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Other Discussions / Omnimaga turns 20 years old!
« on: September 01, 2021, 05:56:25 pm »
Well, it actually did a bit less than 8 hours earlier, so I'm a bit late :P but today is the day Omnimaga is turning 20. Lots of calc sites are celebrating rounded-up anniversaries lately :O

Reuben Quest / How do you get past the 4 switches in Gnah Lake in Reuben 3?
« on: December 28, 2020, 02:40:25 pm »
Right now I'm stuck in an area of Gnah Lake cavern where there are four switches corresponding to a direction. A sign says "Which way did you come in?". However, despite having entered the cavern by going right and having entered this area by going up, only the switch corresponding to "Left" is doing anything and the grid won't open.

I assume that this is the cavern where you get the item allowing you to go through shallow waters, but I might need some help solving this puzzle.

TI Z80 / First Fantasy: Mana Force 2020-2021 updates
« on: June 06, 2020, 03:46:56 pm »
With the lockdown and everything closing down and the fact I cannot work, I eventually got bored and I began doing some updates to my old calculator games. First, Illusiat Collection got updated, then my HP Prime Tunnel game and now, First Fantasy: Mana Force for the TI-84 Plus CE.

Basically I am taking advantage of the CE Texlib rectangle library exploits to use parts of the home screen that cannot be used normally in TI-BASIC on that calculator. I plan to display the current hit points at the top of the screen whenever it's empty, but I'll need to create a custom font routine using CE Textlib rectangles. Here is what it should look like once completed:

It's also now possible to quit the game by pressing CLEAR in the in-game menu. Some colors were also changed to take advantage of the aforementioned CE Texlib "features", since that lets me use 16 colors instead of 15. The horizontal gaps you could see in the dungeon walls were also removed.

Spoiler For Older screenshots:

If you have a CE, you can download the game at , although some recent updates haven't been implemented yet. There's also a C Silver Edition version included.

Music Showcase / Hardcore Bloodbath music album released
« on: December 25, 2019, 03:28:49 pm »
Merry Christmas everyone! I have good news: My new music album Hardcore Bloodbath is now released! Check it out at .

It contains songs made with MTV Music Generator and Caustic 3, spanning various genres, such as power metal, happy hardcore, eurodance and video game style music. There is also a new song that came out today called Metalimaga, which is a power metal cover of my 2008 song Trancimaga.

I hope that you enjoy! :)


Given where I got punched at first, you are lucky to still see me around today, because I could have died instantly. Basically last Friday I got attacked and robbed despite all doors being locked (they came in through a window) and they even disconnected my internet and stolen my phone to ensure I lose contact with the rest of the world.

This must be one of the first home invasion in Quebec City this year

I have some great news: My newest album "Maze of Life" is finally released! This 17 tracks album features various music genres, including electronic power metal, eurodance, trance, UK hardcore, video game soundtrack and even my first eurobeat song ever: Attack of the Nuclear Kittens.

Head over to to listen to it!

Introduce Yourself! / Hi, you're 17 now.
« on: September 01, 2018, 12:00:03 am »
Omnimaga is now 17 years old.

In case some of the much older TI community members who used to visit Omnimaga stumble upon this topic, you probably remember that Omnimaga forums used to be hosted on Invisionfree free forum hosting service until 2007 and Zetaboards in Early 2008, before re-opening 6 months later as an SMF site.

Now, one decade later, after 16 years of operation and amazing service, Zathyus Network, the company that ran Invisionfree/Zetaboards, is calling it quit. The reason why: Invisionfree, which was renamed to ZIFBoard around 2016, was bought by Tapatalk and slated to be converted to Tapatalk format in the near future. Tonight, Zetaboards was caught in the tapastorm too, marking the final days of the company that was founded in 2002.

