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  1. Non calculator projects and ideas sub-forum added back
  2. Omnimaga tribute video
  3. Omnimaga holds Axe Parser Programming Contest (RULES UPDATED JULY 17TH)
  4. Axe Contest ending soon!
  5. Jailbreaking a PS3 using a TI-84 Plus?
  6. I'm leaving from staff
  7. Nspire 2.1 out, don't install it!
  8. Mapar007 retires. Contest and status update
  9. S.A.D. Alpha 3 Now Available For Download
  10. Two years later...
  11. SpyBot45 Cemetech & UTI notifications disabled
  12. Radio offline & upcoming site updates
  13. Bwang & apcalc join team. Hot_Dog becomes admin. DJ returns to admin position
  14. The return of the website links section
  15. Radio back online
  16. Jsj795 no longer staff
  17. Final calculator RPGs/tools download section update
  18. Reminder, Part II
  19. Sub-forums updates
  20. Almost all lucky 7s
  21. Some minor site updates
  22. OVER 9000% activity increase over the same date last year & other stuff
  23. OS 2.1 NleasheD & 50000 forum posts
  24. 6th time in a row (not the game being lost, a monthly posting record)
  25. S.A.D. Alpha 2 Now Available For Download
  26. Omnimaga reaches 5 millions requests. {AP} retires.
  27. Omnimaga activity skyrockets, Cemetech follows suit
  28. Thanks to Everyone for Supporting TI-83+ Z80 ASM for the Absolute Beginner
  29. SirCmpwn Joins The Ranks of the Coders Of Tomorrow
  30. 2010 ACT-SO National Gold Medalist in Computer Science
  31. Former TIMGUL admin JCW leaves Omni team. Open spots still avaliable in our team
  32. The end of Revsoft?
  33. 20000 posts in a year on an english TI forum for the first time since 2007
  34. DJ Omnimaga temporary moves down one staff position
  35. June posting record broken in 666*1251 seconds
  36. Notice about OmnomIRC
  37. April Fools Day
  38. KermMartian updates SourceCoder to 2.5
  39. Video tribute to Axe Parser project
  40. TI-Nspire Raycaster reaches engine source release status
  41. xLIB on OS 2.54MP now possible
  42. IRC Post notifier back up: pink username (read: Netham45) online more often!
  43. International sections (French/Dutch) back & 4th monthly posting record in a row
  44. Builderboy and Ztrumpet promoted to admin positions
  45. Simplethinker retirement and info regarding Omnimaga hosting
  46. Another major forum sections overhaul: help section split by languages
  47. Minor forum settings update due to traffic overload
  48. BrandonW fixes TI-84 Plus (SE) OS 2.53MP for xLIB compatibility
  49. 2007 activity beaten too, 3000000 requests and 6th activity increase in a row
  50. Activity increase over the entire year 2009