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  1. CGPN: May, June and July 2011 newsletter available
  2. Donations
  3. FLASHY - 83/4 series boot code modification
  4. Crabcake for Axe
  5. Omnimaga Programming Contest 2011 Part 1: Axe Parser poll and judging starts
  6. Omnimaga Contest 2011 Part 1 results
  7. Tutorial section now open
  8. TI-Nspire CX officially released at $159.99
  9. German boards are now live!
  10. 18th month in a row beating that month's record
  11. Prizm Video Player and Nspire OS 3.1
  12. Gossamer release and update to DCS7
  13. Five new Coders of Tomorrow hired
  14. More free space on your Nspire with TNOC
  15. Axe Contest Participants - Hurry
  16. Two new French 68K games released
  17. ThePenguin's TruVid
  18. Omnimaga 2011 Programming Contest, Part #1: Axe Parser
  19. Testing new bot-automated front page news article system
  20. 10 Years Later: The End of an Era
  21. An update to Bobby Carrot
  22. 100+ posts day streak reaches 1 year
  23. New Board added for Discontinued Projects
  24. Omnimaga gets a teamspeak server
  25. On-calc Lua programming now possible!
  26. Duplicate attachment file name glitch fixed
  27. Omnimaga now hiring new Coders of Tomorrow (programming team)
  28. Bobby Carrot released
  29. OmnomIRC temporary offline
  30. ThePenguin77 Removes the Last Traces of TI from his Calculator
  31. Builderboy demoted from Manager
  32. S.A.D: Seek & Destroy source code released
  33. Website hacking attempt?
  34. More early TI-Nspire prototype discoveries
  35. OmnomIRC Release - Current Version: Alpha 2
  36. Myst 89 Released
  37. nDoom policy re-instated
  38. New TI-84 Pocket adds anti-downgrade protection against 2.53MP and lower
  39. Post Notifier
  40. iOmnom_Mini now Opera 3.0 compatible!
  41. The return of #Omnimaga-Fr in OmnomIRC, along with the addition of more channels
  42. nPlayer Released!
  43. Omnimaga introduces calc wiki search BBCodes and others
  44. Omnimaga opens tutorials section on website
  45. TI e-mails various community members and puts Lua tool on TI Education website
  46. Juju2143 and Netham45 becomes managers
  47. #omnimaga hits users online record of 41
  48. A Special "Thank-You" to DJ_O
  49. Axe Parser wiki opens its doors
  50. Pegs for Nspire Released