So before they go offline for good in their web format, you can have a glimpse of what Omnimaga looked like in late 2007 and early 2008, although with almost all images missing (and yes, things were pretty wild back then >.<):

Late 2007:
And 2008

Music Showcase / Hardcore Spectrum Disorder
« on: December 12, 2017, 03:30:00 pm »
This is my upcoming music album, titled Hardcore Spectrum Disorder. It was originally called Elemental Cross and had its own cover made in 2016,
 but I changed both title and cover in September 2017 in reference to autism, PDD-NOS and asperger syndrome.

It's now complete! Release date: December 15th 2017

The digital version of the album will be available for download in the link above this Friday and the physical version (compact disc) will be released on April 2nd 2018.

On June 10th 2002, I started making electronic dance music. Eventually, I released various albums, two of which were in cassette format and many others in digital download format. However, over the last 15 years, many people from Omnimaga, Cemetech, CodeWalrus, other websites and social media have requested physical CD copies of my 32-bits eurodance, trance, happy hardcore, UK hardcore and power metal work.

Tonight, the wait is over:

Thanks to Kunaki's on-demand, direct-to-customer CD printing service, you can now purchase all the full-lenght albums that I have released from January 2007 to present, many of which includes songs from as early as 2002. Here are the ten albums that are now available in physical format:
Epic Journey through the Galaxy (2007) EDM
Journey through the Moon Dark Side (2007) EDM
Enter the Dream World (2007) EDM
Angel in the Stars (2007) EDM
It's the End of Time (2008) EDM
Destiny Knight (2009) EDM & VGM
Tales of the Knight of the Moon (2011) Power metal
Ancient Kingdom of Omnimaga Special Edition (2014) Power Metal
In UK Hardcore and Dance we Trust (2017) EDM
Illegal Music Chemistry (2017) Experimental & VGM

Of course, as always, my entire discography, including two compilations and one DJ mix, are available for purchase in digital format at for much cheaper, but for those who have been waiting for physical collectibles for so long, head to to grab them. Note, however, that shipping might take up to 5 weeks in USA and 7 worldwide, and that Kunaki doesn't accept returns, due to being essentially an automated service.

Thanks to @Juju for recommending this CD fullfilment service to me and to @p2 for convincing me very hard to put my music on CD earlier this year. Also thanks to everyone that supported my music in the last 15 years.

Physical CD store
Digital music store (Bandcamp)
Youtube channel (for new song uploads)

Miscellaneous / DJ Omnimaga waves goodbye
« on: March 03, 2015, 09:20:38 pm »

I am the founder of Omnimaga (2001) and CodeWalrus (2014) and author of various past calculator programs (mostly RPGs). I stepped down from my Omnimaga admin position in 2011 and remained active as news editor until around a few months ago. In the meantime, I was also active on Cemetech on and off, as well as CodeWalrus afterward.

Unfortunately, after recommendations from friends due to issues mentionned in this post, I am now announcing my goodbye from SAX (#Cemetech IRC channel) and the entire Omnimaga website. It is possible that this departure might extend to Cemetech forums and other sites, if the issues below becomes a problem there too.

My issues to communicate properly have plagued my experience and the experience of others in the community when I was around, with misunderstandings and disputes. While a few were intentionally caused by some community members, I have troubles with working out people's intention that I never got able to overcome, thanks in part to several bad experiences in the past (a lot in real life). Unfortunately, those issues are not related to text being a poor communication medium nor language barrier, because I have the same problem when communicating in my native language via voice mediums, so it caused me problems in real life too in the past.

This, along with many other things I noticed about myself over the years, led to the conclusion that I have asperger syndrome. It is not officially diagnosticed but many people that I know have it and I have every single symptom to a certain degree). I also always had serious problems adapting to changes (an example being switching from BASIC to Axe/ASM/C) and why, 8 years after moving to my own appartment, I am barely able to adapt to the extra life duties that come with it.

