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Heya, I am pleased to release my 16th studio album tonight: 32-Bit Rekt Part 1! Made entirely on Sony Playstation using Music 2000 (MTV Music Generator) it makes use of tricks not used before in any of my previous album released with the same software.

You will find eurodance, happy hardcore, UK hardcore, frenchcore, electronic power metal and more during your journey through this listen. For now only the Bandcamp and Kunaki versions of 32-Bit Rekt Part 1 are available, at (first two links), but Spotify, Apple Music and other services will be available in the next few weeks as well. Merch is also available at

The recent upsurge in activity and discoveries on the new Playstation Music 2000 software (A.K.A MTV Music Generator in North America) Discord server and some annoying quirks n Caustic 3 software involving transitions have revived my interest in the Music 2000 software, which came out in November 1999 on the original 1995 Playstation console. In addition to that I felt like while my newer songs were more complex, harder and sometimes still tried to recapture the feel of my older songs, the newer albums kinda lost their charm of being almost entirely made on PSOne gaming console (and in some cases PS2/Xbox, but for the new album only PS1)

As a result, I am making a brand new album entirely made with that software with no external assets nor post-processing. I am using an emulator, though, because saving songs using all the new tricks I just discovered will just result into corrupted data, and it takes too long to save on memory cards anyway, so I am using savestates. Every single song included so far either uses heavy sample editing, pitch modulation channels, abuse exploits or use other kind of trickery with samples but it's entirely possible that songs not doing so get included, especially if I am going for my very old styles from over a decade ago at some point.

So far the album includes happy hardcore, UK hardcore, frenchcore, gabber, eurodance, relaxing/ambient music and electronic power metal but might include more as I make new songs. I'm not planning to include eurobeat, though, as there are already 10,000 other eurobeat songs with identical melodies out there.

You can listen to it on Bandcamp. I might make a Youtube playlist later but many Youtube songs are older versions of the ones on Bandcamp.

It's finally out! "A Decade of Magic Hardcore (2013-2022)" featuring UK hardcore, frenchcore, happy hardcore, gabber and speedcore made in the last decade for a total of 30 tracks.

"Hardcore Trifecta", the CD compilation that combines the above and my older hardcore compilation, along with 5 bonus tracks, is now also available as well for a total of 70 tracks!
Other download/streaming links:

I am currently in the process of preparing three releases, one of which is already available in the first post, but I'll make another post later with a copy of the URL and my landing page. Here are the releases in the works:

-Hatansion: Physical CD release in jewel case. Digital release available with bonus track in previous post.

-Another Decade of Magic Hardcore (2013-2022): Digital compilation release (includes all hardcore genre songs from the aforementioned album)

-Hardcore Trifecta: 20 Years of Magic Hardcore: Physical release only. It is currently available at (it's a DVD case with 5 CD's in it)

Hardcore Trifecta is essentially both my hardcore compilations (including Another Decade of Magic Hardcore (2013-2022), which comes out in April on the 10th anniversary of its predecessor) combined together with 5 bonus tracks.

Here are my newest songs (some of which are not hardcore):

EDIT (March 29): Here are two new songs! In fact they're the same song but in two different genre:
-Hardcore Trifecta:
-Metal Trifecta:

HP Prime / Re: Supersonic Ball for the HP Prime G2
« on: March 10, 2022, 05:07:06 pm »
Here it is: Version 1.00 of Supersonic Ball HP! (will also be available at the Cemetech link above once approved)

Today I am pleased to announce the release of my 15th studio album: Hatansion!

This new album includes eurodance, happy hardcore, UK hardcore, frenchcore, italo disco and electronic power metal remixes of songs that I made before, as well as cover songs of two public domain songs and two new ones. I hope that you enjoy. :)

Download and streaming links:

HP Prime / Supersonic Ball for the HP Prime G2
« on: February 24, 2022, 08:43:39 pm »
This is an HP Prime remake of my TI-83 Plus game Supersonic Ball. For speed reasons a G2 calculator model is recommended but it should still be somewhat playable on G1 models. I still need to finish some touches and optimize this to hopefully increase speed. The latest feature I added is the ability to play the game at calc speed even on the emulator and on the emulator you can now press mem to slow the game down x10 for smoother animated capture on slower computers (you just have to speed up the video in an editor afterward).

Download link: (as of now this version doesn't include the aforementioned additions, but it should be fully playable. I still need to add scoring, though.)

TI Z80 / Re: Elimination: An RPG inspired by Earthbound / Pokemon
« on: February 02, 2022, 05:51:21 am »
Personally the preservation of the original resolution is my favorite thing for CE games (this is what I planned to to on the CE if I remade Reuben Quest 1 and 2 using grosged's sprite libs for TI-BASIC programmers). It makes it easier to port games and the style remains true to the original monochrome game.

Good job so far. :)

TI Z80 / Re: Elimination: An RPG inspired by Earthbound / Pokemon
« on: January 31, 2022, 06:25:01 am »
Woah this looks pretty cool and I like how it still looks true to the monochrome version. :)

TI Z80 / Re: Elimination: An RPG inspired by Earthbound / Pokemon
« on: December 24, 2021, 01:28:55 pm »
What I can say is that this game is quite polished so far and you have polished it even more with this update I am sure (although I haven't gotten very far yet). :) Hopefully the bug can be fixed without too much hassle. Sometimes bugs take a while to figure out >.<

Nintendo 64 emulation when... er I mean very good work. I must confess that I never actually tried TI-Boy CE, though, as the first versions came out when I was out of calc stuff almost entirely, but I'm glad to see those performances that were already very impressive become even more impressive with the new update. Keep up the good work. :)

Here is a Playstation 1 cover of a power metal song by Dreamtale called Lady Dragon:

TI Z80 / Re: Elimination RPG: Early Release Build!!
« on: December 13, 2021, 01:44:49 pm »
Sorry, I have been busy with a secret personal project in the last two weeks so I didn't get to try the new version yet. I downloaded it, though, so I can try to beat it during breaks. :)

I should give this a try at some point. Does it run at full speed on older hardware revisions? :)

TI Z80 / Re: Elimination RPG: Early Release Build!!
« on: November 27, 2021, 01:10:34 pm »
Oh yeah that's what I did in Mana Force 1/First Fantasy: Mana Force and Illusiat 6/Nemesiat. (although in Illusiat 6/Nemesiat you can't save in the first and last dungeon). I plan to change Nemesiat to let you save anywhere, though.

For the next levels, though, I think not allowing to save (except maybe right before the boss like in Square-Enix games?) or making the player restart at the entrance after game loading is a good challenge. :)

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