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  1. Cubefield ported to the PRIZM
  2. Some site features temporarily disabled
  3. 3rd 48-hour Casio Programming Contest underway
  4. Finally, a TI-Nspire translator!
  5. 1st try of hard-dumping the CAS+
  6. Revival of the TI-81
  7. Incoming Downtime
  8. Forum data loss (about a whole day of new posts)
  9. Omnimaga introduces new forum rule and filter regarding posting links
  10. Axe and Nspire-Lua emulators arrival
  11. DDoS attack leads to 16 hours of Omnimaga downtime
  12. Another PRIZM contest: Make a BASIC game or tool in 2 days!
  13. James Vernon releases AB4 and Invaded
  14. New memory optimized mViewer CX
  15. An Omni TI book, 7 years in the making
  16. Dive into Critor's TI collection...
  17. TI-Story: the entire TI community history documentation in one place
  18. Hallucinate with a calculator!
  19. Missing text in news articles fixed
  20. Old website news back up!
  21. TI-Nspire calculators now have Ndless possibilities
  22. Omnimaga introduces Minus World on forums
  23. Gravity Duck for the PRIZM
  24. An official TI-Nspire theme editor!
  25. Real photos of the new TI-84+ Pocket SE !
  26. Reflash your Nspire CX Diags without RS232!!!
  27. Fast food and 3D graphing for PRIZM users!
  28. Introducing the TI-Nspire CX mini Presenter
  29. A-Map & A-Sprite, a map and sprite editor for Axe programmers
  30. Reflash your Nspire CX Boot2!!!
  31. Old forum statistics resynced and integrated into the database
  32. The Old board archive SMF conversion project
  33. Reflash your Nspire Boot2 without RS232!!!
  34. The Great Axe Wiki Spring Cleaning
  35. Old board PM system to close on May 1st 2012
  36. Some changes on Facebook
  37. Mod your Nspire prototypes into real Nspire, at last!
  38. First non-TI-BASIC game on TI-Nspire OS 3.0
  39. Site Updates and New Managment
  40. LuaFX arrives on the FX-9860G
  41. Watch compressed videos on your TI-Nspire!
  42. TI-Boy SE Beta pre-release
  43. The TI-Phoenix 1, watch it booting!
  44. Introducing "Programming the TI-83+/84+"
  45. Mod your prototype Nspire into a production one
  46. Hot_Dog steps down as manager
  47. Juju steps down as manager
  48. Juju discovers NSFW material in Illusiat TI-81 Remake
  49. Ndless 3.1 adds support for file associations
  50. OS 3.2 announced for this Spring