It was wrong from me and the others people to continuously tell admins of other sites to run things the way we want, because they are not our sites. Normally we either deal with it, go elsewhere or start our own place. Unfortunately, I was unable to adapt to Cemetech nor the change in direction that Omnimaga took in recent years, and since it was the case of other people as well, the last option was chosen. It was not intended as an attack towards other sites, but rather to make the community more diverse (all 3 sites had different mentalities, good sides and negative sides). But no matter what, I am sorry to have bothered Omni, Cemetech and other site admins non-stop in the past to have things ran differently.

My problems do not limit themselves to my communication and changes issues, however, unless the rest is caused by those two issues. I started becoming into a somewhat depressive mood starting in early October or so, which worsened ever since. In addition to that, my sensitivity is another thing I have never been able to overcome, and seeing a psy in 2010 didn't help, as he pretty much told me the exact same things that close friends at the time told me. Also, when a bad incident affects me, sometimes, I will keep bad memories of it forever, even if later I become in good terms with the people involved. If I see them again later, those bad memories come back and I start feeling down. So the solution was to avoid being around those people (which can be a problem in real life but so far it hasn't happened with immediate acquintances there).

I am not sure how we will stay in touch after this post. I know that some people here and other sites frequent private IRC channels, Facebook, Skype and Telegram, but not everyone does. PM or e-mail can work, but it depends of how often I check those. CodeWalrus has run out of staff and it might take a miracle to allow it to continue in its current form. In the event where it would be taken over by the remaining members, that might eventually be an alternate option to contact me. That said, I alienated many people in the past, if not recently, with my behavior, and you did not deserve any backlash from my part (ok, some people did, but not everyone have bad intentions). This made it next to impossible for me to keep a friendship intact (the only friendships I think I managed to keep 100% intact are with tr1p1ea and juju). So my departure might be for the best. Sorry for those I have hurt and maybe, one day, I can come back. I hope I can continue working on First Fantasy: Mana Force and other projects regardless of the outcome of this, but motivation might be hard to come by.

On a more positive (or negative, depending of how you see it) note, I also withdrew from the music industry, so starting March 15th, all my music on Bandcamp will become free.

-Kevin Ouellet, alias DJ Omnimaga

Site Feedback and Questions / Unable to send PMs anymore
« on: December 15, 2014, 09:49:39 am »
I am unable to send PMs anymore. When posting, I usually manage to get the "Last post by same IP" error to go away by refreshing the page and I usually don't lose the post content if I click back to retrieve what I was typing. However, when I use the PM system, I am unable to get that error to go away at all, even by refreshing any page.

News / Ticalc POTY 2014 now underway :D
« on: December 09, 2014, 01:49:22 pm »
Ok so if you haven't checked yet, the 2014 Program of the Year award has begun! Obviously, the first poll is for the TI-83+/84+ category, and assuming POTY works the same way as previous years, the survey will probably run for 1 week. Then the TI-84+CSE category will follow, then the TI-Nspire.

Anyway, here are the TI-83+/84+ programs participating this year:

Axio Man!
Flappy Bird
Flappy Bird Sideways
JezzBall v1.0
Pokemon Battle Factory
Pong Ultimate Multiplayer
Reuben Quest: Ev Awakening
Reuben Quest: The Lost Mirror

You need a account to vote and you don't have much time to do so, so make sure to vote for your favorite program ASAP! :)

inb4 ticalc comments asking how to vote

Ok I wonder what they used as background remix of Sandstorm because I like how it's more melodical. But anyway, this is what a remix of Sandstorm combined with Never Gonna Give you Up sounds like and it's awesome :D

Other Calculators / TI-84 Plus CE... what now, TI? O.O
« on: November 26, 2014, 08:08:20 pm »
Ok what now? O.O

After the TI-83 Premium CE (the French TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition), here comes that thing you see above: The TI-84 Plus CE!

According to the TI-Planet news at it seems that the calc feels very fast. I wonder if this could be TI's response to the complains about the slow TI-84 Plus CSE processor? A much faster CSE would definitively be nice, providing that ASM programs are cross-compatible, not locked down (the fact this calc case looks a bit like a TI-Nspire CX worries me a bit) and that the calc doesn't only come out in France.

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