways this game is basically going to be a simulation game where you are a guild master, trying to grow your guild.
You go around the city getting requests from people, and you assign heroes to do the task, and if they succeed, the heroes get the xp and you get the rewards money from the requestees. With the money, you advertise your guild to raise your guild ratings, which means better paying requests and more heroes applying to work for your guild. Buy the equipments and items for your heroes, train them, and send them to adventures. If you send low level heroes into hard adventures, they might die so you must send a higher level hero.

The final goal is that there is an attack on the city by the demons. You must use your heroes in your guild to protect the city and defeat the demons.

What do you guys think?

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