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News / Slack now also linked to IRC
« on: February 28, 2018, 05:35:59 pm »
Do you perhaps prefer slack for communicating? Come join us on slack! The chat is linked with IRC, matrix, discord and the webchat!
Join Slack

Reuben Quest / Reuben Quest: Lost Between Times [Color Remake]
« on: February 28, 2018, 07:17:52 am »
Did you read the title correctly? Yes you did! I am re-making Reuben Quest: Lost Between Times in color! Now, what platform is that for? It is being developed for the Gamebuino META.

Enough talking, do you like screenshots? I like screenshots!

This re-make also utilizes sound and changing ambient light!

I am currently working on translations and general polishing

Here is the topic on the gamebuino forums:

News / Sorcery of Uvutu released
« on: January 31, 2017, 12:10:45 pm »
Sourcery of Uvutu

Sorcery of Uvutu is an RPG for the TI-84+CSE by @123outerme, written in hybrid-basic! It takes a lot of time and dedication to create an RPG, so congratulations on finishing it!
You can find it's discussion topic along with the download here:
@123outerme also already started back-porting his RPG to the monochrome TI-83+/84+/SE calculator series!

News / Reuben Quest: Lost Between Times
« on: December 16, 2016, 12:20:50 pm »
Reuben Quest: Lost Between Times

It's been about two years since I started working on Reuben Quest: Lost Between Times, but now it is finally done!

Have fun joining Reuben in an epic adventure, to do so just download it over here:
This RPG is full of monsters, caves, secrets, side-quests and much more! With many hours of playtime the fun is guaranteed to last quite some time.

Also, happy holidays!

Other / So Microsoft joins the Linux Foundation
« on: November 17, 2016, 02:52:30 am »
This is no joke, apparently MS joined the Linux Foundation.
(Or just search using your fav. search engine and you'll find tons of articles on it) (Oh, also )

What do you think of it?

I am personally interested to see the development of this and hope the following:
  • Better cross-platform compability
  • throwing more money at linux means more dev? Yay!
  • MS won't screw up linux by adding tons of spyware and stuff. About this point, I am quite certain (while not sure) that they are unable to do that, as, even though being member of the linux foundation, think they still have to follow the guidelines, and i'd be quite surprised if adding spyware stuff would be against said guidelines.

What do you guys think? Discuss!

Computer Projects and Ideas / Pebble MPD Client
« on: October 13, 2016, 01:12:56 pm »
So, I got a Pebble Time to my birthday and I couldn't really find an MPD client for I wrote me one!
It behaves pretty much like the default music app thing except that you can also stop playback by hitting select for a long time and the app auto-quits after a configurable amount of time.
OFC it also works if you use multiple clients that it'll update the info on the watch even if you play/pause on a different client.

Source code
App Store

ASM / ret vs reti
« on: August 18, 2016, 06:08:59 am »
So, yesterday evening I did some stumbling around and reading docs once again, and then I stumbled upon reti, and that you should always use it instead of ret when returning from an interrupt. However, I've been using ret just fine to return from an interrupt, so I wonder what actually is the difference between reti and ret? (Apart from reti being a byte larger)

Reuben Quest / [Reuben 2] Some more graphics updates
« on: August 17, 2016, 03:03:03 pm »
Remember how Reuben Quest: The lost Mirror was my first ASM program and thus the grayscale wasn't toooooo good?

Well, today I did a bit of asm again and i modified it now to basically use the Graylib grayscale.

I only tested it on an TI-83+SE and a TI-83+ On the later it wasn't exactly good (then again, no 15MHz mode and no crystal timers), on teh TI-83+SE it is looking waaaay better, though! :D

You can find the app attached.

Oh, and the save files are 100% compatible

EDIT: I crunched the 83+ bugs, it's now ready to be uploaded to ticalc! If you can't wait, you can find the app attached.

EDIT2: It's on ticalc now!

Art / Sorunomes random artistic stuff
« on: July 11, 2016, 04:32:31 pm »
Why didn't I make such a topic yet?

Anyhow, expect ponies.

And random stuff.

Me painting something to my wall:

And more stuff:

And, like, I started playing around in inkscape and vectored a bit...

You can find some more stuff on my deviantart

Anyhow, just thought i'd share ^^

EDIT: wow, i suck at making topics

News / Service migration
« on: June 28, 2016, 03:06:22 pm »
Due to our provider (Ubiquity) being sold to LeaseWeb we have to migrate all of omnimaga and it's services to a new server within about a month and a half. Because of this there might be some short service outages occasionally, we are doing our best to keep these to a minimum. You can find a roadmap below:
Omnimaga Server:
  • IRC services (done!)
  • IRC services website (done!)
  • IRC server (done!)
  • Misc. websites running on the server (done!)
  • OmnomIRC offline for a bit (done!)
  • Website (done!)
  • OmnomIRC online again (done!)
  • link shortnet (done!)
  • IRC bot (done!)
  • IRC map (done!)
  • misc. checking if everything is moved (done!) Server (also hosts some services):
  • IRC server (done!)
  • IRC Bots (done!)
  • Email Server (done!)
  • Websites (done!)

Not-so urgent things
  • Find new stats for UnrealIRC 4

Update: The old servers are already offline, we are only running on the new servers now. Seems like everything went by smoothly!

