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  1. OmnomIRC Downtime
  2. Staff music download section now open to 1000-post regulars
  3. Users impersonation
  4. Private Matters Section Added
  5. TCAP, a French version of HCWP!
  6. Members organizes ritual for DJ_O's postcount of 30000
  7. Toki Tori & Ice Slider for the FX-9860G
  8. Lua contest extended and the revival of zContest
  9. The Launch of a new website : TI-Planet
  10. The TI-Nspire ViewScreen is a true Nspire too!
  11. Webchat now available in the navigation bar
  12. Doing too much with the TI-Nspire dock connectors?
  13. Trapped for TI-89 (Finally) Released!
  14. ASM to arrive on TI-80 ROM 4.0 soon?
  15. Omnimaga Contest 2011 Part 3 results
  16. A New "Wave" of Physics Simulations
  17. New forum feature: Monthly posting stats for individual members
  18. Survey
  19. Papijump invasion
  20. 10th anniversary of Illusiat
  21. Omnimaga Programming Contest 2011 Part 3: Casio Prizm poll and judging starts
  22. Lua for AFX, Grammer, Zelda 68K revival, EpicFail8x and Luna update
  23. Farewell
  24. Contest Part 3 starts: Casio PRIZM Game, Programming Tool or Media Player
  25. Omnimaga Rules Update
  26. Obliterate 1.0 released
  27. TI-Nspire CX - The Next Generation
  28. Only 2 weeks left to the Prizm contest!
  29. Omnimaga turns 10 years old
  30. Texas Instruments redesigns entire graphing calculator line
  31. Every DJ Omnimaga song is now available in the download section
  32. TNOC for OS 3.0 and how to downgrade from 3.0 if you didn't use TNOC
  33. 10th anniversary tribute video
  34. Omnimaga Contest 2011 Part 2 results
  35. TI-BANK and Revsoft temporarily unavailable
  36. Omnimaga Programming Contest 2011 Part 2: TI-Nspire poll and judging starts
  37. The future of TI-BANK compromised
  38. Programming capabilities as crippled on the CX as the old TI-Nspires?
  39. Winning the game since 3 years
  40. OmnomIRC moved to new server
  41. Two new TI-Nspire card games
  42. The first ever 3D color calculator game!
  43. OS 3.0.2 downgrade now possible with DowngradeFix
  44. Contest Part 2 starts: TI-Nspire Game
  45. thepenguin77 releases an awesomely easy way to save a corrupted archive
  46. The 1st homemade Nspire dock connector
  47. TI-84+ prototype photo
  48. New Nspire Models: CX-C, CX-C CAS, and CM
  49. Nspire Contest Participants - Hurry!
  50. Axe Parser 1.0.0 is out!