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  1. Eeems goes away for a while
  2. TI-83 & 84 Plus BASIC RPG Nostalgia video series
  3. Forum overhaul and updates: 2nd featured projects section added
  4. TI-89 emulator for the TI-Nspire?
  5. Merry Christmas
  6. TI-Nspire emulator released
  7. Nickname change problem with Omnimaga IRC client
  8. Forum statistic page update
  9. Online Hex Disassembler revived and old #omnimaga logs online
  10. Program Of The Year voting open!
  11. UTI back up
  12. Fewer people, but more programs?
  13. TI-Boy soon for the TI-Nspire?
  14. Reuben Quest & ROL series makes GamesRadar & Makezine front page
  15. Wall Street Journal Article
  16. Nspire OS decrypted
  17. Shift, Trapped released and site updates
  18. Unfinished RPG "The Core Of Light" by Timendus released as is
  19. TI-Connect beta patch for 64 bit OSes
  20. Noahbaby94 retires
  21. TiLP- it's alive!
  22. Nitacku retires
  23. Geocities dying next month: TI calculator documentation backup time?
  24. Contest update: Missing entry fiasco solved
  25. Contest Winners
  26. Chips Challenge released for the TI-83+
  27. Miotatsu joins our ranks
  28. {AP} Retires From Calc-Programming
  29. Cooliojazz joins Omnimaga staff
  30. Pure TI-BASIC portion of contest voting postponed
  31. Contest public voting underway
  32. Contest [updated 07/09/2009]
  33. Builderboy joins Omnimaga staff
  34. Staff renewal time. We're hiring new calculator programmers!
  35. Omnimaga project 8th anniversary
  36. Omnimaga Contest deadline for entry submissions reached
  37. 1 million requests since Omnimaga re-opening
  38. New TI calculator model and rumors about a May 2009 release of TI-Nspire OS 1.7
  39. #omnimaga relocates back to EfNet
  40. DJ Omnimaga checking out (break) and contest update
  41. Trevmeister66 Checking Out.
  42. New comment rating system (Youtube-alike) and forum bug fixes
  43. A 3rd admin and update for Coders Of Tomorrow's permissions
  44. Release of Game Boy Emulator for TI-83+SE & 84+SE & New Staff!
  45. File attachments size cap increased from 256 KB to 1 MB
  46. Netham45 and Art_Of_Camelot part ways with Omnimaga
  47. Reminder
  48. Programming contest updates
  49. File archive restoration underway: All music re-added
  50. TI-Nspire OS 1.7 released