Other / Gamebuino RPG Thing
« on: April 08, 2016, 07:36:13 pm »
Ok, so in the Gamebuino community we started making a RPG thing and some people wanted me to post about it here, so here we go :P

This RPG aims to be a puzzle-based action-rpg. We are happy for any  contributions, such as sprites etc.

No, this will not run on a calculator at any point!

Most of the engine is written by me so far, the challenge about this thing is that the gamebuino only has 2KB ram INCLUDING vram and 32KB PROGMEM of which 2kb is occupied by the bootloader. Woops, that's not that much to work with!
Fortunately it has a micro-SD card, by default it ships with a 128mb one.

So far the engine supports dynamic tile loading, tilemaps, switching maps, background music, movable objects (test-base for enemies), collision detection and a scripting system. I probably forgot something, heehee.
Tiles, sprites, scripts, music and collision data are all dynmically loaded off of the SD card.
I abuse buffer-overlapping with the sd-card buffer and the screenbuffer to achive  a RAM usage of only 1098 bytes so far! (for global variables, that is, so in-function things and stack stuff doesn't count torwards that one).

Anyhow, eyecandy time!

If you have any technical questions or something, just ask them away~

Math and Science / Possible ninth planet?
« on: January 21, 2016, 06:11:52 am »
So, scientists found possibly a ninth planet in our solar system, Planet X.
This planet is "only" theorized due to anomalies in Neptunes orbit. Apparently Neptune was discovered similarily, due to anormalies in Uranus' orbit.


What do you guys think?

OmnomIRC Development / Stretching for OmnomIRC 3
« on: January 11, 2016, 12:50:48 pm »
OmnomIRC 2 has been around since quite some time now, in fact, since before I took over the project. It has gone a long path from when I started taking over, fixing some bugs, adding features, creating a way more solid codebase, using less recources and supporting more systems.
OmnomIRC as itself is a neverending project, and as such I still plan to continue working on it. As such I started making a ToDo list what needs to be done until I think a version bump to OmnomIRC 3.0 is in order!
Of cource you could just simply view it here on Github, but I want to highlight some points about it, in particular those where I'd love some help of other people:
  • Responsive design. Either write one, or if not, at least come up with how things should be layouted so that it works well on phones and such. (I suck at coming up with layouts, I could implement one, though, if you line out where what should be and how it should act etc.)
  • Apps.....I thought it would be great of having official OmnomIRC apps which allow for things like notifications etc. But I've never done app development so far.
  • Support more forum softwares (Currently only SMF, phpBB and ABXD), support perhaps things like wordpress or something
  • More IRC client integration scripts (currently only hexchat)
  • Ideas! Ideas! Give me ALL the ideas!

Miscellaneous / [SPOILERS] Star Wars Episode VII - The Force Awakens
« on: December 16, 2015, 09:34:25 pm »
Soooooo, the new Star Wars movie is out! (in Europe at least)
I already saw it and, I must say, I liked it quite some!
I was surprised they said the movie was by lucasarts and not by disney :P
It felt so....unreal to see star wars on the big screen, lol

Expect spoilers in this thread!

Anyhow, spoilery stuff:
Spoiler For movie:
I really liked BB, he was soooo cute :3

I thought the idea of having another death-star like thing was kinda lame, but oh well. Movie was still good, they made it kind of unrealistic though, planets being way too close to each other / the laster beam of that thing traveling way too fast etc. I guess I should stop overthinking movies :P

Also...why is the station covered in ice if it is so close to a sun o.O And how would they ever happen to meet each other by chance on a thing so large o.O

Also, I find it kinda ironic that that bad guy, (what was his name? ken? something like that.) used vaders mask as a toekn to streangthen his faith in the dark side, while he used the burned one, which would, too mee, rather symbolize that it is possible to come out of the dark side to the light one, as that is what vader did.

Web Programming and Design / Login Security
« on: December 08, 2015, 02:10:14 pm »
So yeah guys,
You probably noticed that due to the recent hacking stuff I started making an SMF mod to drastically improve login security.

Well, how it goes with security it is best if it is discussed by multiple people, thus me making this thread (even though I believe my concepts to be secure currently, it's best to check back with others).

The current code can be found here:

The concepts are:

Storing passwords
Using PHP's password_hash with PASSWORD_DEFAULT to hash+salt the passwords, storing the result in the DB.
I chose this way as it currently uses bcrypt with the perspective to the future to automatically upgrade to a stronger alg without the need to change any code

Transmitting passwords to server
Even though this should be fairly simple as we use https, it's still a good idea to add some extra security to that, especially since I plan to release this mod to normal SMF people who may not have https.
For that, as soon as the user hits login, there will be an AJAX request to fetch an RSA public key which was created in that instant and will only be valid for one min. The client will encrypt the password using that RSA public key, the server will then decrypt using the stored private key. Again, these temporary keys are only valid for one minute and can only be used once, they will be deleted right after being used.

Login cookies
For this I generate a random string (16 bytes) which gets hashed with password_hash using the PASSWORD_DEFAULT method. The actual random string will be set as cookie, the hash reaches the database. So each page load I check against that.
In addition each hash/pwd goes along with an index so that multiple sessions are possible.

So, any thoughts?

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