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Here is my 19th music album release, The Bit Merge, A blend of Sega Genesis/Mega Drive, Playstation 1, NES, Commodore 64 and other music productions ranging from eurodance to hardcore music, with a few more rocky tracks here and there. Most tracks are remixes or covers of my previous tracks.

The album is currently available at

News / Re: Zelda: Dark Link Quest now TI-Connect compatible
« on: January 29, 2023, 03:38:16 pm »
Version 2.00 has been uploaded to the Cemetech archives. It should be available at soon. As it turns out, version 1.01 from 2007 was improperly packaged, preventing it from being installed. Here are the changes that I've made:

-Removed several unnecessary line breaks in the game code, although some might still remain.
-Skeletons can no longer move diagonally.
-Swapped the menu opening and item usage keys. Menu opening is now DEL and item usage or switching to hookshot is 2nd.
-You can now switch between the sword and hookshot with the item usage button (2nd) if you have no other item equipped.
-You can no longer turn the calc off in the menu, as it crashed TI-84 Plus models.
-Hopefully it works with modern linking softwares this time around. It takes longer to install the picvars, though (four steps just for those alone).
-Added Doors CS 7 icon (although the game hasn't fully been tested in it yet)
-When launching the game for the first time or after deleting List CONT, the player can now set the game's contrast.

However, I was unable to locate the code for when you take damage from bosses. All code I saw referenced losing half a heart of life, even though bosses cause far more damage, so I am unsure what's up with that. The game was written almost 20 years ago and there are so many files that some stuff is buried very deep in it.

This is why, despite the game being nearly impossible to beat even with 10 heart containers and 4 fairies, I have left the difficulty as is. It was not too hard to beat when I was 18 but I guess I became slower and less reactive over time. The game is also incredibly hard to "hack", and some tampering with the save files could cause them to vanish from the list and trigger a new game instead, and at best it could prevent the final battle from triggering.

Music Showcase / Re: 32-Bit Rekt music album trilogy
« on: December 02, 2022, 08:20:46 pm »
The album is now on Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, Amazon and more!

Tho you can stream it for free of course at Bandcamp as well at

Semi-off-topic: I also updated my free music compilation from last year with the two free songs that came with 32-Bit Rekt Overcharged at Bandcamp.

Music Showcase / Re: 32-Bit Rekt music album trilogy
« on: November 19, 2022, 12:30:50 pm »
The final chapter in the 32-Bit Rekt music album Trilogy: Overcharged, is now available on Bandcamp!

This time around there is a lot of influence from the 80's, especially synth-pop, italo-disco and also the 90's and more, including more electronic power metal, UK hardcore and eurodance.

Like the two previous releases, the entire album was made on a Sony Playstation 1 emulator using Music 2000/MTV Music Generator, hence the 32-bit moniker, but this time around I used a modified version of Music 2000 that includes all sounds from MTVMG2, Music 3000 and Music 2002 Club Edition.

TI-Nspire / Re: nSMM - Super Mario Maker for TI-nSpire
« on: November 04, 2022, 08:41:13 pm »
If it wasn't for the fact that I still have a Wii U, I'd be tempted to get a TI-Nspire CX just for Mario Maker haha. Nice work so far. :)

The album sequel 32-Bit Rekt Part 2 is now on Bandcamp and Kunaki!

1. (synth-pop)
Tales of Neon Light 05:01
2. (90's eurodance)
Maximum Liquidation 07:11
3. (UK Hardcore)
The Knight Blew the Moon Up 05:45
4. (Electronic power metal)
Dream of Omnimaga 07:32
5. (Happy hardcore)
The Walrus Dance 04:03
6. (Melodic trap)
Hodl to the Rug 04:47
7. (Freeform)
The Dreaded Chemist Screwed Up 04:39
8. (Electronic power metal)
Through the Metal Infinity 05:55
9. (90's eurodance)
Eurodance Election 04:56
10. (synth-pop/synthwave)
Stuck in my Water Bed 03:59
11. (UK hardcore)
Techno Strike 2000 05:29
12. (ambient electronic power metal)
Fantasy of Fantasies: Epilogue 09:40

Spotify, Amazon, Apple and Deezer versions will be available in two or three weeks at my new URL (see sig's last URL or previous post)

Music Showcase / Spam content from DJ Omnimaga
« on: August 13, 2022, 07:38:33 pm »
I'm working on the second album now, and new merch has been made, although it's quite expensive (I guess that's what you get with small run (or no run), print-on-demand merch making websites and storefronts). There are regular t-shirts, all-over-print ones (in two formats each), a hoodie, a pillow, a mug and a sticker. I ordered two items to see what they look like in real life but I can't afford the rest and its shipping yet.

