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  1. RPG file archives restoration underway
  2. Forums hits 1000 posts for the 3rd time since reopening
  3. Board & IRC Rules update, regarding author programs & projects comments
  4. Downtime & Board Backup Restoration
  5. Trevmeister66 and Noahbaby94 joins the Coders Of Tomorrow
  6. We are hiring new calculator programming staff!
  7. Featured Calculator RPG Projects section revived
  8. The possible revival of the "Featured Calculator RPG Projects" section
  9. After 16 years of inactivity, HP-48 coder resumes works on his strategy game
  10. FastRPL, BBC BASIC Beta and revival of Casio/HP Tools download sections
  11. E-mail notifications fixed
  12. New arcade mod installed
  13. The arcade is back!
  14. New portal installed
  15. Happy New Year!
  16. Site revamping and Illusiat 81 updates
  17. Needing some time off
  18. TI community updates
  19. Illusiat remake for the TI-81 and some discoveries
  20. Half-Life 2 and The Orange Box users
  22. POTY 2008
  23. Simplethinker joins staff
  24. Better spambot protection installed
  25. TI-73 support in PindurTI but not in the new WabbitEmu?
  26. 100th song upload in the "Our Own Work" section
  27. TI Programming Tools (Calculator RPGs section) archives back up
  28. {AP} joins Omnimaga Staff ranks
  29. TI Community Armageddon [SEMI-FAKE HALLOWEEN NEWS]
  30. Omnimaga products downloads are back!
  31. Forums, front page and downloads update
  32. The return of
  33. Massive spam attack via PM/posts on forums/IRC
  34. The future of Omnimaga
  35. PM system no longer working?
  36. First Announcement
  37. Huge post height bug in Opera and IE fixed
  38. G.O.A.T.S.E. and G.O.T.C.U.E award results
  39. Zetaboards conversion now avaliable
  40. fixed
  41. All #TCPA users banned from #omnimaga
  42. New Year release: MCOG RPG v2.00
  43. Merry Christmas and Wycattoty everyone!
  44. POTY
  45. 2007 G.O.A.T.S.E./G.O.T.C.U.E. awards
  46. 2007 G.O.T.C.U.E. poll opens
  47. The end?
  48. Lost Legends and Music updates
  49. Hacking threat
  50. New Lost Legends II screenshots