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  1. SOPA/PIPA blackout
  2. New Website Testing
  3. Zelda for the Prizm?
  4. New site feature: list all attachments from a topic in one page
  5. [Prizm] Tetrizm v1.0
  6. 2012 Cemetech contest results announced
  7. Invasion of the PRIZM games
  8. PETA sends cease & desist letter to Omnimaga for lobster mistreatment
  9. 250000 posts since May 2005 & new yearly record for 2011
  10. Upcoming short downtime
  11. 2 years of Axe Parser
  12. Site back up (it seems)
  13. AxePaint released
  14. Gravity Guy for the TI-Nspire
  15. Native Lua Extensions thanks to the latest Ndless update !
  16. Using the 83+/84+ bottom keys as touchpad, sort-of
  17. Ndless file association, Metroid 89 clone & online 83+ emulator
  18. ZTrumpet Retires From Omnimaga Staff
  19. Subscribe to Omnimaga on Youtube!
  20. nPlayer for Nspire CX
  21. Several members' post counts re-synced
  22. CGPN: The Calculator Game Programming Newsletter
  23. TCAP start time moved two hours later
  24. Cemetech contest ends tonight. Hurry!
  25. Earliest TI-Nspire prototype discovery
  26. Signed Operating Systems - Who needs them?
  27. Grammer sub-forum added
  28. zlib & libpng ported to the Nspire -> open, zoom and scroll PNG images!
  29. OSLauncher, LUA to TNS converter and TI document player
  30. Diagnostics & maintenance menu in the Lab Cradle!
  31. Even more early TI-Nspire prototype discovery
  32. mViewer CX Edition, the color BMP image reader is here!
  33. Make your Nspire CX a rocket!
  34. TotKotM released on Amazon, iTunes, eMusic & Zune!
  35. Be careful about Lab Cradle prototypes!
  36. Ndless 3.1 coming soon?
  37. TI-84 Plus Pocket SE
  38. A Nspire powered by a non-TI rechargeable battery!
  39. The TI-Nspire ViewScreen panel is a true TI-Nspire CAS+ !!!
  40. A semi-3D tilt-maze type game in Lua
  41. For on-calc PRGM editor lovers: An assembler for you!
  42. nRGBlib for the TI-Nspire CX
  43. Fall activity down by 30%, but still a record year
  44. Will you survive to the 7 nDoom Hells?
  45. Midnight Final Release
  46. Absolute Madness
  47. Ticalc publishes 2011 POTY results
  48. Ndless 3 is born... (photo + video)
  49. An on-calc music tracker for the TI-84+ with export features!
  50. Cemetech gives holiday present to Casio Prizm owners