There is also some CodeWalrus merch but it's gonna be moved to a separate store eventually (not run by me because Teespring doesn't allow multiple accounts and stores). But I guess it's kinda fitting considering the mascot is shown in some t-shirts.

My landing page URL also changed, as I'm ditching Freenom, so instead of my URL that contains all my streaming, store and calculator links will be from now on.

Also I just remembered that Superstar Hero OST sold over 110 copies (most in 2019-20 tho). *.*

That looks fun! Is this written in python? I sadly do not have a TI-Nspire CX II so I can't try it, but I seem to recognize the python interface and overall style. I like how it's like Rogue-like from the past.

Heya, I am pleased to release my 16th studio album tonight: 32-Bit Rekt Part 1! Made entirely on Sony Playstation using Music 2000 (MTV Music Generator) it makes use of tricks not used before in any of my previous album released with the same software.

You will find eurodance, happy hardcore, UK hardcore, frenchcore, electronic power metal and more during your journey through this listen. For now only the Bandcamp and Kunaki versions of 32-Bit Rekt Part 1 are available, at (first two links), but Spotify, Apple Music and other services will be available in the next few weeks as well. Merch is also available at

Music Showcase / 32-Bit Rekt music album trilogy
« on: June 17, 2022, 09:12:46 pm »
The recent upsurge in activity and discoveries on the new Playstation Music 2000 software (A.K.A MTV Music Generator in North America) Discord server and some annoying quirks n Caustic 3 software involving transitions have revived my interest in the Music 2000 software, which came out in November 1999 on the original 1995 Playstation console. In addition to that I felt like while my newer songs were more complex, harder and sometimes still tried to recapture the feel of my older songs, the newer albums kinda lost their charm of being almost entirely made on PSOne gaming console (and in some cases PS2/Xbox, but for the new album only PS1)

As a result, I am making a brand new album entirely made with that software with no external assets nor post-processing. I am using an emulator, though, because saving songs using all the new tricks I just discovered will just result into corrupted data, and it takes too long to save on memory cards anyway, so I am using savestates. Every single song included so far either uses heavy sample editing, pitch modulation channels, abuse exploits or use other kind of trickery with samples but it's entirely possible that songs not doing so get included, especially if I am going for my very old styles from over a decade ago at some point.

So far the album includes happy hardcore, UK hardcore, frenchcore, gabber, eurodance, relaxing/ambient music and electronic power metal but might include more as I make new songs. I'm not planning to include eurobeat, though, as there are already 10,000 other eurobeat songs with identical melodies out there.

You can listen to it on Bandcamp. I might make a Youtube playlist later but many Youtube songs are older versions of the ones on Bandcamp.

It's finally out! "A Decade of Magic Hardcore (2013-2022)" featuring UK hardcore, frenchcore, happy hardcore, gabber and speedcore made in the last decade for a total of 30 tracks.

"Hardcore Trifecta", the CD compilation that combines the above and my older hardcore compilation, along with 5 bonus tracks, is now also available as well for a total of 70 tracks!
Other download/streaming links:

I am currently in the process of preparing three releases, one of which is already available in the first post, but I'll make another post later with a copy of the URL and my landing page. Here are the releases in the works:

-Hatansion: Physical CD release in jewel case. Digital release available with bonus track in previous post.

-Another Decade of Magic Hardcore (2013-2022): Digital compilation release (includes all hardcore genre songs from the aforementioned album)

-Hardcore Trifecta: 20 Years of Magic Hardcore: Physical release only. It is currently available at (it's a DVD case with 5 CD's in it)

Hardcore Trifecta is essentially both my hardcore compilations (including Another Decade of Magic Hardcore (2013-2022), which comes out in April on the 10th anniversary of its predecessor) combined together with 5 bonus tracks.

Here are my newest songs (some of which are not hardcore):

EDIT (March 29): Here are two new songs! In fact they're the same song but in two different genre:
-Hardcore Trifecta:
-Metal Trifecta:

HP Prime / Re: Supersonic Ball for the HP Prime G2
« on: March 10, 2022, 05:07:06 pm »
Here it is: Version 1.00 of Supersonic Ball HP! (will also be available at the Cemetech link above once approved)

Today I am pleased to announce the release of my 15th studio album: Hatansion!

This new album includes eurodance, happy hardcore, UK hardcore, frenchcore, italo disco and electronic power metal remixes of songs that I made before, as well as cover songs of two public domain songs and two new ones. I hope that you enjoy. :)

Download and streaming links:

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